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  1. I think if you took off the OS that it came with and anything else the factory and retailer put on it, you might get closer. I thought it was common knowledge that all comps or devices that have hard drives are always less than advertised. For example, I recently bought an iPod touch 4G 8GB (yes, I know it's small but I'm not rich) and it only had 6.5GB of usable space. Normal, I thought. My new comp advertises 320GB HDD. On first use, it offered 271 or something like that. I thought that was normal.
  2. The road to the Super Bowl now ends in Green Bay. Awesome, when your team wins, it's a great feeling. Think I'll open another beer......Go Pack Go!!!
  3. BEP's still playing but the best part of the whole half-time show was and will be Slash's cameo playing Sweet Child o' mine. Awesome!!
  4. GB by 11 at half however.............3 d-backs hurt for the Packers. I fear the alleged rapist may hit more holes than ever in the 2nd half.
  5. Actually, 847, but who's counting?
  6. Everything you've ever wanted to know about what you need to enter a country for almost any nationality. Link
  7. I think I subtly said that about 10 posts back when I said 'Impossible', referring to Flash's post about going to McDon's for a Whopper. Oh well..........ignore again. I feel like I have a wife now.
  8. Does this fall into the catagory of, "My girl is different"?
  9. It appears you have forgotten alot of the sub-forums within the forums. Such as in sports there is American Football, golf, etc. Guess you'll have to try again.
  10. Picture looks oddly like Salma Hayek. I wonder...... Link
  11. Like this????? Sexy green tee shirt
  12. Shygye.......you're slippin'. Link
  13. The concept is great, I just don't really care for the choice of the character.
  14. I must be dead. Aint very funny. Might've been better if they used a different look-a-like. Along the same lines as British Airways producing a bording pass with the name of Osama bin Laden on it. Story
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