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  1. NOW THIS WAS A THREAD............MORE TAN 2000 VIEWS And you tell me the board isn't quiet now.....?
  2. Tussinee is now a regular squeeze. I take her with me to social functions when I KNOW there will be ex=pat women, then I introduce her as my adopted daughter though later ensure that I get seen my one of the said fat trogs with my tongue down Nee's neck......oh the expressions are so wonderful. I so wish I could get my hands on their handbags also. Fee, 10K a time, which is fine by me for what she endures.
  3. No probs, on you go. That means you'll have 7 posters to read instead of 8
  4. Oh look, we are getting into a 'I know Randy better than you do pissing contest'. Don't tell me, you are close to many policemen also. hahahah
  5. Why not? Apart from that anyone who was interested and wanted to check the place out could always approach Randy for an invite. Im not sure the Randy I know and love would appreciate folks he has never met, from an annylous net board asking him to take him to his exclusive club, which hes paid a premium to secure the memberhip. Might just be me, but I cant see him being to happy if 7 nutters from here turn up expecting a nice night out with our Randy. I'll email him now and ask him.
  6. Why do you tell us who invited you?
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