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  1. As Trump yesterday sort of admitted it is over I may suggest this fine board pardons Cavanami for spreading unbelievable nonsense over a very long period of time. I appreciate in particular that Cavanami´s frquency to quote Dr. Corsi and the Jesus in the leatherjacket dropped significantly recently. This is a good sign. Probably Leader Khunsanuk might open a subforum The 2020 US ballott fraud where Cavanami could continue to explain the details and nobody listens.
  2. It seems to be sort of a common view of things that the Donald is about to build an empire of his own by assembling disappointed cultmembers and trouble the future President Joe. The hope of all reasonable people lies therefore with the New York constabulary to incarcerate Donald after successful prosecution by the relevant authorities. They should find reasons enough.
  3. Thank you. I only know that ap nam means shower and initiates any activity of paid sex. Except in Lumpini Park.
  4. How is it possible, that somebody who is at least able to write on a website believes this diabolic nonsense?
  5. President Trump has not been re-elected, don´t be silly. He found out himself in the meantime. BIGGEST FRAUD ON EARTH EVER !!!!! What is coming might be a new Trump-Show BEAT THE LOOSER : Whoever talks more nonsense than Trump within 5 minutes becomes Republican and runs for President. Women and coloured people excluded.
  6. Seeing Evangelical nutcases Pence, Pompeo and the turbo-arsehole Grenell disappear from the screen makes my heart jump with enormous joy. The reason why I do not include the Donald into my list is that I somewhat miss his incredible primitivity. A living example of the dark side of human life.
  7. Conclusion: Biden is guilty by calling the guy a racist. But he isn´t and therefore all is fine. Apart from killing some people a sweet young man. Most young men kill some people from time to time .
  8. If that is the alternative I prefer the latter
  9. Is there any evidence that Chief Arsehole Trump shows any interest in thousands of Americans dying from the virus? I understand he is buzy playing golf but there should be some spare time.
  10. Atlas told Martha MacCallum. "For many people, this is their final Thanksgiving believe it or not." He speaks the truth, this idiot.
  11. " You pay me money!" I am sure all gentlemen travelling with an umbrella longer than 26 inch would open the wallet in no time.
  12. Please explain what you mean by "sinking" and use the following chart to lay out your view. This shows how many USD you get for 1 Euro. The US debts exploded during the Trump-term because the US do not have sufficient income generated by taxes because taxes are communism. Though a rotten infrastructure means America has become great again. Because the USD is still the "World currency" they can print money to their heart´s content as long as the "World" trusts the US ability to theoretically repay one day. But the"World" does not trust Trump. Disclaimer: I have no confidence that the average Trump followers understands these mecanics but I try what I can.
  13. Which is what all US-haters worldwide desperately hoped for.
  14. Cav, I hope you realise that your statements support the wrong idea that all Trump followers are brain damaged idiots.
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