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  1. Herr coss, would you in the name of truth And science please refrain from such calculation. Just wait a few weeks til the Virus shall have settled in africa and south america. Numbers will be devastating such as in north america. reading the papers i believe the us people still not take the rolling wave serious enough.
  2. buffalo_bill


    Gentlemen, lovely Pam in the meantime arrived on the family estate. After thorough discussion I only wonder why anybody takes the trouble of officially crossing the border and getting involved in complex activities and not just jumps into the next boat and is in Lao or vice versa.
  3. Whatever their way of counting is, in Siam there still is a surprisingly low number of casualties and infected persons available. Although they have been much more exposed to the Chinamen-Virus than the Italians for example. Very very surprising.
  4. Coss, about the biggest crime possible as we have learned from the Hillary-chasers. Therefore: lock him up!
  5. Gentlemen, woke up late today and in bad mood due to headche caused by too mut vin rouge last night. Opened a German browser to check the news and found this remark of eternal beauty: "[Trump is] so attentive to the scientific literature & the details & the data. I think his ability to analyze & integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit” My headache disappeared in favour of overstretched diaphrgm and after having recovered I tried to find out which comedian might have been behind this and discovered a Dr Deborah Birx, member of White House Corona task Force. My helpful recommendation: Deborah, if you wish to please Mr President then better do him a secretive blowjob and if you are lucky he pays you 100.000 USD later one day but better avoid making the whole world laugh about you. ************************* Gentlemen, if this kind of creature is a member of the official White House Corona warriors, good night America.
  6. Please, Cav, not again this guy. I have my limits. Your beloved president Trump faces a new challenge these days which is an enemy he could not blame the fake press or Hillary for. The virus does not go away facing the usual flood of lies and not even Putin could help. Even FOX cannot talk it away. New situation and difficult to sort things looking at the only thing that matters for the Donald which is becoming reelected. I do not think that he spends a single thought on saving lives. The idea obviously is to reopen the economy after Easter come what may and if all goes wrong he would blame the governors. ( Democrat governors). ***** Another excellent BuBi-analysis full of truth
  7. This here: " The "news" media and Dems are stoking panic! Don't be dumbed down and sucked in! " published by poster Cavanami on March 13th in the USA thread. Who seems to suffer from Alzheimer.
  8. Mr Cavanami, didn´t you think on March 13th that it is a Democrat sort of phantasy? Fake virus so to say.
  9. It is sadness that befalls me because I very much like the Thai people as a whole. Infected individuals show no symptoms for a long time and could transfer the virus. The virtually only way to interfere is mass-testing and separate the positive folks. Nuff said.
  10. The US are going to deal with a giant problem within 10 days. Nothing to do with the Donald or Hillary but only the mathematics of a pandemic. Unless the ways of transferring it are cut it will continue to spread. It does not care about anything unless you build a wall (!) which it is unable to cross. President Donald speculating to reset parts of US life back to normal before Easter shall have to lie again that he never said anything like that. I hope I am wrong.
  11. Sir, I asked for your specific source because I cannot believe what I see there. Germany No14 has a significantly lower Corona- death rate that all "competitors" so where does that come from? The list looks like made by Dr Corsi or the Americanpatriot but if John Hopkins is part of the team I guess it is supposed to be serious. Although: - "Thailand’s biosafety practices, links between public health and security authorities, and capacity to test and approve new medical countermeasures were among the areas for which the researchers gave the country top scores. " - "France received the highest score for its infrastructure, and very high scores for its stable politics and overall socioeconomic situation, all of which are useful in many different types of crises, including epidemics." - "Germany’s laboratory systems and international commitments to sharing data received top scores, while the country’s emergency preparedness and response planning was below average." I think they dink too mut. Far too mut.
  12. Herr Cavanami, where did you find this?
  13. Cav I could not be arsed to listen 1 hour to this drivel therefore the question: does anybody have a clean study that shows anything concrete?
  14. Would anybody be so kind to get this through to Mr Stickman! A single chance in lifetime to get stuck in your favorite bar/nightclub/Thai-massage and supposed not to leave it any more by order of her majesty´s governmant. Kia Kaha.
  15. Mr Cavanami, being a person of polite behaviour I did indeed try to follow your suggestion of listening to Dr Corsi although I am sure he is just another idiot in the Trump camp. I did not contunue listening after about 7 minutes because it is wasted time. The people in that clip wish to promote hydroxychloroquine medication. Good luck to all their followers who might probably think in case they catch the virus Dr. Corsi´s healing hands shall do the trick. Translated, official statement of Robert Koch Institut, final authority on this I may say: About Hydro... lately a clinical study from South of France has been discussed, but from it´s design and the number of participants unsignificant. Christian Drosten, current media superstar virologist who knows more that Dr. Corsi, says " This study has been done in a way that gives us not a bit of further evidence " Nothing else scientifically serious is available so far. Nuff said, believe what you want. Dr Corsi´s ladyfriend from Kansas City knows it all. A fuck she does, this is dangerous.
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