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  1. Gentlemen, long ago I decided to strictly stay away from all IT/Internet and related bullshit. I realise there are big advantages and mainly my business is now web-based like ebay etc. I may add Youtube to my activities listening and watching Elvis for example. The only app I use is a speed-warning device that works on an Iphone which they sent me when I signed a mobile contract. I assure you that my life is generally beautiful. Last time in BKK I was sitting in an open air restaurant somewhere Silom Road and watched a good-looking probably Scandinavian young couple having dinner and not looking on their smartphones one single time over probably 1,5 hours. These people did in fact talk to each other. I felt deeply touched and told the manager to charge me their bill , anonymously. The world is going down the drain anyway, I am glad I am rather old.
  2. Gentlemen, I am still running my business and swear I have no idea how to load an "app". I don´t need apps for anything. I also operate a mobile phone but nobody knows the number to avoid disturbance. I only need google and thai360, that´s enough. I swear I am a happy person, how to improve that?
  3. Gentlemen, no idea what you are talking about. The internet to me is naked women. Why big headache you?
  4. " Hey, look at us, look at how fucking woke we are. Someone really needs to put a bullet in Jacinda's head. " Did Stick really say that??
  5. Sir, about, well, 60 years ago or maybe more a salesman from an Opel ( Automotive ) shop was trying to sell my father an Opel-car. Unit called Rekord P2 . Watching the rearlights both gentlemen under my close supervision were joking and pointing at the rear lights they agreed :` Looks like the Lollo` is what they said accompanied by thunderous laughter . Which is why the Lollobrigida has become part of earliest memories. What I tell you here is the truth. Furthermore I may confirm my father finally decided for an Opel P1 , against my recommendation: As tome goes by, folks. Earliest memories.
  6. Gentlemen, this is now important. Circumstances within my portfolio of romantic adventures in the kingdom now require alternative strategies. I am considering to move from the Soi11/Soi8 greater area towards On Nut. ( BTS for that matter). Reasons are beyond human standards of morale and shall be published only after I have passed away if not later. I should feel ashamed but I am not, here is the question: I do not settle anywhere in BKK if there is not a variety of open air restaurants where I could enjoy breakfast and dinner sitting in the open at the roadside. Like for example Viva Soi 8 and some even within Soi11. I researched the internet with dubious results and probably the esteemed gentlemen might come up with encouraging recommendations. I would consider anything between German Beerhouse and *** Michelin, unit should have a roof in case it rains and smoking cigar no pompremm. Thank you for your assistance, over to you.
  7. In best mood everybody, no pommpremm.
  8. McCarthy probably would have sold his mother into a brothel to become Speaker. I believe the ral trouble for him is just about to appear soon.
  9. Very encouraging poll, 4 votes including my own shall put the extreme Right under considerable pressure. I see myself as something like the Schwarzenegger, I am more muscly though.
  10. Gentlemen, having learned that ANYBODY could become House Speaker I may hereby declare my principal willingness to help the United States of America to escape from another political drama. “I’ve earned this job” . Vice speaker .
  11. Mr short-time, thank you for your work. This is very enjoyable to read, talking about the Beergarden did you ever " come across " a mushroom farmer from the North of Siam? I successfully invited madame to follow me to the Landmark when we found out she did not carry condoms with her, neither did I. Which made me walk to the nearest 7/11 somewhere in Soi 4 and when I came back she was dead asleep. Such as myself early morning when she was prepared to boom-boom. Just for you to know. On a general note: choosing number xx from a gogo, pay barfine etc is not what I would call a matter of true love. There is no romance coming with this. Listen to Bubi: choose a middle-aged female subject from a Thai-massage outfit sitting in front of the establishment asking anybody : " Good massah boss, where you go?". Decide for a 1-hour oilmassage, extend to 2 hours once you start thinking you met the love of your life and invite madame to see you elsewhere. Up to you.
  12. Plenty of people around myself did catch the virus recently, looks as if it develops something like a flue in the old days. Due to the multiple shots with a very efficient vaccine there are very few severe cases now, mostly really old people. So what about the Chinese low efficiency vaccine - people, nobody knows.
  13. A big advantage of the Covid-pest has been the almost complete absence of Chinese tourists as per May and October this year. But the good times shall be over soon as it looks. I remember all I had to provide to enter the kingdom in May, Holy Lord. And the trouble at the airport. Now they seem to allow them in although several hundred million are infected, what a nonsense.
  14. Of course id did not although we are talking about alternative facts here as it depends only on the nationality to feel sure whether it did cross or not. There has been a similar thing with the Japanese recently, could have sworn the ball was outside but if you look from the top there is 1 centimeter missing, therefore it did not "fully cross" the line. A pity that Messi had to share his triumph with arseholes like the Shejk and Infantino. The latter needs to be incarcerated, I read Boris Becker has been pardoned so there must be space available.
  15. An unforgettable game, football at it´s very best.
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