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  1. I try again . The one I would vote for is the 7th from the right, excluding the photographer, and still behind the monster that looks like a Russian tank commander. The tank commander is the 6th from the right, excluding the photographer. Apart from this, a lass leaving the shower in my presence tattooed all over like number 6 from the right would make me run away in a panic and never come back. I bet she is multiply pierced through her, I think in Thai they call it "jim". Holy Lord. Holy Lord. Coss, where are you, this is important.
  2. Excuse me Sir, and before Mekong gives you another lesson : " I vote for the second left behind the subject that looks like a Russian tank commander.
  3. I was talking about that tattooed monster in front of her.
  4. I admit never having been to Washington Square but do remember a report about a bar where some beautiful ladies provided open air blowjobs to gentlemen sitting on barstools after having thoroughly cleaned their dicks with wet towels. Mr Chatchard from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration should start from here. Cleanliness in human relationship is everything nowadays looking at recent infections. Promoting the aforementioned practice should attract lots of people from all over the world. I may respectfully propose to promote the " Safe blowjobs til 04:00 in the morning " concept. Suvannapumm airport should face capacity problems ( incoming ).
  5. I vote for the second left behind the subject that looks like a Russian tank commander. Although I tend to cancel my vote if second left refuses to prepare schnitzel when I come home.
  6. Many people will jump on a plane to enjoy light, colour and arts in BKK nightlife which will be very safe because a Mr Chatchart and his team are patrolling the streets til 04:00 in future. Also the future nightlife licence holders will pay a lot of taxes.
  7. Big advantage is that you see if it is raining or not, no need to take a plane and have look. Like I know now that BKK city is dry and raining in the outskirts.
  8. Does the Exchange and Mart still exist?
  9. I am of working Royal blood of the late Neanderthalers and I want an invitation . Can travel .
  10. Truth Social, das soziale Netzwerk des Ex-US-Präsidenten Donald Trump, soll die Rechnungen an sein Webhosting-Unternehmen RightForge seit einem halben Jahr nicht mehr bezahlen. Das berichtet der TV-Sender "Fox Business" unter Berufung auf Insider. Meaning: Truth Social, the Donald´s platform to spread his garbage all over the place does not pay the bills since February to Right Forge which is his webhoster. News supplied by Fox Business according to insiders. Why am I not surprised?
  11. I guess a lot of the wealthy retirees would note the 250.000 USD investment into " Thai property " and decide to buy a nice plot somewhere and build a house they could sell later if they had enough of Siam. Big disappointment here already to expect.
  12. Gentlemen, the Thai government in it´s eternal wisdom found out how to convince an estimated number of 1 million people to pay 50.000 Baht for kind of a 10 year visa . They do not want the average Joe but would prefer as follows: High-income foreign individuals Foreign retirees Foreigners intending to work remotely from Thailand Foreign professionals with “special” skills I may officially offer my personal presence under number 4 condition : my special skill is that I am able to move my ears forward and backwards simultaneously as well as individually . I have developed this special skill already at primary school and could guarantee reliable demonstration at any time even at immigration when arriving for the 10 year term. Further details for interested subjects can be identified here :https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand-visa/thailand-long-term-resident-ltr-visa
  13. A " 427 " is the 7 Litre big block Ford Cobra-engine. There is also a Chevy 427 but a true petrolhead would only think of a Carol Shelby product and possibly a 427 Chrysler Hemi. I am in tears as I am typing, gentlemen. Soon all this will be over and the cars sound like a coffeegrinder or a hairdryer.
  14. Gentlemen, apart from his excellent English this German guy, head of something official in Bosnia, impresses us with his clear demonstration of the diplomatic language:
  15. President Putin of Russia spoke to the crowd at a military event these days praising Russia´s incredibly modern and deadly weapons. He would graciously be prepared to sell them to all his friends who had shown " unfaltering masculinity " towards their rivals. Fortunately I did not show unfaltering masculinity recently and therefore do not feel obliged buying the probably greatest junk available on the arms market today. The man rules a rotten country with a population that widely lives on booze and obviously loves to be tortured by some tyranny every 50 years. Living in a world of phantasy like his buddy Donald.
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