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  1. By saying "I am sure France will be extremely helpful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit. " I intend to publish my opinion that the French at the next best occasion will seek revenge once another Brexit-related issue will be on the table. Is that understood now? "You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me." My naivity is indeed endless, although in this case your opinion that I spend any time thinking what the Brexit is doing to you is a product of your phantasy only.
  2. I am sure France will be extremely helpful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit.
  3. I join the question, looks like what you occasionally find at low tide at the beach in Holland.
  4. And the BuBi-oracle says: within the coming 6 months the Taleban shall realise that they neither have the manpower nor the money nor the knowledge to run a state. Shooting women and anything else that moves is a different thing, many of them cannot count til 10. So far their funds mainly originate from the drug-business, but there are many of the brave fighters watching the cash. Good luck to them all. Joe fucked it up big time, desaster.
  5. Gentlemen, after the general Afghan-catastrophy now has started to create a major headache for President Joe and also Madame Merkel we are further looking at the beloved Taleban facing an even more idiotic community than they are themselves, the Afghan ISIS association of disturbed characters. What a comedy, does anybody know on whose side Allah now stands? Following past logic the NATO would now join the Taleban and send them arms and ammunition. ( Again). Cheers.
  6. Should probably replace ´unusual wealth´by ´usual wealth´
  7. There was a man last year whom they caught over time wearing 20 or so watches of the Richard Mille type. Starter prices about 200.000 € I believe. The man could fully explain everything because he just borrowed them from a friend. He did not say who that friend was. The question should be superfluous but did that case go any further?
  8. While the number of "deaths" might be somewhat stable and near to the truth, the number of "cases" could be tripled within 48 hours by installing a huge testing system countrywide. Which would position the kingdom on top of the cases/deaths statistics and make the general praise the Thai health system.
  9. Gentlemen, common sense here seems to be complaining about the local government. Reasons enough I admit, but even the heroic Israeli warriors lost the battle for the moment as it looks. Like fighting cancer there is no path to victory. We have to adjust to the threat, avoid risk and show reasonable behaviour. Masks and vaccination being part of the latter. Says BuBi, the eternal voice of reason
  10. I have heard this about estimated 300 times within the last 12 months published by some German authorities. Then restrictions were lifted and reestablished 4 weeks later. Kind of JoJo. You can do what you want, the virus lands whereever there is an unprotected victim available. The situation in Siam like elsewhere is desperate for many people but without vaccine ( or Cav´s worm-treatment 😎 ) everything is useless.
  11. My heart broken. One of the heroes of my life, how is it possible that a "Rolling Stone" dies? I am endlessly sad, no joke.
  12. Gentlemen, within my limited view of the world them Taleban are bearded people in confusing clothes holding a Russian gun now probably replaced by upgraded US or German material . Which guarantees superiority over many fellow countrymen . But what comes next ? Do the bearded warriors run the local healthcare system arriving at the office at 08:30 sharp ? Or punish people disregarding red traffic lights? They might get bored I believe and probably join new entrepreneurs from the North promising more entertainment and adventures . They don´t know anything but shooting at other people . I am planning to open a shoe-factory in Allanballabad offering closed shoes keeping feet dry in rainy weather . I keep you posted .
  13. Never heard of Cav´s new wonderdrug. Point is that in laboratory tests it could reduce the virus load on cell cultures but that was all.
  14. I recommend tu put a couple of durian-fruits in your room. The virus starts caughing from the smell and dies. Hear hear: previous so called President Donald yesterday urged people to become vaccinated. They started yelling at him although mostly hardcore Trump followers. Like the Taleban recommending holidays at the nudist beach, big surprise.
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