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  1. Coss, I am calling this an absolute breakthrough. To start with, anything that is free did always fascinate me, talking about free beer for example . And now read this : " Sarawut said the camping sites, managed by the Department of Highways, come with complimentary drinking water and toilet facilities. Dedicated officials will also be on standby round the clock to help campers. What’s even better is that no fees will be collected. " The possibility to take a dump for free is something that will attract tourism from all countries worldwide and if it is only because dedicated officials will help campers in need to clean their ass and no fees. Round the clock, Holy Lord. Do you think that they will offer an upgrade from complimentary drinking water in favour of complimentary beah Singh for elderly people over 75 years like they grant them access through the VIP immigration at Suvannapum? I hope so. I am now calling 1586. Thinking about, what does "camping" mean, towing a caravan over from Europe or what? Please clarify. Stickman keeps on complaining about high air fares from NZ, this might change his view.
  2. Looking back 35 years, the excellent Heinrich Schaefer, named " Schaefer´s nose". 143 kgs at 1,94 m total height. Could lift a Volkswagen Beetle at the rear (engine) end and turn it on the road. Working hard organising sexual activities for a number of ladies. Did 7 years time due to a couple of arguments with other people. Left us due to a sudden cardiac arrest although never smoked or drank. Principally a tremendous arsehole. Just for you to know. We had some contacts, thankfully in peace.
  3. Gentlemen, reconsidering my post I realise that it implies some kind of insult on female Thai cabinet members which I deeply regret at this very moment . " Spending" does in no way refer to any activities related to exchange of erotic activities . It does in fact only refer to 2 adjacent seats on Thai Airways, I may identify madame as Khun Sudarat, formerly buzy for the Thaksin cabinet in health related affairs. Some time ago, I may add.
  4. Sir, I am just about to go sleeping but do agree with your vision of the world. So many a people in America seem to be prepared to vote for a swine like Trump, looking at any meeting of heads of state somewhere you see a bunch of murderous crooks feeling great. I join your feelings we are heading for nasty times. Apart from this, my cigars are finished. Good night for now.
  5. Dear Sir, at this point I wish to make it clear that me, Bubi of Germany , am the only officially Thai-cabinet approved tourist ever to cross the Siam border blessed by the quality-tourist trademark. No laughing here. I did in fact spend a night with a member (female)of aforementioned cabinet. Again no laughing here please.
  6. Gentlemen, as usual I was desperately reaserching for a way to strengthen Khun Mekong´s standing in the gun/gum scandal. Here it comes: a bubble gun. Gun.Gum. Bubble. I think it´s a compromise.
  7. May I suggest we agree on Thong Low
  8. Khun Mekong, before you keep on insulting me please consider my latest portrait as of today 19:56 GMT.
  9. Please note I am not a plain German tourist, I am a German quality tourist according to Thai government requirements.
  10. Funny enough, I think you are same same. Probably we are both wrong, what do you think?
  11. Mr Mekong , I truely hate to say this but following your ways of blaming people for insignificant errors or what you think are errors I may at this point emphasize that it seems to be the proper way of spelling it Thonglor and not Tong Lor. Apart from this minor issue I would recommend to exchange your usual bubble of bad mood in favour of looking positive upon life and what is left of it. Nuff said, I hope you got the message. I am not sure though.
  12. I recommend the works of author Wilbur Smith about SA. All fiction but a piece of history.
  13. Other than the invention of pure humanity as for example treating the Brits South African people long before. As if I don´t care, just in opposition to Khun Kong.
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