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  1. Good news: President Donald discovered he is full of Christianity and probably starts to love Jesus if it gets really tough: "What I want to do is get the churches open. The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors," the President claimed. I know that Donald cannot sleep any more because the Democrats closed the churches. It worries him to death. Sure. This bloke stops at nothing.
  2. And if anybody decides to swallow 1 kilo of Hydroxychloroquine on sticky rice every hour: up to him. I won´t.
  3. Sir, VW has made a huge fortune building and selling cars in China. Still their biggest share of profits comes from there. Other makers achieved only minor results , does that mean being proud of not having been "screwed"?
  4. Won what ? Did not watch the clip. China is successfully assembling hate all over the World. All the German car manufacturers have increasing problems to find people willing to move there. Africa finds out all their investments establish financial slavery and are the opposite of pure love. And so forth. Who trusts them still? While the US appear to present itself as a giant comedy.
  5. Gentlemen, following democratically elected President Donald´s latest move which is swallowing hydro..something I cam across a piece on youtube as follows: " Here in Brazil, the left, including governors and the supreme court, are angrily against hydroxychloroquine, even hiding the drug. That's because they want to overthrow the government of Jair Bolsonaro, which has already released its use through the Ministry of Health. Many patients are dying from dirty political issues sponsored by communist scoundrels." Sounds like Cavanami´s brother. What really worries me is how on earth it is possible so many people do really believe all this crap. A seriously looking man has been interviewed this weekend on TV demonstrating against Corona-lockdowns, the government, Bill Gates an so forth. He did really and seriously try to explain the public that within short time something called "Q" would conquer the world and Gates puts microchips into a vaccine and everybody must take it. In comparison a person after consuming 40 bottles of Singha sounds totally reasonable I would say. This is all very frightening. Dr Corsi for President. Additional remark: I do of course not believe that he really takes that drug, he is not that stupid. One has always to consider even when he farts it is another lie coming out of Trump.
  6. "And they think they're taking away Donald Trump's greatest tool, which is being able to go into an arena and fill it with 50,000 people every single time, right? "So they will and you watch. They'll milk it every single day between now and November 3, and guess what? After November 3, coronavirus, will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen." Is how Mr Eric Trump, son of Americas greatest President EVER, explains the various shutdowns in several states.
  7. " Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar suggested Sunday that underlying health conditions, including among minorities, were one reason for the high American death toll -- nearly 90,000 as of Sunday evening. And Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro added the government's own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to its list of scapegoats alongside China and the Obama administration." Yes, and he forgot the Mars-warriors, Hillary´s mailserver and Angela Merkel.
  8. I am more an unlimited span type and my entire thanks for bringing this up. I read it all. It won´t get through to any Trump follower though even if the Holy Lord confirms it is unbiased and factual. What is master Trump doing here: auctioning vacuum cleaners and hydrochlorine doses? Look at the poster, this is really laughable. Thanks again Mr Radio, great read. Now I go out with my dog.
  9. This is what I just found on the THAIVISA forum, which I decided to include into my standing research sources for potentially good news. The Thai government eased the curfew as it looks but : "Massage shops must also remain closed." I am shattered, devastated and broken.
  10. On my personal shrine I have today offered already 1 waterbuffalo, 46 yellow flowergarlands and 5 mangos with sticky rice to support Far East airtravel and opening of the Thai border.
  11. In order to clarify the background of this excellent post I should explain it had as such no political anti-Trump background. Which is why I may include the previous Spanish King and the ugly person shooting rare black panthers in Northern Siam . What happeneed to him, probably nothing.
  12. General warning: If you continue discussing this presumably irrelevant doctor´s selfdeclared miracle healing success I shall lower myself to listening what she has to say. I am just wondering whom Cavanami will exhume next. Where is Dr Corsi?
  13. I wish I had the opportunity to shoot this human garbage as they pride themselves killing a beauty like this animal . How low can it get. The whole trump gang needs to be put into a Chinese stinking countryside shithole and buried there for ever. Congratulations Cavanami for adoring these bastards.
  14. " Thailand reported no new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday - the first time no cases have been reported since 9 March." Gentlemen, this piece of news should make the headlines all over the world but it doesn´t. Because nobody believes it? Mystery to me is this.
  15. "Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called the exchange "pretty pathetic" and wrote on Twitter that Trump "is a coward who tears down others to make himself feel powerful." Could not have said it better, words of wisdom really .
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