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  1. Words of eternal wisdom, hitting the truth to it´s full extend in this particular case. Madame with 44 does not show great attraction on the local wedding market I suppose so I repeatedly suggested to take the chance in case some decent falang came round the corner. The number of my trips to Siam is somewhat limited anyway looking at maybe to another 3 years . I had in fact prepared a nice farewell-package for the day to come but now man Amelica takes over, I hope all goes well, really. File closed, but who knows what the fark happens next. No promprem, hab lady too mut.
  2. Gentlemen, I am in tears. Heart again broken. As per today January the 22.nd about 14:07 CET the extremely lovely Pam told me over the phone that she met man from America willing to marry her. ´Bout 30 years older but they truely love each other. 44 against 74 to be precise. I sincerely hope man from America is in good health because Madame if in good mood requires quite, well, you know what I mean. I wish them well, honestly. After thorough analysis the degree of sadness against relief stands at 5 to 95** as I am realising right now. We shall continue to do some occasional business ( strictly commercial ) and I am preliminarily glad to have no erotic commitments once in BKK next time. I already missed the peaceful moments reading the daily paper in bed in the morning. I shall keep you posted. The lonely nights won´t last for ever I fear. ** Say 15 to 85
  3. They did a 99 years lease for an economically meaningless seaport on Southern Sri Lanka plus 60 square-kilometers around it. The target is strategical influence, time does not matter.
  4. " Welcome to the all-new weekly Stick Uncensored Newsletter, all about the latest goings-on from the Bangkok nightlife scene. " What could that currently be? " Lonely Australian tourist drank 1 beer in Soi 4 " or what?
  5. This bridge perfectly fits into the Chinaman´s idea to find easy access to the Indian Ocean avoiding lengthy travel by sea. They do not mind packing further financial burdon on already overdepted units. It strengthens their influence and has been successful all over Africa for some time. As I have never built a bridge I am not sure about the size of the investment but it should not create major headaches in Beijing looking at the advantages.
  6. I am seriously upset, this is not true!! Can´t remember what it was but I did definitely agree to something that you posted. I swear.
  7. Sir, I hope that one day in the distant future you might be able to develop a sense for irony , how to spend life in good mood and probably read a post twice before you decide it´s all shit. The way you seem to handle life will bring you nothing but gastric ulcer. Maybe you join a Thai-dance club to relax.
  8. This evaluation, dear Sir, I do not support. Not at all. Could say more but don´t. I have been following a German travel forum where many people with family or friends in Thailand discuss all aspects of getting into the country. One idea is to strenghthen tourism for obvious reasons and on the other hand falangs as usual are the ambassadors of anything that is evil. Pay for the holidays but stay home would be the ideal solution. Since I decided not to travel I feel somewhat relaxed, ticket prices for example April are on the way down already. We have to wait and see.
  9. Gentlemen , with greatest pain possible I have today cancelled my forthcoming trip for the following reasons: Etihad let me know I had to wait 5 hours in Abu Dhabi from 03:00 in the morning for my connecting flight to Frankfurt. Oh no. Second, the Thai people will incarcerate into quarantine any living subject that arrives in Siam and seems to be Covid positive . Which includes the possibility having been seated next to an infected person on the plane and though not positive still being a risk and facing same consequences. Pam´s heart broken already but there are limits.
  10. What is the opinion of our esteemed Australian members looking at the behaviour of famous tennisplayer Djocovic? Would the case happen in Germany I would strongly advise to send this idiot home as soon as possible. His father thinks he is Jesus. Or better,
  11. As always, I was right. And as we are at it: if you walk right through, God forbid, Soi 4, isn´t there after a while a Thai tobacco factory area on your left? I remember hundreds of streetfood carts parked along that road. I might be wrong.
  12. Khun Stick, if you please would refrain from questioning nonsense that Mr Mekong publishes. He would not give up til finding a Bangkok streetmap from 1834 to prove his point. No idea about this park myself of course. Good to see you are still alive, I bet you are as keen hitting the roads in Khrungthep as I am. All the best.
  13. Ok, my apologies, but here comes the truth, I swear!!
  14. I can prove everything: here you see how they install the final 200 meters of the gas supply to my house, I am the one with yellow jacket on the left : You claim I do not own a generator, so what do you think is that : For system failures I keep one in reserve:
  15. As you seem to have no idea about this way of producing gas : it comes from what is left from producing food . Food that grows on a field. Over to you : what comes next ?
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