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  1. Cav I don´t want to be rude but you should consider to have your brain examined.
  2. "We've done a good job. I think we are going to be in two, three, four weeks ... I think we're going to be in very good shape," Trump told Gray Television's Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday... " He probably means that from today´s 60.000 new infections he could increase to maybe 160.000. Which would be the highest number EVER of all Presidents. There should be somebody in his administration to stand up and say they cannot follow this junk any more. Even Dr Fauci tries to stay polite although he seems to be the only one left with an idea what is going on.
  3. Any concern that President Duck might steer the United States towards an autocracy are pointless. His daily statements and as can be seen from Mr. Cvanami´s posts the US probably did already cross the bridge towards a full scale idiocracy. If only their constitution would allow to pull the election forward for 3 months some damage still could be avoided. Maybe Donald could be offered a fenced area full of old monuments where he could play golf and watch FOX til he dies.
  4. I am sure I stay with them. Fidelity in relationship is what matters a lot to me.
  5. But fortunately you have Donald the idiot with his latest findings: On Saturday night, President Donald Trump made the dangerously inaccurate claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "totally harmless." Apart from the about 4 % who died so far.
  6. Which according to your earlier findings is nothing but biased and fake news. Requesting further instructions now. I am confused. Again I am asking you ( 3rd time) what you think about President Trump´s handling of the Covid 19 problem.
  7. I could have sworn that would be your escape from the Trump-question. There is not much to talk about Germany these days, Merkel has sky high acceptance percentage and people start asking if she not might be willing to continue her job for another 4 years. Her party CDU arrived at 40 % which is all the result, dear Sir, of a government that could explain his people that it is necessary to live with restrictions to protect yourself and fellow countrymen. The rest of Europe now looks at her to reorganize the whole continent if possible during Germany´s presidency . I do indeed not waste my time by commenting your doomsday sites about the Arabs taking over Germany. . There are problems with some of these people but the authorities finally woke up. I may politely ask again about your view on democratically elected President Trump´s handling of the Covit19 crisis. All fantastic or what? Please do not offer a link, use your own words and try to avoid terms like bullshit, Hillary, Obummer , FBI or Benghazi.
  8. That is what they all say but they are wrong. Cav please explain the bord why Donald handles the Corona-issue in a brilliant way.
  9. Brilliant President Donald Trump on Feb 28th: Congratulations and thank you to our great Vice President & all of the many professionals doing such a fine job at CDC & all other agencies on the Coronavirus situation. Only a very small number in U.S., & China numbers look to be going down. All countries working well together! Excellent, only 53.000 new infections yesterday. The world envies the United States because : “I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests: this is going to go away without a vaccine,” Trump said. “It’s gonna go away, and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time,” is what Donald said at a time 75000 citizens had died. Cavanami, how do you explain that this guy is not one of the greatest idiots on the surface of the earth right now? If you need further proof I could send you quotes that eat up the maximum available bandwidth of the board. I selected the more harmless ones to keep it simple for you.
  10. It is not only Trump who is unable to handle this crisis, it looks as if the US society lost the ability to agree on something. And if it is only wearing masks to protect each other.
  11. Mr Steve, in case anybody dies, they are fake deaths. Arranged by Hillary, Obama, Deep State, the FBI and The Rolling Stones.
  12. Mr. Cav, Donald is President because there are obviously many American people of similar intellectual level like yourself. No insult intended, just how it is. As resident in soon muslim-dominated Germany I may assure you that your previous link just proves my statement above.
  13. Mr Steve, good times for us Trump haters. Mr President now seems unable to control his dementia-influenced lunacy and some rats vaguely considering to jump ship. So called Republican politicians. I am sure the Donald fears not to be protected any more once he looses the election and would end up either in a madhouse or in Prison. Some people would elaborate on all the dirty secrets, Russia alone should grant him 5 times life incarceration. His dicksuckerteam lead by Barr and Grenell would swear they always hated Trump from the bottom of their heart and it was all a misunderstanding. Cav,do you agree to my prophecies ?
  14. I think many people coming if govermenn can do boom-boom visa. Galantee boom-boom 3 Million Tourist. Velly goos. Travel bubble I think.
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