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  1. Wrong, Sir. It stops the infection at a very high percentage which then depends on the vaccine which is used. It does prevent people from becoming very sick at almost 100 %. For an evaluation of the Jakarta-spread one would have to know the total number of Sinovac-customers in Indonesia or Jakarta. 350 infected doctors would be insignificant between for example 10.000.000 vaccinated. Some vaccinated still get the Covid anyway. It ain´t all that easy.
  2. Gentlemen, I am currently spending summer holidays in Portugal. A country that has been successfully fighting the virus over the last 6 months by implementing strict rules how to behave in public. Successfully, to repeat it. As per tomorrow Friday the city of Lisbon shall be cut off from any traffic in- and out due to a sudden dramatic increase of the new Delta-version of the virus. Bad news for people thinking it shall be over soon . It won´t. Tell this Khun Prayut (?) if you see him .
  3. https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/corona-news-am-donnerstag-die-wichtigsten-entwicklungen-zu-sars-cov-2-und-covid-19-a-52c30e14-5adc-4a29-9bd0-9da90584ac8b Sorry this is German only. It says 350 Indonesian doctors have caught the virus although fully treated by Chinese Sinovac.
  4. Since January this is about the 25th announcement that tourism soon shall break loose due to another unbeatable idea of the authorities. Although this time it originates from the center of general (sic!) wisdom. Problem beeing that the virus in whichever new version does not know about it and just proceeds marching on wherever it can. Nuff said.
  5. Sir, which is what I wanted to say. Would I be a black American I would be full of rage , either in prison for something or dead.
  6. To my opinion he is trying to play a role as a super patriot to adjust for the colour of his skin. No success here I believe because the people from the right would still not invite him for Christmas dinner. He would be better off to join the ranks of his bretheren and scream that black lives matter day and night. Enough to do here if you watch the Republicans weakening the voting possibilities in certain areas of certain states. A criminal act if you ask me. Alternatively he could establish himself as a deeply religious preacherman, then buy a Learjet and a goldchain.
  7. Sir, I have been trading with them Chinese for an estimated period of 30 years, here comes my summary: on an individual basis they can be as nice or bad as any other human being as long as everything goes smoothly. As soon as it comes to accepting responsibility for anything having gone wrong and having to pay a price for it you can totally forget expecting any sort of honest behaviour. No idea where this comes from but it is a Mainland China cultural thing, the Taiwanese are a totally different breed. Believing any statement of the official Chinese side has a similar value like beli
  8. All that Trump admirers can manage is copying links to braindead nonsense-superspreaders.
  9. Due to some spare time I checked who Cav´s latest hero Allyn Root is. Another heavily brain-damaged individual as it looks, he thinks as follows: " In 2014, he described Obama as a "Manchurian candidate", possibly hired by the Bilderberg Group to destroy the United States and "kill all of us". Except Cavanami I guess.
  10. Of course he would, look at the great Senator Cruz. Donald so to say called his wife a useless bitch and Cruz thanked Donald for his unbiased judgement.
  11. If somebody would try a cheat-list with President Trump Mr Khunsanuk would have to apply for more bandwidth.
  12. Excellent and well balanced statement of unbelievable precision. But there is hope for the US because they have Donald, the inventor of truth and honesty. Cav, you dink beah Singh too mut.
  13. I would call these judgements still very conservative. ( Referring to Mekong about Obama)
  14. So do I. Any of the statistics do not prove things as such. While a comparison of dead Australians from traffic against fatalities from vaccination makes some sense, a comparison against dead New Zealanders from traffic would not unless you consider how many miles have been spent on the road.
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