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  1. Mr Steve what I think is the basic inner reason for them supporting a subject like Trump is rage targeting at a class of people that they think is doing better than them . Trump with his primitivity crosses the border of reasonable human behaviour and his followers feel suddenly united behind somebody who does not care about any established ways of civilised intercourse . They think they have a friend .
  2. Gentlemen, do yourself a favour and google Trump´s speech at the Davos meeting yesterday. As the biggest job creator in human history he achieved a monthly growth in jobs of about 191.000. Congratulations from the THAI360 forum but Obama managed 217.000. He was further phantasizing about clean coal, where he does actually have a point as far as against his promises to strengthen the coal industry more and more mines are closing for economic reasons and consequently helping to keep the air clean. A hopeless case.
  3. I was just listening to President Donald´s opening speech of the Davos conference ; anybody who did not know that the US have become a paradise within the last, well , 3 years now got the details. Worth listening , gentlemen .
  4. I believe the virus has been there all the time and just now jumped out of Hillary´s email server. Wait for details from Dr Corsi and the nervous Patriot.
  5. Which does not matter in the Trump universe. Repeat nonsense often enough and they think it is fact. Over the weekend I watched a couple a Trump townhall meetings to keep my aversion alive. Result is that in comparison the rocketman from Korea looks like of aristocratic behaviour although they seem to visit different hairstylists.
  6. A building of tasteless horror but why not move the tent city people here, Donald the ever caring Father Theresa.
  7. Cav´s figures are for " third quarter", maybe CS talks about total.
  8. Mr Sandwich, in case you have ever tried to pee against a thunderstorm blowing at 120 km/h speed you got an idea of the successrate to get anything reasonable out of or into a Trump-supporter. They would not accept a notarised document supported by a sworn declaration by the Pope that says Donald lied again. Mr Cav would suggest Dr. Corsi or the Black Patriot-idiot found out something else and anything else is fake news and a witchhunt. That is the problem. Which leads us to the frightening aspect that obviously about half of the US voters prefer to live in such world of phantasy. No good.
  9. Frightening prospects, got to be more careful then. Nonetheless I wish to draw the general attention on another subject which is vaginal spasm. Meaning the vagina contracts to a degree that the relevant gentleman is unable to withdraw from the battlefield. Which principally sounds not too bad but it needs medical treatment to loosen the relationship. No good.
  10. Watch Trump´s Milwaukee son-of-a-bitch show and you realise what level of primitivity his followership are living on. The case is hopeless, maybe after 2 years into his re-election he shouts tarr and feather all blacks and latinos and his admirers become crazy. About time for somebody to try a doctorate " Trump and Goebbels, ways of indoctrination "
  11. Formidable, only a bit weak with forecasts as it looks.
  12. buffalo_bill

    Water shortage

    Gentlemen, I just discovered that I deserve the Thai National Watersaver Medal in Gold. According to governmental announcments the Thai people are requested to shorten their water usage by 1 minute/session for example when cleaning teeth or body in general. I may therefore let the Thai people know that I regard myself as the leading watersavingforce as I have traditionally requested the lovely Pam to share the shower whenever possible with myself. Focus on using less resources to preserve the natural wealth of the intra urban klong waters. Just to let you know
  13. H.J. Ansari Zarif´s senior advisor should come up any minute now after 20 months with names ( Hillary, Barack, Bill, Schiff, Pelosi) because Europe mainly stopped trading long ago and did not put pressure on USA. Mr Flashermac, after surviving Vietnam you should show some gratitude to your Lord by NOT repeating any web based bullshit that sounds great. What does Dr.Corsi or the nervous black patriot think about it?
  14. Gentlemen, I am missing posts full of rage or despair of the sudden departure of Royal Highness Harry and the Duchess of ? ( York?) moving to Canda. After having been tortured by the UK yellow press for too long the same yellow press is now upset about a kiss-my-ass answer. I can´t blame the couple. Finally it is a racist thing isn´t it?
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