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  1. I only hope that Trump keeps on spitting at her, it should strengthen the opposition.
  2. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/11/business/red-bull-heir-intl-hnk-dst/index.html Summary of the whole case. Additional information would be that I did never drink a single can Red Bull.
  3. I always feared Biden would talk a lot of drivel during the 3 debates and loose credibility. There is hope they might match each other as it looks.
  4. Sir, as can be seen on this very forum, member migrant has been kind of incarcerated for a fortnight due to the Kindom´s government trying to keep the virus outside under any circumstances . Very well. This could in theory go on til eternity but before eternity is there the whole economy might have evaporated. All the European countries which could limit the virus after struggling desperately do now note an increase in infections due to schools opening and tourism picking up. Except Italy, they learned their lesson. Conclusion: leading international virologists like Prof BuBi tend to think that for the immediate future we should tolerate the virus to a limited degree and strictly keep on sticking to a routine of wearings masks, keep distance and thoroughly washing hands. Supported by testing opportunities available everywhere with easy access. Bavaria is about to build such a chain right now. Spreaders of stinking bullshit-comments like democratically elected Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro push the people into desaster, this virus shall not just disappear but keep on spreading whereever we let it.
  5. Just studied the charts. You could as well do one comparing the number of households with colour TV against Covid 19 fatalities. Cannot imagine the AAPS supports such crap as shown above. Ref usage of hydroxychloroquine (again!) I note yesterday USA 60.000 new confirmed infections and going up again . They don´t get the numbers down. Non-hydroxy-using and heavily hit countries like France, Italy, Spain doing a lot better after a while. Where hab miracle?
  6. Cav, do I understand this right that almighty President Trump is unable to order public servant Fauci to shut up and issues an executive order to distribute hydroxychloroquine(got it now) to anybody who comes round the corner? There are more than 1000 people dying with the virus every day, why not stop it within a few days? So it means the government is breathlessly watching mass murder Fauci doing his awful act. Holy Lord.
  7. Sir, 5 days to go and maybe you might be glad it´s over then. Just guessing 😎. The Thai people think to have invented a failproof system to save the Kingdom from the virus but the future shall tell them that the price to pay exceeds their possibilities. The Covid19 needs to be kept on acceptable level and life goes on. What they do with you and fellow sufferers a temporary joke. Enjoy your cigar, such as myself. Panetela, Dominican Republic.Velly goos.
  8. buffalo_bill

    Nong Khai Bars

    Mr. Shibuya, as previously said somewhere on this forum I adore sitting by the quietly flowing Mekong River enjoying the sun going down. I had the opportunity before but the lady in charge is not with me any more. Panta rei as the antique Greeks used to say, words of real truth. Everything floats.
  9. Very true. Lots of people now are discussing vaccination, wearing masks and the goddamned hydroxychloroqine(did I get it right?). The latter does only exist in public because Trump got obsessed with it. Wearing masks has successfully been conquered now by the ubiquitous conspiracy freaks who seem to have superior knowledge in health science as locally Dr Cavanami has about hydroxychloroquine (made it again). Look at those lunatics, they are lining up along a road in far Eastern Germany every Sunday to lead a war against .. well, something. Asked by reporters what this is all about they get angry.
  10. Excellent news for all the parents of the world: Top virologist Trump of the Idiots University found out that children are so to say immune against COVID 19. In reality that means that sworn Trump followers shall now send their offsprings to school without any instructions to protect themselves. Reality shall soon step in and Donald would then certainly accuse the Democrats, Hillary and Obama of contaminating America´s children. Maybe further blaming Europe, not Russia.
  11. I insist I shall be the first one in history who called Trump mentally sick. Anybody who does not agree should follow Steves link and listen to the President. The very< best that the Democrats should do is to lock up Biden somewhere in his basement, tell him to shut up and just go on waiting that Trump buries himself by being interviewed. The man does not know any more what he is saying.
  12. In case you had enough and just wanted out at whatever cost. Could you physically leave the place or are you locked in the building? Thinking about a quick visit to Soi 22 Honey Bee massage.
  13. I am emotionally with you gentlemen , no joke. Wife, house and life somewhere in Siam I would most likely find myself behind bars after trying to get there.
  14. I am smoking exactly one cigar every night after I have done my regular walk through the forest. I did not catch the virus so far. Conclusion : one cigar daily after awalk through the forest creates reliable immunisation against COVID19. In case of Leader Khunsanuk I agree to replacing the cigar by Pepsi Cola and due to lack of urban wooods he may choose Lumpini Park.
  15. Now I finally decided to listen to Cav´s latest source of unbiased information til I heard this guy saying that the US did test for the Virus while Europe did not. Forget it.
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