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  1. buffalo_bill

    Brits dilema proving income?

    Hell yeah fuckin´right
  2. buffalo_bill

    Brits dilema proving income?

    Would I wish to repatriate 800.000 and feel uncertain about bank procedures I would cash the money, change it into a meaningful currency at Superrich and put it in my pocket. I think it is even legal up to 20.000 USD or so crossing the border. Except out of China I have been constantly repatriating money and nobody did ever take any interest.
  3. buffalo_bill


    This is a non-USA thread . Gentlemen, sitting by the riverfront over the last 2 years at many occasion I watched a monster of concrete grow towards heaven. Unit has now materialised as a much deserved new de Luxe shopping mall topped by a number of apartments targeting at people living on a budget although willing and possibly able to spend a million and much more ( Yankee-Dollah). the building replaced a couple of Thai river police boatyards, sportsground and a muslim community. Another nail in the coffin of the historical Bangkok which contributed to my decision to move my local temporary headquarters downtown. I wonder who might be willing to invest almost a daytrip for a Hermès handbag which is easily available at the Siam Paragon if it is urgent. And the Chinese won´t find the place. I suggest Mr Stick during his next ´unexpected´ trip to the Kingdom launches an investigative report and lets us know what the future looks like for the place.
  4. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Except your fellow countryman Nouriel Roubini. He is looking for the next crisis in 2020.
  5. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Comedian-in-Chief Donald Trump now found out he is " a great moral leader " . He keeps on making a fool of himself and the US.
  6. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    For sure. But she would keep on smiling and just need maybe 10 words to knock me out. But I don´t think you understand what I mean. No way she would ever stop me coming next time again.
  7. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Telkl that Donald but he won´t know what you mean
  8. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    I had the questionable pleasure to watch part of the press conference yesterday. I am asking myself if this is for real , what happended to the US that so many people constantly support this subject?
  9. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Holy Lord. A guy like him would long be on the watchlist of the national security agency. How could anbody vote for this asshole ??
  10. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    I read somewhere the Representatives could now ask for billionaire Donald´s tax declaration, that would be fun as such. Apart from this I don´t get it that still so many Americans indirectly voted for him. Lock him up. Good news, in the end.
  11. buffalo_bill

    I am out

    I think him drink too mut . No promprem to survive without posting here, but how ? ( Quoting bordmember wildalaska maybe 15 years ago )
  12. buffalo_bill

    Germany Thread

    Talking about Germany, the surface of the earth breaks open here and there. Emerging from hidden quarters are opponents of Queen Angie trying to imitate one of my favourite dogs, the Australian Heeler. She won´t survive for long, there are too many.
  13. buffalo_bill


    Mr Mekong, your comment comes as a big relief. Did I first rate you as possible acquaintance of South American drug dealers I now fully understand your motivation to avoid unsuitable contacts with the UK inland revenue. Until recently, and this is confidential, I held Portuguese property by Gibraltar based offshore companies to avoid local property sales taxes. Not exactly nice but legal. On a sidenote, most lovely Pam working in a Thai Spa, sort of, did not even understand my point when I previously asked her about paying taxes of whichever kind. Next time I shall mention your efforts to correlate with Siamese tax laws, but she won´t understand. Edit: Gibraltar companies are not offshore any more by definition.
  14. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    I am currently full of happiness that my mother has not been travelling through the USA when I was born.
  15. buffalo_bill


    Sir, hereby I may officially confirm that the usage of for example Cayman based companies rates under Mother Theresa-like activities and signals nothing but pure innocence. It is the natural beauty of the Carribean that attracts so many noble industrialists from Russia and sucessful members of the Chemical industry f.e. from Columbia. I fully agree that operating offshore as such means nothing illegal as long as the operator has nothing to hide. Which in case of the Gibraltar-funded Brexit activities leaves questions unanswered ( so far ) . I do even withdraw my judgement that Gibraltar as such appears to be dubious, it only supports dubious people and their activities.