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  1. buffalo_bill

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Sir, walking is what keeps me moving, sort of. Under regular circumstances I would have even walked back the whole way to Soi 11 but the incredible heat supported by afternoon traffic made me climb on a motorcycle. I love walking through Khrungthep and did even buy the book " 22 walks through Bangkok " written by a man called Barrett. Although the lovely Pam passing Soi 11 coming back from Terminal 21 declared her imminent painful death if she had to walk more than another 5 Meters . So we had to separate temporarily. Thai people or Lao for that matter no like walking.Are you man from Lao ?
  2. buffalo_bill

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Which made me walk to their Terminal21 branch which you can totally forget. Meaning the only one left is in Siam Paragon and I walked there in incredible heat, reason being: Famous Bangkok blogger and nightlife explainer Stickman mentioned years ago a British writer by the name of Stephen Leather and I got hooked to his works. Currently waiting for 2 further books since I have bought them all (maybe about 30) from mainly Asia Books. Which is why. Currently reading "The Chinaman" for the third time by the way.
  3. buffalo_bill

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Cannot read 1 word in Thai but the Thai Rath tells you the important things using photos. Showing part 1 and 2 and three after Khun Lek butchered his wife Wi into 3 pieces with a big knife. All neighbours pointing with a finger at Wi dead on the floor. Very informative. I am other than President Donald a fanatic reader of printed newspapers, fake news biased version. I don´t read the Bild as I would not read the Sun. Usually in the morning I do a long walk to the pharmacy at Sukhumvit near Soi 4 because they sell the German Frankfurter Allgemeine after they printed it from an online source. All this followed by a coffee on the Landmark Terrace. One of the great moments in life. ( Warning : this paper not recommended for packing mangos from Tops market )
  4. buffalo_bill

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    I would not bother buying the Nation/Post anywhere, the hotel does them in the morning. Since they closed Asia Books along Sukhumvit I would not even know where to go buying them. The entertaining factor usually is reading about the latest upper class scandal like the man from Ital Thai sitting in front of the police after they got him in the forest shooting panthers. Should I read the Thai Rath in future?
  5. buffalo_bill

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Very sad , I need the Nation as packing material for the mangos from Tops market to take home. I hope to get similar good results from the Post.
  6. buffalo_bill

    Return of the dildo

    " Alea jacta est " " I ain`t no quarrel with them Vietkong " " Bubi why don´t you do this this to me every day " Are the 3 great statements in human history . This is no joke . No sex toys involved anyway.
  7. buffalo_bill

    Return of the dildo

    They are all back unfortunately. Also selling wonderpills in black boxes with a picture of a muscly dude called MANSTRONG. Who on earth is so bloody stupid to waste his money on crap like this? Further back in the trade fortunately are many foodstalls at least at the later hours.
  8. Fireman Donald Trump from the NY City brigade recommended to send water bombers to stop things burning. Paris fireman commented this would finally make the building collapse. Fireman Trump further recommended to act " quickly " .
  9. buffalo_bill


    Resident gentlemen, with utmost disgustI I watched a variety of clips showing current Songkran activities in Khrungthep inner city . What has been an ancient Thai tradition has obviously perverted into kind of Carneval do Brazil tourist style . To my observation a lot of the partcipants seemed to be of Chinese nationality , would you agree ?
  10. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Obama and Merkel have been watched buying digging equipment in a local hardware store in Berlin. Unbiased sources found out they are planning to dig a tunnel under beloved president Donald´s wall of phantasies . Undermining, kind of.
  11. buffalo_bill

    RTAF museum piece crashes

  12. buffalo_bill


    Gays and transgays and transgenders and reversed transgendered previous gays and people with three dicks *** I did never have any interest in til maybe 3 years ago and just considered them as existing and that was that . Normal, kind of. This has changed because a couple of years ago any farking newspaper and TV-discussion again and again troubled the society with gay/gender and whatever sex-related problems and I CANNOT HEAR IT ANY MORE !!!! I also want my own toilet at Sukhumvit somewhere between Sois 4 / 24 because I belong to an alternative gender group but cannot disclose to which one because it hurts my human rights . To come back on topic I would have given the muslim parents a kick in the ass but on the other hand offering lessons on homosexuality is no less stupid as fighting them. *** also covering people with 3 vaginas
  13. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Mr Cavanami , sorry for interfering but may I respectfully mention that CNN is not the same as the bullshit site CCN . Just in case you misread , sorry for any misinterpretation .
  14. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    The historic meeting in Hanoi which was said to bury North Korean nuclear ambition has just been terminated without any result. I was actually hoping for the opposite in support of me adored leader Donald. Donald´s respected friend at least found some free days on the train to increase his overweight. What a comedy alltogether.
  15. buffalo_bill

    Vietnam Orders Deportation of Thai ‘Kim Jong Un’

    Thank you for this, I am laughing my ass off. This is even funnier than watching Cavanami´s video quotes.