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  1. buffalo_bill

    Hong Kong airlines business class

    Mr radioman, in defense of PVG airport staff I may officially publish here that in February of this very year 2018 I found myself stranded within a crowd of an estimated 200.000 Chinese citizen struggling to get through security at about 05:00 in the morning . I did approach a Chinese official in a blue uniform explaining that I had no intention to ask for a favour of any kind but if he knew an alternative to pass security in a somewhat more elegant way he accompanied myself to a counter for maybe members of the Long March or appointed enemies of Donald Trump and I got through in no time. Dealing with them Chinese in uniforms leads into nothing if they think you do not respect them. Be wise and dress well.
  2. buffalo_bill

    Hong Kong airlines business class

    Congratulation, although there is no way to "know" what happens to an errorfare once it has been published everywhere. Usually they appear on codeshare flights when somebody misinterprets something that the actually flying company offers. Flyertalk is one of the great assembly points of bullshit worldwide which is why I call them liartalk.
  3. buffalo_bill

    Global RIP thread

    Kofi Annan died today, previous Secretary General of the UN. A most remarkable person within the limited possibilities of his job. When I celebrated my 50th birthday ( not long ago, lots of laughter ) at the Petersberg Hotel above the Rhine valley he came along asking what the party was about. And he was told that the Great Bubi turned 50 and he wished me well. Rest in peace Kofi, I shall always remember you.
  4. buffalo_bill

    Hong Kong airlines business class

    Mr dean, I suggest you register on a website called flyertalk and search for Hongkong Airlines which will make you an expert in no time. Usually the airlines cancel aforementioned errorfares once somebody finds out what they have done. To spend a day in HKG no prompremm .
  5. buffalo_bill

    New version

    I want the Delphi back
  6. buffalo_bill

    New Zealand Thread

    I know nothing about the press in NZ but what has to be noted is that all Trump supporters seem to regard any opposition as a conspiracy of left wing biased media forces. I am pleased to learn in NZ like the rest of the world Trump supporters are a minority which does hopefully include the US.
  7. buffalo_bill

    Germany Thread

    Allahu akhbar ! Greetings from Germany sends Muhammad Bill and his 6 wives. ( All with burkha )
  8. buffalo_bill

    Germany Thread

    From the website Idiots International Q, Bubi´s main source of knowledge: A reader writes : Every morning heading for the Autobahn I have to steer my motorcar through mountains of dead women, raped by dark skinned male people and subsequently butchered with big knifes which the dark skinned male people receive free of charge from chancellor Merkel in Berlin to promote integration. Later the same day when they have moved away last nights butchered women roads are flooded by members of criminal Arab clans riding on camels or stolen horses, mostly ignoring traffic rules and sitting in the park on the grass although a signpost says : No sitting on grass .
  9. buffalo_bill

    Roses For Tilac

    To update the community on the latest developments: Madame will now spend a weekend with her son in Hua Hin instead of watching flowers fading away. Trip kindly supported by BuBi Travel. Velly goos.
  10. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

  11. buffalo_bill

    Germany Thread

    More bad news which the biased lying press does not write about : beer prices shall go up due to shortage of hop.
  12. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Thank you for explaining, finally : does the registration also cover the next elections to come like for congress and senate later this year or do you have to register from new for each of them ?
  13. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Mr dean, tecnical question. This being a process of finding the Republican candidate, would the same identical voters later be asked to decide about a Democrat candidate? And as a purely Macchivallian thought : would it not be better to vote for a real Republican arsehole to weaken the Trump front later this year? Only assuming he is an arsehole of course.
  14. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Mr cavanami, your obvious intention to use all these clips as a way to explain your political position is as such an insult to any human being with some intellectual capability left. The horrifying aspect is that there are so many around who believe in this incredible junk and now seem to have found their hero in the White House. But I hope doomsday is near because the hero is now finally loosing any control about what he tells the world.
  15. buffalo_bill

    Roses For Tilac

    Two , exactly. Who both might remember the glorious days when Khun BuBi has been about . But now he is gone .