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  1. Gentlemen with a US passport supporting the very words of their current democratically elected President might probably also support this wise statement : "Well, we're going to have to see what happens. You know that. I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots. And the ballots are a disaster. ... We want to have -- get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very trans- -- we'll have a very peaceful -- there won't be a transfer, frankly; there'll be a continuation. The ballots are out of control. You know it." Gold luck to all of you, emigrating to North Korea might be a real improvement.
  2. ANYTHING is better than Trump and his gang. Once he looses his presidential immunity I bet he will end in jail due to his dubious past. Biden could pardon him.
  3. "Be the stepping-stone to power for an even more leftist Democratic Party that takes its cue from “AOC and the Squad” What you and many other Americans think is leftist, would be something like Social-democratic in Europe. If I compare both worlds the result is obvious. The US are falling apart without a general view that values human subjects higher than the stockmarket. You mean the US need to be saved from diabolic Biden by Trump? Very humorous view.
  4. He does not say " They are coming for our cars ". From my point of view then they are not dangerous. If you watch this Trump guy´s face when he is speaking: a psycho like his leader. I guess he really believes in what he is saying.
  5. I have no doubt that Mr Jaz McKay is an intellectually outstanding individual. I draw this conclusion from the plastic Mickey Mouse on his window sill and a load of playthings he probaly needs to keep himself buzy when he is not fabricating clips. An educational remark by the way. Not targeting in particular on the works of Mr McKay, more of a general approach: to my endless sadness many people seem to believe whatever somebody produces on the internet . Example here the screaming woman in the car, does anybody know if this is fake or reality? Keep your human dignity and try to judge about what other people want you to believe. If in doubt ask BuBi.
  6. I read in the newspaper that following the death of RBG the Dems enjoyed an enormous increase in donations. It might well be that previously non-Biden Dems now join the party to avoid the worst. Insofar I wish that Trump keeps on promoting his candidate.
  7. Which proves again that a brief look at the statistics means nothing. This virus is a long distance runner and shall keep us buzy for a while. Upcoming good results on the vaccination field do only exist in Trump´s unscrupulous brain, it might take years.
  8. Which is what I agree to. 16.000 shot every year is obviously not enough.
  9. Yes, gun ownership made the US the safest country on earth, even safer than Afghanistan.
  10. Which "world" are you talking about?
  11. Another 4 years Trump and the US will be ruined.
  12. Lots of laughter here. So if Woodward would have published the bad news about Trump holding back his knowledge : " Woodward a chronical liar, conspiring with the Dem´s and all a hoax by the biased failing NY Times!!! " President Trump would have yelled. Am I right?
  13. Bluntly, nothing dies out. The number of infections goes down for whatever reason, although for the widely careless bahaviour in the US it is not really explainable. What happens is that it comes back sure as hell, look at Italy, Spain, France, Israel. All these countries have been living with really strong rules over 6 months now and all of a sudden is it there again in high numbers. Death rates go back because the hospitals can handle it better due to better knowledge and because more young people are infected with higher chances to survive. The daily death rates US are still at about 1100, the low figures are result of weekend lack of communication. Look at the Johns Hopkins site.
  14. What Mr. Paul wishes us to understand is that people of his kind of thinking prefer to consider as news whatever suits their desire. Which is exactly where we arrive at the Trump followers, conspiracy believers etc.
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