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  1. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Mueller is an undercover muslim. Deep state and the biased press say he is American but they are full of shit.
  2. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    No. It is the house or senate of the US and not California. Being paid by their state would make them subordinates of their ´employer ´.
  3. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    I studied your facts in the Germany thread and and now envy you even more for the priviledge to enjoy a president who is in obvious mental disorder. Although the biased press and the fake news agree Germany is in great condition . An opinion which I strongly reject looking at the US daily death toll of about 89 people killed by gunfire . Long way to go for Germany, we need more refugees.
  4. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Looking at the forthcoming impressive results of currently 4 political movements in power if we include the UK Brexit supporters , the others would be genius Donald and friends , an unbelievable idiot in Italy and recently another one in Brazil , the world shall hopefully learn the lesson that these guys only make things worse and have nothing substatial on offer but phantasies and lies and tweets . The really disturbing aspect is watching what world their supporters are living in , look at the crap that Cavanami quotes here all the time .
  5. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Why does nobody stand up and at least explain moron Trump that TARRIFFS ARE PAID BY HIS OWN CITIZENS AND NOT BEI VOLKSWAGEN OR THE CHINESE ?????? And therefore they do not make America rich again but make the people poorer because access to cheap imports is cut.
  6. buffalo_bill

    Germany Thread

    3 year old Arab refugee rapes 87 year German virgin. source www.donald´s-world.com
  7. buffalo_bill

    German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom

    Accuracy and precision, gentlemen, are the characteristics of advanced investigative journalism. Relentlessly pursuing these iron principles today in the early hours no later than 11:45 AM I therefore approached the porter of Salil Hotel Soi 11. The man is wearing a grey tailcoat previously owned to my opinion by Mike Tyson . Sidenote only. I explained in detail what I was after : why do falang no take taxi or tuktuk with luggage too big ? The man thought deeply and asked : You go shopping ? I repeated the procedure but this time supported by physically impersonating a falang with big luggage heading for Nana station . Porter started smiling and proposed : You can leave luggage here. At this moment I decided to give up and leave the rest to Mr. Stickman once he decides to pay the big city another secretive visit. PS : Talking about der Stickman I hereby confess that since he officially terminated his Weekly some time ago I checked his site every Sunday and would have accepted any drunken bet that one day he shall surface again. Velly goos. It ain`t that easy to forget. ( Khrungthep )
  8. buffalo_bill

    German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom

    Gentlemen, the Stickman has been torturing his brain in his latest Weekly over the phenomenon that many tourists pull their luggage through the sois towards somewhere although there are masses of taxis and tuktuks readily available. I watched the spectacle over the last 3 breakfasts in Soi 11 and today finally decided to inquire at 2 hotel porters what the story is. By far most of them are Chinese who due to their local habits of being cheated by the drivers do not trust any taxi or related objects. Second they fear to be overcharged and are afraid of getting in trouble with the lads due to nobody speaks English or Chinese. Having said that, still there are enough falangs around pulling their luggage which needs further investigation. We shall report.
  9. buffalo_bill

    Thai health insurance

    Gentlemen, after I almost froze to death within the Bangkok Bank Exchange Tower and virtually felt grilled afterwards on Sukhumvit I wish to say that it is extremely hot at the moment . Bangkok bank offers health insurance to a 43 year old lady ( lovely ) as follows : yearly rates are 16.900 / 25.000 / 29.000 AIA H&S extra 2500 / 4500 / 6500 no idea what that is And then they pay : Hospital room + board max 125 days 2500/4500/6500 per day I.C.U double of above max 30 days In hospital consultation 800/1000/1200 per day Surgery 80.000/100.000/120.000 / case Anesthesist 8000/10000/12000 / case Operation theatre + equipment benefit 12000/14000/16000 , don´t know what benefit could mean Misc hospital expenses 20000/30000/40000 / case Out patient diagnostic x-ray laboratory 3000/5000/7000 Out patient benefit per policy year 5000 /7000 / 9000 benefit see above Out patient treatment benefit within 24 hours accidental emergency 5000 / 8000 / 10000 per injury Out patient treatment for kidney dialysis chemotheraphy radiotherapy benenefit per policy year Cashback benefit if no claims 2500 / 3500 / 10000 per year Death benefit 10.000 all classes . Over to you
  10. buffalo_bill

    The End of Pax Europa?

    Even the right wing Europeans regards Bannon as the fanatic idiot that he is and refrain from any cooperation. The same would happen if Trump would openly start to support them.
  11. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    Mr Cavanami, like the Brexiteers are dreaming of a reborn British Empire to arise from the ashes once the awful EU administration has been abandoned you obviously seem not to know what the Gold Standard was . It simply means the USA have to exchange gold for paper USD at any time in any quantity. Good luck. It would further be useful to remember that gold also has no value as such but like the paper USD it is only worth what people think it is . Mr Chocolat´s crash will come anyway as a tecnical reaction, nothing to do with America great or fucked. I fear for the latter under emperor Donald. I have read ( long ago ) hundreds of Donald Duck stories and I liked them. Now Donald has got something of a negative connotation and I am angry.
  12. buffalo_bill

    Usa Thread

    President Donald finally made it to the top of the world´s comedians by assuming the citizens of Finland spend most of their time raking their vast forests to prevent fire . Other than the Democrats in California . Nobody in Finland ever seems to have heard about this but it makes Finland great again maybe . When do the men in white come and take Trump where he belongs ? It is a tragedy what this guy does to the US but maybe it gets worse when Melania takes over now .
  13. buffalo_bill

    Brits dilema proving income?

    Hell yeah fuckin´right
  14. buffalo_bill

    Brits dilema proving income?

    Would I wish to repatriate 800.000 and feel uncertain about bank procedures I would cash the money, change it into a meaningful currency at Superrich and put it in my pocket. I think it is even legal up to 20.000 USD or so crossing the border. Except out of China I have been constantly repatriating money and nobody did ever take any interest.
  15. buffalo_bill


    This is a non-USA thread . Gentlemen, sitting by the riverfront over the last 2 years at many occasion I watched a monster of concrete grow towards heaven. Unit has now materialised as a much deserved new de Luxe shopping mall topped by a number of apartments targeting at people living on a budget although willing and possibly able to spend a million and much more ( Yankee-Dollah). the building replaced a couple of Thai river police boatyards, sportsground and a muslim community. Another nail in the coffin of the historical Bangkok which contributed to my decision to move my local temporary headquarters downtown. I wonder who might be willing to invest almost a daytrip for a Hermès handbag which is easily available at the Siam Paragon if it is urgent. And the Chinese won´t find the place. I suggest Mr Stick during his next ´unexpected´ trip to the Kingdom launches an investigative report and lets us know what the future looks like for the place.