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  1. I could have sworn that would be your escape from the Trump-question. There is not much to talk about Germany these days, Merkel has sky high acceptance percentage and people start asking if she not might be willing to continue her job for another 4 years. Her party CDU arrived at 40 % which is all the result, dear Sir, of a government that could explain his people that it is necessary to live with restrictions to protect yourself and fellow countrymen. The rest of Europe now looks at her to reorganize the whole continent if possible during Germany´s presidency . I do indeed not waste my time by commenting your doomsday sites about the Arabs taking over Germany. . There are problems with some of these people but the authorities finally woke up. I may politely ask again about your view on democratically elected President Trump´s handling of the Covit19 crisis. All fantastic or what? Please do not offer a link, use your own words and try to avoid terms like bullshit, Hillary, Obummer , FBI or Benghazi.
  2. That is what they all say but they are wrong. Cav please explain the bord why Donald handles the Corona-issue in a brilliant way.
  3. Brilliant President Donald Trump on Feb 28th: Congratulations and thank you to our great Vice President & all of the many professionals doing such a fine job at CDC & all other agencies on the Coronavirus situation. Only a very small number in U.S., & China numbers look to be going down. All countries working well together! Excellent, only 53.000 new infections yesterday. The world envies the United States because : “I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests: this is going to go away without a vaccine,” Trump said. “It’s gonna go away, and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time,” is what Donald said at a time 75000 citizens had died. Cavanami, how do you explain that this guy is not one of the greatest idiots on the surface of the earth right now? If you need further proof I could send you quotes that eat up the maximum available bandwidth of the board. I selected the more harmless ones to keep it simple for you.
  4. It is not only Trump who is unable to handle this crisis, it looks as if the US society lost the ability to agree on something. And if it is only wearing masks to protect each other.
  5. Mr Steve, in case anybody dies, they are fake deaths. Arranged by Hillary, Obama, Deep State, the FBI and The Rolling Stones.
  6. Mr. Cav, Donald is President because there are obviously many American people of similar intellectual level like yourself. No insult intended, just how it is. As resident in soon muslim-dominated Germany I may assure you that your previous link just proves my statement above.
  7. Mr Steve, good times for us Trump haters. Mr President now seems unable to control his dementia-influenced lunacy and some rats vaguely considering to jump ship. So called Republican politicians. I am sure the Donald fears not to be protected any more once he looses the election and would end up either in a madhouse or in Prison. Some people would elaborate on all the dirty secrets, Russia alone should grant him 5 times life incarceration. His dicksuckerteam lead by Barr and Grenell would swear they always hated Trump from the bottom of their heart and it was all a misunderstanding. Cav,do you agree to my prophecies ?
  8. I think many people coming if govermenn can do boom-boom visa. Galantee boom-boom 3 Million Tourist. Velly goos. Travel bubble I think.
  9. In case somebody missed that piece : "Trump told his crowd that “I have done a phenomenal job” with the pandemic, pointing to the number of COVID-19 tests administered in the U.S. to date. But he also complained that more testing had revealed more cases of the disease caused by coronavirus. “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’ They test and they test,” Trump said." Lock him up. Sign in to post a message.
  10. Watched the man talking, apart from spreading insane nonsense (virus-testing) I am sure he is exhausted. Should stay at home and fuck pornstars. If hab power.
  11. This is how a Banana-state works. I propose Trump to start a Rap-Band called " Chief Donald and his dicksuckers " .
  12. Cav you suffer from an Obama-Hillary-Deep State-Hydroxychloroquin-Obsession. This is all past history or a harmful medicine. Go take an oilmassage 1 hour 600 Bht and relax. I hope massage open again.
  13. If a farmer who produces natural gas by throwing shite into a tank never releases a part of internal pressure shall one day find the unit exploding. I am, as you guess already, talking about the Trump political system. Plus probably hundreds of cases of manslaughter by squeezing 20.000 followers into a building which stands in a virus infected state which is ruled by another brainless Trump follower.
  14. Bordmember flashermac on a visarun heading for Vientiane. Wearing a necktie to impress women. Vehicle due to lack of reverse gear shows front-handle and can be turned 180 degree heading back to Khrungthep.
  15. Assuming these 4 mentally retarded individuals keep on defending the drug I take the pleasure in letting you know that even the Post has got the message: https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1922692/hydroxychloroquine-shows-no-coronavirus-benefit-raises-death-risk-study
  16. “The most powerful tool we have to prevent the virus from spreading is social distancing and wearing a mask, but it interferes with the primary motivation for this administration right now, which is to be re-elected, and to be re-elected you have to pretend that we are not in a pandemic, you have to pretend that 120,000 people almost haven’t died, you have to pretend that 40 million people aren’t out of work,” Reiner said. “And the way you do that is by not wearing masks in public, but it has a direct negative consequence on the public health of this country. It’s disgraceful.” says a Dr. Reiner, previously taking care of Dick Cheyney and now professor somewhere. Him know.
  17. Yes, but there is BuBi the Warrior who counts for the missing 0,66 %. ( Belt-bag holding new Iphone 10 and 40 condoms)
  18. " The police tactic of zero tolerance, which has been used in the field for several years, actually works " nuff said.
  19. Gentlemen, from another brilliant analysis you could learn several weeks ago that I am of the opinion that the President Donald is basically exhausted. My observation has been confirmed by his surreal behaviour during an event at West Point Military Circus. He could not even drink a glass of water properly and later stumbled down a ramp that he explained was slippery. Similar behaviour can be observed on this side of the Atlantic Ocean at Chancellor Merkel who starts trembling like a trembling machine when listening to a piece of music in public. Greeting heads of state for example. Although the President might not be a lighthouse of hard work there is still the effect of permanent mental stress which comes with this job. In particular as he must realise his ship is taking water and about to capsize. I believe he would prefer winning the election to prove the world that he is the greatest person ever alive and afterwards step down presenting a piece of paper from his doctor which tells him to resign due to something. Thus causing convulsive laughter round the world looking at President Pence the holy man to succeed. Looking at a string of Presidential rallies in preparation I recommend him to yell at the crowd he helped to strengthen the greatest pandemic EVER and Obama did not even do a small one. Well, he did, but they caused far less casualties than mine, only 2 in North Dakota. Loser.
  20. It is the truth that you speak
  21. Gentlemen, I happened to travel countryside recently when I met Cavanami on what he wrongly thought was the expressway to NongKai.
  22. The Virus enjoying a politically independant status keeps on doing whatever it is able to. Which currently means that Texas shows daily 1700 new members in the club. Which would be 5100 in Germany which has 3 times more people. This were figures April in Germany and all in panic. Now it is 360 and stable. President Trump found out it has been reduced to "ashes". We wish him well. Trump is a blessing to all America-haters. Which I am not. One spreader in a Trump crowd yelling lock-her-up 50 times shall do a great job.
  23. Very unlikely these are German. Cav refuses to solve the mystery, why does he think they are German? Apart from this, German Police does show racist behaviour including killing coloured people.
  24. Where have you got this from? I have never seen this kind of police uniform.
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