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  1. Which would probably be the first useful activity since he is alive.
  2. Mekong before we two intellectual giants start polluting Cav´s playground with facts we should let it rest. I don´t care anyway. News of the day is that finally Trump has been disposed of.
  3. Sorry Mekong, I thought the numbers were wrong and therefore could only come from Cav. But still the Dutch GDP in 2013 was 876 billion and Shell sales were 327 Billion. No idea how they got the 84 % figure.
  4. But only according to the Cavanami Research Institute Shell 2018 sales total worldwide 388 Billion GDP Netherlands 914 Billion
  5. Today thanks God Trump finally fucks off, there are at least 5 non-American people very sad: Bolsonaro of Brazil Orban of Hungary The guy from Poland Xi Putin The first 3 because they love Donald the Vulgar The other two because nobody left to damage the US as he has done
  6. If you look at the UK you can launch as many parties as you like, the winner takes it all.
  7. Cav, Dr Corsi and leatherjacket-Jesus were an intellectual blessing in comparison to your newly aquired standards. How deep do you wish to fall?
  8. Cav, unfortunately it was your beloved President Donald who went out of the treaty which you might have overlooked. Quote yahoo: " When Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal, which was completed late last year, he predicted Putin was “going to come back and want to make a deal.” He did not. And Russia’s move signaled that the country did not intend to make it easy for the administration of Joe Biden to reverse Trump’s rejection of a series of arms control and military monitoring treaties."
  9. As per today 11:17 AM we have ceased trading with the UK. Which shall neither ruin the kingdom nor myself but there are many. A man from Surrey ordered parts for his car, value 56 €. For this we would have to print a VAT form and somehow prove that we have exported the goods. The man in Surrey then would have to fill another form and pay his VAT. Congratulation for having back control.
  10. Rats abandoning the sinking ship I expect Ivanca claiming " Trump is not my father " very soon. Quote Kushner " I did always hate him , really" . Says Raphael " Ted " Luz from Texas : " Awful person, I have always said no other I swear "
  11. That is the truth Sir . Although we don´t know if a Qanon fuckup would understand the offer .
  12. What it shows is that approximately 50 % of the American people obviously suffer from brain defects. I propose to split the USA along a line between Virginia and the middle of California, move the Trump sect South, all others North and build a wall. Good idea I think.
  13. Embedded war reporter BuBi finds the truth : The one with the flag is cavanami
  14. On daily basis the number of heroes is growing who all of a sudden find out their distance to President Donald. Twitter spread his bullshit over more than 6 years as did other "Social" platforms. Members of cabinet resigning on daily basis etc. Colin Powell can not be Republican any longer, did he live in the mountains without electricity for the last 4 years?
  15. Sir, what a non American from Europe tells you is that your far left is what in most of Europe is daily life like health insurance for everybody, support once you loose your job and payments to make some kind of living if all goes wrong. ( Simplified statement) And as long as the US are unable to bring back people into a life that makes them feel somehow safe there will be support for saviours like Trump. People like Sanders/Harris should do the trick, Cavanami collapsing now.
  16. Mr Cav, since you identified President Donad Trump as a traitor you seem to have dramatically improved on the sources that feed your view of the world. Here we find Deutsche Welle quoted, an ultra serious German news source and they are right. You only need to throw your passport away and get preliminary refugee status if you can spell the word Syria or Afghanistan. A Syrian man with huge criminal record did last week receive a 25th prologation of his refugee status because Syria is considered an unsafe country. My stomach starts turning upside down when I read this but on the other hand I do not find consolation by voting for our right wingers AFD because that price is too high to pay.
  17. Again, in the end, God always wins. — Jerome Corsi Excellent statement, although : Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. Gary Lineker
  18. That piece is indeed from 21. Nov 2016. Cav trying to catch up with his desk folders. As far as it concerns the payable tax as well as his status of presence in Germany it pops up from time to time but nobody really wishes to look deeper into things.
  19. No, Cav , your friends look like that or worse. The scum of the nation.
  20. More good news: the most honourable Lindsey Graham, appointed longterm Trump-arselicker, found strong words yesterday in commenting the MOST INAPPROPRIATE behaviour of the President of the United States and included Rudi Giuliani into his judgement to emphasize his newly established sense for morale and high standards in politics. I did further find already somebody quoting the galactical arsehole Ted Cruz finding out how bad Trump is but still try to look for something better. Rats jumping ship would probably be the proper expression but on the other hand an insult to the all fine real rats worldwide. What a pile of shite these guys are.
  21. Gentlemen, I am extremely delighted that President Trump ( restless fighter for the working class) now seems to feel deeeeeeeeeply sorry about the recent events and does not understand how something terrible could ever happen. I am further delighted that previous areselickers Pence and McConnel found out that they fully disagree with Trump on a lot od issues. Which I admittedly seem to have overlooked the last 4 years. I am now waiting for super-arselicker Ted Cruz to let the nation know how strongly he in reality opposed President Trump as sort of undercover opposer. Cav, please let us know the latest findings of Dr. Corsi and the leatherjacket Jesus. The international press does not tell us the truth as you know, they both do.
  22. Although : " Jake Angeli's Facebook page is filled with posts evoking the conspiracy theories of QAnon, whose adherents believe in a ludicrous theory that there is a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who have infiltrated the highest reaches of American government and are being opposed by President Trump. Some of Angeli's Facebook posts have a violent edge, such as a meme declaring "we shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us." One photo on Angeli's Facebook page depicts him adorned in the fur and horns, taking aim towards the camera with a rifle. In recent months, Angeli has been a regular presence at pro-Trump protests in Arizona, including demonstrations outside the Maricopa County vote-counting center. Other rioters photographed at the Capitol wore clothing with QAnon icons and held signs with slogans associated with the bizarre movement." Quote CNN
  23. This should be enough already for a 25 procedure based on mental disturbance. He really does believe that. Such as Cav I guess.
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