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  1. Cav´s figures are for " third quarter", maybe CS talks about total.
  2. Mr Sandwich, in case you have ever tried to pee against a thunderstorm blowing at 120 km/h speed you got an idea of the successrate to get anything reasonable out of or into a Trump-supporter. They would not accept a notarised document supported by a sworn declaration by the Pope that says Donald lied again. Mr Cav would suggest Dr. Corsi or the Black Patriot-idiot found out something else and anything else is fake news and a witchhunt. That is the problem. Which leads us to the frightening aspect that obviously about half of the US voters prefer to live in such world of phantasy. No good.
  3. Frightening prospects, got to be more careful then. Nonetheless I wish to draw the general attention on another subject which is vaginal spasm. Meaning the vagina contracts to a degree that the relevant gentleman is unable to withdraw from the battlefield. Which principally sounds not too bad but it needs medical treatment to loosen the relationship. No good.
  4. Watch Trump´s Milwaukee son-of-a-bitch show and you realise what level of primitivity his followership are living on. The case is hopeless, maybe after 2 years into his re-election he shouts tarr and feather all blacks and latinos and his admirers become crazy. About time for somebody to try a doctorate " Trump and Goebbels, ways of indoctrination "
  5. Formidable, only a bit weak with forecasts as it looks.
  6. buffalo_bill

    Water shortage

    Gentlemen, I just discovered that I deserve the Thai National Watersaver Medal in Gold. According to governmental announcments the Thai people are requested to shorten their water usage by 1 minute/session for example when cleaning teeth or body in general. I may therefore let the Thai people know that I regard myself as the leading watersavingforce as I have traditionally requested the lovely Pam to share the shower whenever possible with myself. Focus on using less resources to preserve the natural wealth of the intra urban klong waters. Just to let you know
  7. H.J. Ansari Zarif´s senior advisor should come up any minute now after 20 months with names ( Hillary, Barack, Bill, Schiff, Pelosi) because Europe mainly stopped trading long ago and did not put pressure on USA. Mr Flashermac, after surviving Vietnam you should show some gratitude to your Lord by NOT repeating any web based bullshit that sounds great. What does Dr.Corsi or the nervous black patriot think about it?
  8. Gentlemen, I am missing posts full of rage or despair of the sudden departure of Royal Highness Harry and the Duchess of ? ( York?) moving to Canda. After having been tortured by the UK yellow press for too long the same yellow press is now upset about a kiss-my-ass answer. I can´t blame the couple. Finally it is a racist thing isn´t it?
  9. Cs you seem to be obsessed by Melania as Cav by Hillary. I propose to trade one for the other and drop the matter.
  10. Coss, I found something . Neither did I know who Anderson Cooper is but he is kind of a CNN - anchorman . This is what has been said : “Soleimani is—it’s difficult to convey how revered he is in Iran. Imagine the French Foreign Legion, at the height of the French empire. This guy is regarded in Iran as a completely heroic figure, personally very brave,” Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host, said. “I was trying to think of somebody, and I was thinking of de Gaulle, although he became the leader of the country,” Cooper said. So, what some arsehole tried to read out of this is that Cooper was putting Soleimani into a role as national freedom hero which de Gaulle certainly has been but what he wanted to say was that people at home ( Iran ) REGARD him as something like de Gaulle. It needs a right wing low intellect to regard this as a statement of sympathy towards Soleimani.
  11. Funny enough though I never heard of a person called Rachel Maddow I googled her out of interest which gay person might go as far as defending a swine like Soleimani but did not find anything. Would respected ex Vietnam warrior Flash probably be able to come up with anything more exploitable?
  12. "The Middle East was unstable. We are creating a place and an opportunity for that stability," Pompeo said. " Excellent statement, nothing but stability whereever you look in the Middle East. I believe him dink witky too mut
  13. A bunch of crooks alltogether but other than with God-sent Donald I could see some rationality in numbers 2 til 5.
  14. Now that this Iranian guy Suleimani(?) has been killed, which he more than deserved principally, it would be interesting to see what the Iranians do. Their leader swore hard response and in case they directly attack US property Donald has the war that he does not want. Would they attack US allies again and Donald again does not do anything it means total loss of credibility. He kicked himself in the ass I believe. I don´t think he has any idea about the political mecanics in the Middle East except that he loves Netanjahu. Another BuBi-analysis full of wisdom .
  15. New developments : Trump found out he has been sent by God : “Evangelicals, Christians of every denomination and believers of every faith have never had a greater champion, not even close, in the White House than you have right now. I think you know that.” Trump declared. Comment BuBi: in the majority of all countries worldwide except North Corea and the Vatikan a head of state saying this this would have lead into a national laughter like none before. But unfortunately in USA many people seem to think Donald speaks words of truth. Catastrophy.
  16. In case her dick has been cut off, what makes the scars on the upper legs?
  17. I promise to put it aside but what is a TDS ?
  18. Mr Steve, the simple truth behind President Donalds success is that he speaks the primitive language that seems to embrace half of the US voters. Who would have imagined a couple of years ago that a US President would call his opponents scum and would permanently distribute vulgarities via twitter. And, as you say, the really amazing thing is that his Republicans have fallen into kind of slavery adoring the master. I wonder where this will end.
  19. Dear Sir, Germany so far made about 3 billion € net profit on the Greece-desaster due to paid interest by the Greeks and low refinance cost due to AAA - grade. To explain how much in total has been paid into various Greek accounts takes an hour or more plus another hour how much has been paid back already and by whom and where. Biggest share paid into Greece comes from the European " Rescue-umbrella " where Germany acts as a 29 % warrantor. Most of what you read about the Greek-package shows FOX-news quality.
  20. I know I am not allowed to comment any of Nasiadai´s thoughts but as we are facing utter nonsense I may take the liberty to disrespect the rules for a minute. I do not know what N considers leading German newspapers being terribly green-left. Including tabloid BILD we are looking at 3 others Süddeutsche, Welt and Frankfurter. 3 of all are straight forward conservative US-friendly papers. Süddeutsche is kind of liberal (in the European meaning) and far from green-left. None of these did support Donald and would have been happy about anybody else winning the trophy including Hillary, that is certainly true. Like any other human being with some brains left. I read Süddeutsche and Frankfurter on regular basis, which is what I would recommend N to gain a wider picture of the world than his beloved ( right-wing) AFD-party would ever be able to offer. ( N outet himself as AFD-supporter earlier). None of the numerous TV and Radio-stations available here are "terribly" green-left-wing as N thinks. Who would that be ? One of the 2 public state-owned TV-systems ARD does probably tend to the left but the other ZDF speaks for the opposite. As we can see again, the Trump universe is unable to deal with free press unless it sucks the master´s dick like FOX and dares to question his moves.
  21. With pleasure I note that a leading Evangelist-magazine now calls for removing the great president Donald . Although I consider these guys principally being major nutcases I am delighted first cracks seem to be weakening the fortress . There is hope .
  22. I have read the 6 pages rant that President Donald sent to Pelosi. I am pleased to note that he really seems to be mentally hurt by the impeachment as it now appears to be sure that his dream to be remembered as the greatest US President ever shall not work any more. The man is unable to use his right to defend himself in a clean way but keeps on vomiting his usual rubbish with no end.
  23. The democrats spent a lot of time and energies on the impeachment-thing which most of donald´s supportes would neither understand nor offer any interest that might create an uproar. Taking Mr Cavanami´s permanently quoted clips it should be clear in what sort of disturbed world these people live in. Therefore, I note with great pleasure that Khun Bloomberg these days chose to show what sort of liar and illusionist President Donald in reality is. He published the monetary support that he received from the NRA ( 30 million) and against his false claim to have made America safer gunwise there are 21 students shot at every day and about 290 cases of major gunrelated attacks on schools since he became president. I would recommend to rip him apart by selecting one Trump - lie/false claim per day and hammer the truth into the public as if there came no tomorrow. In other words the Trump system to handle his own lies.
  24. The unefficiency of most facemasks could be classified within the same group as the BTS security officers or the ones who protect the Bangkok malls from being blown up. Entering for example Terminal 21 the other week I just walked round the scanner due to a queue and nobody stopped me.
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