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  1. This bridge perfectly fits into the Chinaman´s idea to find easy access to the Indian Ocean avoiding lengthy travel by sea. They do not mind packing further financial burdon on already overdepted units. It strengthens their influence and has been successful all over Africa for some time. As I have never built a bridge I am not sure about the size of the investment but it should not create major headaches in Beijing looking at the advantages.
  2. I am seriously upset, this is not true!! Can´t remember what it was but I did definitely agree to something that you posted. I swear.
  3. Sir, I hope that one day in the distant future you might be able to develop a sense for irony , how to spend life in good mood and probably read a post twice before you decide it´s all shit. The way you seem to handle life will bring you nothing but gastric ulcer. Maybe you join a Thai-dance club to relax.
  4. This evaluation, dear Sir, I do not support. Not at all. Could say more but don´t. I have been following a German travel forum where many people with family or friends in Thailand discuss all aspects of getting into the country. One idea is to strenghthen tourism for obvious reasons and on the other hand falangs as usual are the ambassadors of anything that is evil. Pay for the holidays but stay home would be the ideal solution. Since I decided not to travel I feel somewhat relaxed, ticket prices for example April are on the way down already. We have to wait and see.
  5. Gentlemen , with greatest pain possible I have today cancelled my forthcoming trip for the following reasons: Etihad let me know I had to wait 5 hours in Abu Dhabi from 03:00 in the morning for my connecting flight to Frankfurt. Oh no. Second, the Thai people will incarcerate into quarantine any living subject that arrives in Siam and seems to be Covid positive . Which includes the possibility having been seated next to an infected person on the plane and though not positive still being a risk and facing same consequences. Pam´s heart broken already but there are limits.
  6. What is the opinion of our esteemed Australian members looking at the behaviour of famous tennisplayer Djocovic? Would the case happen in Germany I would strongly advise to send this idiot home as soon as possible. His father thinks he is Jesus. Or better,
  7. As always, I was right. And as we are at it: if you walk right through, God forbid, Soi 4, isn´t there after a while a Thai tobacco factory area on your left? I remember hundreds of streetfood carts parked along that road. I might be wrong.
  8. Khun Stick, if you please would refrain from questioning nonsense that Mr Mekong publishes. He would not give up til finding a Bangkok streetmap from 1834 to prove his point. No idea about this park myself of course. Good to see you are still alive, I bet you are as keen hitting the roads in Khrungthep as I am. All the best.
  9. Ok, my apologies, but here comes the truth, I swear!!
  10. I can prove everything: here you see how they install the final 200 meters of the gas supply to my house, I am the one with yellow jacket on the left : You claim I do not own a generator, so what do you think is that : For system failures I keep one in reserve:
  11. As you seem to have no idea about this way of producing gas : it comes from what is left from producing food . Food that grows on a field. Over to you : what comes next ?
  12. Coss , as I am sitting here and thinking : Happy New Year I guess . Why no sleeping ?
  13. Gentlemen , lucky we are boom-booming the occasional lass somewhere from somewhere following her repeated offers . Nobody cares , neither mademoiselle . We should consider ourselves Non-Royal Highnesses .
  14. As it happens just today 3 more powerplants shut down for ever, 3 left afterwards til 2022. Political decision from 2011 after the Fukushima desaster, people do not want them any more. Main reason being no solution for nuclear wastage and tecnical risk. There are powerplants 1 hour from here in Belgium which would have shut down here years ago due to unreliability, so nobody can escape really from this tecnology. End of coal powerplants 2038.
  15. Gentlemen, I would not have placed a major sum on a bet that Cavanami can read at all but I was wrong. After I am through with my favorite writers like Wilbur Smith et al I did not really have a clue where to look. Reading great books ( paper only ) is of utmost importance for me so I was heading for a crisis til I found Cavanami promoting a guy named John Grisham. What a fantastic writer. Currently buzy with A Time for Mercy, can´t wait to collapse on my sofa tonight and read what happens next. Always the English version, translation destroys the works.
  16. Gentlemen, read this and laugh your ass off : https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2236675/rt-pcr-tests-on-errant-israeli-negative-but-further-tests-underway
  17. Tecnically speaking Indians are certainly Asians, but speaking about "Asians" people think of yellow coloured individuals with slit eyes. And flat arse in my case talking about Chinese women. No like.
  18. Hitting Dollhouse 33 ( Holy Lord ) this comes up : We should sue them.
  19. Maybe 10 years ago gay people started outing themselves and now have become a normal part of daily life, almost nobody takes notice any more. But then it did not stop, because the "diverse" people have taken over. I am planning to establish another sub-division called the three-eared people, two visible and another one inside. Still thinking about a marketing plan.
  20. A German Sunday paper recently granted a person space for a full article to explain that he/she/it felt like 60 % female and 40 % male. Person has been dead serious about it. Person now expects the world to take this serious and adjust to his/her/its demands. Should person come across BuBi the normally peaceful, person would receive a kick in the arse. I cannot hear this shit any more. An illegal immigrant from Marocco dealing drugs fled from a policeman and both policeman and Maroccoman fell into a garbage container, man from Marocco got hurt and now spends time in intense care due to coma. Policeman now accused for having hurt Maroccoman. I shall start vomiting one day and never stop again.
  21. Holy Lord, more than double what you pay here. Where did you go?
  22. Overwhelmed by endless sadness the board is mourning the exitus of holy brother Marcus Lamb " His love is so perfect and so complete that it leaves no room for fear. Lord, perfect me in Your love so that fear has no place in my life! " said brother Marcus whose idea has been that nobody needs vaccination because the Lord is there. He now died from the virus, the Lord probably absent for lunch. To understand the true holyness of brother Marcus, may I present what I found on wikipedia trying to find out who Marcus is/was. : Lamb's Daystar TV applied for and was granted a loan under the 2020 United States government Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help pay employees' salaries during restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic; it received $3.9 million.[9] Soon after receiving the funds, the church purchased a 1997 14-seat Gulfstream V aircraft[10][11] worth $8–10 million.[12] In December 2020 Daystar TV paid back the loan with interest after the television show Inside Edition investigated the purchase of the aircraft, which had been used for Lamb family vacations.[12 May he rest in peace.
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