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  1. Gentlemen, my only exclusive connection to the IT-world is a communication-machine called Siemens S55, look in google what that is. My life is without worries I swear.
  2. It did even make the news in Germany these days that the All Blacks lost against France. Like Baseball and other Anglo-Saxon ways of entertainment not many people here understand what this is all about, neither do I. Occasionally all players pile up on each other for unknown reasons, but then running somewhere obviously undamaged. Though some are. Jerry from the Bangkok oversize-condom-company might know why but I believe it is baseball he likes to talk about. He is now in Soi 22 down in a subsoi. His T-shirts wre good quality, 400 Bht each. I could keep on talking but it would be all meaningless. Where, by the way, is Cavanami? I started reading John Grisham all over again, Cav recommended him here. Sycamore Row, what a masterpiece. Leave the building now, good night.
  3. Gentlemen, excellent thread. I have been following police photos over many years where I found men in brown pointing at dead subjects or heavily damaged units of all kind. In Coss´ list there are two policemen ( in blue ) pointing at a damaged motorcar which is positioned on top of a wall. Very useful move because otherwise nobody would ever know why they came there. In my hotel they provide a basket with about 200 boiled eggs and in front of the installation you find a big signpost saying " Eggs" . Just in case somebody thinks they are grenades or something. I like all this very much.
  4. The Thai 360 forum welcomes His Excellency President Kim Yong Un from North Corea with greatest pleasure in Russia meeting his close ally and dearest friend President Wladimir Wladimirovich Putin. Two of the currently greatest bastards on the surface of the earth are obviously joining forces. Wladimir sticks in a dead end road with his fine army running out of grenades and probably Vodka and President Kim urgently needs electronic supplies for his nuclear submarines. We wish them well.
  5. Leading members of the great Proud Boys who were calling all " real men " to arms when attacking the capitol, were found sitting in tears in front of the judge begging for mercy because it was all Trump and other traitors who made them take part in the riot. 17 years in jail but Donald would visit them weekly I am sure.
  6. So we know now that Donald prevented a nuclear war that otherwise would rip the world into pieces right at this moment. Two versions looking at the possibility that millions of sick people would elect him again: Either he says that for reasons nobody understands Or he really believes it If I would belong to his defense team I would bring up mental insanity to prevent him from being jailed. There are so many points supporting that strategy.
  7. The frightening aspect is that only one of 12 jurors is enough to let the whole thing implode. How are they going to find 12 people plus backups who are neither Democrats nor Republicans?
  8. President Donald might theoretically face time at Fulton County Jail, which : " US Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke pointed to the death last year of LaShawn Thompson, whose family has blamed unsanitary conditions, including a bed bug and lice infestation, as contributing to his death." might lead to sudden death bitten by a bed bug. Which, if you ask me, would be more than appropriate for the greatest Statesman of all times. I do not like popcorn like Mr. Coss , but I am building up stock of Costa Rica cigars. This will be entertaining. Holy Lord what a mess.
  9. Old Hippie I am still speachless realising that a dinosaur like yourself suddenly surfaces from somewhere. Like as if Abraham Lincoln would unexpectedly participate in the primaries. I remember you declared airbus product as inferior in comparison to Boeing. Please admit that you have sinned.
  10. What does that mean? We need Cav to explain that Donald is innocent and background news from Leatherjacket. This will become very interesting, I understand the Grand Jury is quite independent and if they agree to an indictment there should be something in the pipeline.
  11. Mekong, before you now start to think about ways to question my expertise in US Law: after recommendation of mysteriously disappeared bordbrother Cavanami I have read about 40 books written by John Grisham and consequently became an internationally respected expert in US law. Georgia versus Donald might even be live on TV , Holy Lord. A coloured female attorney ripping Donald live into pieces, what could be better entertainment.
  12. The nice thing about this taking place in Georgia is that he could not pardon himself because it is not a federal indictment.
  13. Mekong , you accused me repeatedly of distributing disturbing stories which nobody could understand . Look here at my latest hunting expedition supported by original photography . I did in fact not shoot or murder the animal otherwise but simply made it fall asleep . The cord in my left hand I use to wake it up on arrival . Please note .
  14. I have been watching these clips a thousand times already. I almost burst with laughter when the guys are panicking away after ignition. What part of Siam do they do that?
  15. Gentlemen, I spent last days in pure horror. Again I may quote Mr. Wildalaska who an estimated 50 years ago after a service-announcement from Khunsanuk said : " Yes, we could do something else when the board is down but the question is : What? " No further comment necessary.
  16. Gentlemen, what does it matter whom she was married to and how long. What shall remain for ever is one of the great songs in music history.
  17. Mr Shibuya, I am deeply touched by your words. The truth is, the FULL truth I may add , is that I strongly dislike the GoGo-Bar-Barfine procedure. Further I have never been to Pattaya, I swear. I very much prefer building a relationship with a lady from for example the former Beergarden because I am a believer in true love and mutual affection which is then supposed to leading into, well, something positive. A woman from Soi 7/1 many many years ago explained to me that her whole family was about to die from starvation because due to heavy rainfall the rice would not grow and they were in desperate need of a waterpump to pump the water elsewhwere, maybe their neighbours. Mr. Shibuya, the truth again is that I gave her in the region of xxx USD for her waterpump which you now think makes me an idiot but you are wrong. Madame did also think so I am sure but I was rewarded most graciously over a couple of days I remember. Maybe Madame hoping for another pump. On the plane back home I almost developed a heart attack with laughter thinking about us both cheating each other. Do you understand what I mean? Asking a gogodancer for boomboom without condom, what an idiot.
  18. I assume the bar which received the barfine did not fully know what both people were planning afterwards, probably visit crocodile farm or floating market. Punter therefore was wrong to ask bar for refund. Woman privately entered contract targeting on boom boom without condom and later cancelled this part of contract. Very bad, will further hurt tourism.
  19. Without at least 6 policemen simultaneously pointing at something I do not believe any crimereport.
  20. Coss I did always wonder what you look like, I´d say a big improvement from what I imagined. I wish I was 90,25 percent from whatever. The Deep Klong Anglers Club, as time goes by......
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