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  1. Watching the Dem candidates struggling to win the race it is sadness that befalls me. Instead of attacking President Donald they waste their time.
  2. " Bernie Sanders, the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, was asked over the weekend how much his various plans would cost if implemented. He didn't know. " Copied from CNN . Bernie should have passed a crash course in Europe at a leftist academy, where he would have learned that " any " cost would be refinanced by increasing taxes for the rich and therefore accurate figures are meaningless. Holy Lord, the political future for the US starts to look worse than for Germany .
  3. Probably got it wrong. What not some but many people might have said that he is the biggest idiot they ever had in India.
  4. With big surprise I note Bernie´s attraction to many US voters. The man to me looks very un-american. But never mind, I would support Jack the Ripper if only President Primitive would disappear. With what Bernie promotes as his political targets he would be kind of social-democrat in Europe. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Mr Cav , again: I am not interested in the crimes the pardoned people might have done and I do further realise that any president before might have pardoned probably millions of inmates. What I saying is that the act of pardoning must not be done in exchange for a previous favour. Whether it was Bill or Donald. What it again shows is that the whole system having a President seems to lead into desaster if you look at Washington , Istanbul or Moscow. Crooks they have become due to lack of parliamentary ability to draw a line somewhere. Imagining that Trump would continue in office for another 4 years looks like a real danger for the US democratic system.
  6. Mr Cav , point was that Trump selects pardonable people after what they or related people might have done for him.
  7. Has anybody within the esteemed community ever heard of an arsehole by the name of Richard Grenell ?? Most hated US-ambassador in Germany ever and member of the group of dedicated Trump slaves. Now appointed by the Donald as secret services coordinator. No job-experience whatsoever of course but probably usable looking at the forthcoming election. Putin might want to repeat his support for Donald , you know what I mean.
  8. Yessir, but have there been any candidates where an obvious connection to a direct favour in whichever respect could be seen? Did Obama grant pardon for murderous military staff?
  9. I propose that President Donald issues a pricelist depending on time left to serve.
  10. The US under this so called President is on the way to become a Banana-state. I do not wish to insult banana-producing states but that is what is happening. Recently about 2000 (ex)-employees of the Barr administration claimed the house is going down the drain. Where on earth did anything like that ever happen?
  11. Does anybody of the esteemed gentlemen remember Howlin´ Wolf ? Which is why I love the US , nowhere else would he have been singing. But maybe it´s only because I had another bottle tonight. Don´t worry. I know I am right.
  12. Mr Sandwich I am now full of red wine and got to sleep, awfully sorry. I promise to come back on your comment by tomorrow. Point is: people desire to be lead by persons who appear to be strong. Cavanami for example thinks Trump is a great leader while he is virtually a piece of crap ( Trump). But he believes in him. 09:21 PM German time , got to sleep now. Tired and dizzy.
  13. I am going to build the BuBi library. To cover a larger number of donators from the Evangelists end I shall call it BuBi´s Christian Bookstore . Via satellite TV I occasionally watch US based stations where a well dressed idiot talks to a crowd of mentally displaced believers about God. And at the very end requests a donation for a Lear Jet. Ti fly to heaven I think.
  14. Mr Steve are you aware of fake press Washington Post´s findings that the beloved President let his properties charge ridiculous money for Secret Service people staying while accompanying him on his visits to aforementioned properties? Do you think any future president could fall deeper than the Donald? I don´t think so . The US should be prepared to vote for maybe Mike Tyson or Billy the Kid . Or Hillary .
  15. Gentlemen, looking at Bernie I doubt that enough people would vote for somebody looking like an old buffer who dreams of the United Socialist States of America or heaven knows what. Biden looks a bit worn out to my opinion and this man Butti???? would never make it anyway I guess. But now there is Bloomberg who called Trump a man who even lies about the spray that makes his face yellow. Great, this is exactly what the Donald needs. He might shoot everything dead by his money but which is far better than making vulgarity a program like the Donald. They are attacking him for his probably racist activities when he was ruling NY but that exactly might also get him votes elsewhere. I put my money on him. In the meantime : are there any confirmed news about Virginia´s coal industry booming due to President Trumps endless efforts in favour of the working classes? Did the agricultural sector recover from the consequences of Donald´s trade dispute? I read a very interesting interview with the boss of former Massey Ferguson; due to import tariffs on his China-built machinery they had to move the production out of China into , yes , Brazil. Congratulation . Many of their domestic US customers disappeared as buyers because they are bankrupt. US public debts now at 22 trillion, great.
  16. I support the proposal, nobody here does ever read this junk I guess.
  17. Mister, I am neither. But to know that this guy is sick in his head needs no doctor. It would actually be more interesting to receive an analysis why millions of members of the US Trump-Cult support an obviously disturbed subject like him. Why do previously reasonable members of the senate throw themseves on the floor in front of him and start licking his feet? Why can such an cowardly bastard insult a person like McCain and survive this unbelievable insult? I think the problem is less Trump but a large part of the American society. I propose to split the US between an East plus West Cost USRA ( United States of Reasonable Americans ) and USOA ( United States of Other Americans). Maybe the USRA should build a wall along their borders.
  18. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/06/politics/donald-trump-impeachment-victory-lap/index.html Any Bronx crack-addicted mother would have told her son not to use the language that this vulgar moron used talking to his Republican slaves. How is this possible, he is the President of the United States ??
  19. Sir, rubber gloves are the solution . This disease is a smear-transfer type.
  20. Mr Cav , Western values include the freedom to adore any moron that comes along . The price that has to be paid comes later when the show is over .
  21. Does anybody have a tel number of the Chinese government ? Ring them and say Virologist-in-chief Donald has the solution because in USA " We shut it down" . Any further comment is superfluous.
  22. “The president is lying,” Bloomberg’s statement said. “He a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.” Which is how Bloomberg was talking about Trump the other day and which is the way to go . Primitive of course but that is what seems to impress US voters as it looks . Bloomberg responding to Trumps remarks about Bloomberg needing a box to stand on when talking to people .
  23. What a blessing, I hope it stays like that. Whenever we are in the area the most lovely Pam from Lao enters the shrine for intimate prayers, most likely asking Buddha to keep the BuBi-man alive til the new house is ready. Lately the place appeared to be flooded by Chinamen. Ananta Warisnaratorn should keep on selling overpriced flowers to her countrymen as she has certainly done before.
  24. I promise to do my very best looking at that particular task. Results so far excellent at both ends although you might expand the task on the maidens of Laos. On temporary basis. Although I may categorically exclude the idea of ever living in Siam, I would soon miss the advantages of the second best country in the whole wide world.
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