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  1. Since the printed Nation is not there any more I changed to the Post after waking up when in BKK. While the Nation did have some substance here and there, the Post is hardly worth the paper many times. On the other hand there is the Thai Rath. Excellent photos of people who got between a bus and a locomotive. I like the photos of men in brown pointing at a drug dealer or dead people.

  2. I read 9 papers a week. It is a difference to read an article over 25 minutes and get involved into something or briefly look at the headlines on a website. Although the latter win the battle talking about tits.

    I used to get up 4 in the morning to watch a race in Australia. Nowadays they race in Bahrein or whereever the money comes from. It finally died after Schumacher left with Ferrari.

  3. 17 hours ago, Mekong said:

    Sir Frank Williams, founder and former team principal of the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, has died aged 79.


    Which reminds of the time when Formula One or car-racing in general has been fun to watch. Today some young robots are talking all the same marketing crap driving cars which are more close to spaceships than automobiles. I remember an interview with James Hunt sitting at a swimming pool smoking a ciggy and holding a glass in the other hand, admired by a young blonde. Which would today result in an uproar and  immediate dismissal.



  4. 6 hours ago, cavanami said:

    OK, managed to get a flight to the USA to see the family. Now I am looking at the hoops that I must jump thru...

    I take it I can get a covid test at the BKK airport before I depart as it is required to enter the USA?

    I have my covid passport from the hospital here in Thailand, so I hope they will accept that as proof of vaccination?

    Any other surprises?

    Dear Sir,

    I am buzy on a German travel forum where this kind of questions has already been discussed ad nauseam. Instead of asking around and later receiving a kick in the ass from the airline on checkin I recommend to contact the embassy or an official website. Rules are changing any day. Last week they sent almost 40 people away from one plane  in Helsinki bound for BKK, paperwok wrong.



  5. I support the idea that anybody not wearing a mask should be fined, as much as I support the idea to have anybody pay for his hospital bill if infected and not vaccinated. Assuming anybody can get a vaccination if he wants.

    I do not support the idea that a possible outbreak should be related to some foreigners between millions of Thais.

    " The government’s pandemic response center said the country is at the risk of another coronavirus outbreak because some foreign visitors are failing to follow disease control measures, like wearing facemasks in public."


  6. Here comes the latest from Donald the yellow duck, he had a visitor at Mar a Lago: young Rittenhouse.

    "He came over with his mother. Really a nice young man. ... That was prosecutorial misconduct. He should have not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead," the former President said.


    Should have been given a slap on the backside, the Freedom Medal and probably the Nobel Prize for peace. Plus a voucher for the next arms sale.





  7. I see. " Visitors " repeatedly tested before being able to pollute the streets of Bangkok are responsible for  " another virus outbreak because some foreign visitors are failing to follow disease control measures, like wearing facemasks in public. "

    Would these " some visitors " wear masks, there would be no outbreak. Which is because there are far more "some visitors" in public than Thais .


  8. Gentlemen,

    in preparation my forthcoming next quality trip to the kingdom I am now desperately trying to rebuild my previous infrastructure. It appears to have been a big mistake not to have stored the phone numbers of various members of the BuBi-approved  service providers. But who would have thought 2 years ago what was written on the wall a few weeks later.

    Anyway, my favorite restaurant Via Vai previously located Soi 8 moved to On Nut Soi 17 they say. Utter bullshit as it looks because Soi 17 is elsewhere. I find a road On Nut but that is Soi 77.  Does the Soi-system start from No. 1 again somewhere? What would you estimate is the traveltime from Nana to On Nut by BTS?

  9. I assume young Rittenhouse might now become a hero of the right wing militia, who would not understand what this verdict is all about and take it as an encouragement to defend the eternal values of (white) America.

    As it is Sunday today I took the time to read various pieces about this case and the result is that the jury has done what had to be done . Even Steve should agree in the end .

  10. Is there any evidence that the jury has been put together in an unlawful way, deliberate advantage for Rittenhouse?  Just a question, I don´t even know how they find their juries.

    In case nothing went wrong the verdict has to be accepted and end of story.

    What I find most disturbing is that a half grown 17 year old boy of obviously limited intellect can legally carry a semi automatic gun through the roads and the State of Wisconsin thinks that is his right as a citizen. I am glad I m not living there .

  11. Whether  the arguments for not becoming vaccinated sound reasonable or not: at the end of the day unvaccinated people can catch the virus with potentially serious consequences and find themselves in intense care. In Salzburg/Austria they prepare triage, meaning to decide if somebody will have to die. Which is why intensce care is full of non-vaccinated people. All vaccines *** together have done a great job over the last 18 months and I am asking myself what the hell are these people waiting for?

    *** To avoid mekong getting a heart attack I exclude sino-something, but for tactical reason only.

  12. Sir, the aforementioned gardener did in fact support exactly your point. He does not trust the mRNA and preferred to wait for some old style vaccine which they seem to have developed in the USA in the meantime.

    I wonder what makes you think that mRNA vaccines do not show a good track record. There are people who suffer from whatever as a result but in the end the risk of being hit by something serious after an infection is far far higher than an mRNA treatment. What would have happened if all people on earth would have rejected mRNA waiting for something to come one day. We would have millions of deaths already.

    I further wonder wherefrom you might get the idea that a "traditional" vaccine shows less risk or how efficient it is and how long; so far nobody has any long term evidence and you hear about new findings every month also with mRNA.

    I did not know about your government pushing people towards a certain vaccine. Which would indeed be unethical if the alternative would be considered safe and efficient.

    You are welcome to make use of what protects you from potentially dangerous consequences or keep on taking the risk. No difference to me.


  13. Dear Sir,

    the people mainly causing dramatically increasing numbers of infections here are the same braindead idiots as you find them for example in the USA, widely identical with Trump supporters as it looks. Thanks God there are now serious restrictions in preparation which will make them think twice if they keep on rejecting vaccination. The man who does the BuBi-garden occasionally got his first shot this week because they will stop paying him if he has to enter a 14 days quarantine due to not being vaccinated. The best are the Singporeans threatening non-vaccinated citizens with the hospital bill if they catch the virus. Brilliant idea.

    I agree with the Nostritz-guy regarding the Belarus problems, no further comment necessary.

    Cav, this article is absolutely reasonable and makes sense, how come you post it?

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  14. 8 hours ago, Mekong said:

    I wonder if Bubi is still gonna argue with me when I say that Sinovac is useless?


    He does. What makes things difficult is that you refuse to accept that " not as efficient " is something else than " unefficient". The Swiss border forces did not send him home because he was full of Sinovac but because he did not match what they think is an efficient combination of various  vaccines.


    Mr Mekong, again BuBi´s powerful arguments shoot everything in pieces but as a principally peaceful subject I graciously offer you a way out by admitting that Sino-something is useless to gain entry into Switzerland. He should try Somalia.

  15. Apart from this being a bit funny the real truth is that after about 5 months you better get a third shot at least in case of Biontec, the others I don´t know. The positive effect is dramatic which is why brother Bubi will have it on the 25th of this very month. I did further postpone my next Siam-expedition towards end of January because I am not sure what the wise Thai authorities will do next to save their people from poisoned falangs. 14 days enforced quarantine in a * - star hotel down at Sukhumvit Soi 540 does not sound extremely attractive.

  16. Today Wilbur Smith, famous South African writer passed away. I owe this fellow numerous fascinating hours reading ALL his books, most of them repeatedly. Currently as it happens buzy with ASSEGAI again. Although his death is finally not a big loss because he decided to continue his business using co-writers probably just giving his name away. These works were all plain rubbish and thrown away by BuBi after a maximum of 20 pages reading. Bangkok based Stephen Leather is on the same wrong path as it looks and turns out to be unreadable. MOVING TARGETS, what a piece of shit.

    Khun Wilbur dedicated most of his books to his wife, praising her over the moon until he seemed to have found another one. Totally bagged 4 as it looks.

    May he rest in peace, I wish I found another one like him.


  17. A man on another forum said today that last week about 14.000 subjects arrived at BKK airport, other than 70.000 / day in the past. Which would then mean 14.000 against 490.000. No idea how many just transiting of the latter, but numbers so far are rather low. On the other hand, who can jump on a plane after just a few days final notice. Time will tell how it goes.

  18. Many knowledgeable people discuss these problems right now and in the end it works. Some received their QR-code within hours or a day. I cannot comment any further because I do hardly know what a QR-code is. People like myself would be totally lost as things are at this moment. I am more familiar with the ability to drink beer in the evening which they seem to have allowed by now.

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