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  1. "The Middle East was unstable. We are creating a place and an opportunity for that stability," Pompeo said. " Excellent statement, nothing but stability whereever you look in the Middle East. I believe him dink witky too mut
  2. A bunch of crooks alltogether but other than with God-sent Donald I could see some rationality in numbers 2 til 5.
  3. Now that this Iranian guy Suleimani(?) has been killed, which he more than deserved principally, it would be interesting to see what the Iranians do. Their leader swore hard response and in case they directly attack US property Donald has the war that he does not want. Would they attack US allies again and Donald again does not do anything it means total loss of credibility. He kicked himself in the ass I believe. I don´t think he has any idea about the political mecanics in the Middle East except that he loves Netanjahu. Another BuBi-analysis full of wisdom .
  4. New developments : Trump found out he has been sent by God : “Evangelicals, Christians of every denomination and believers of every faith have never had a greater champion, not even close, in the White House than you have right now. I think you know that.” Trump declared. Comment BuBi: in the majority of all countries worldwide except North Corea and the Vatikan a head of state saying this this would have lead into a national laughter like none before. But unfortunately in USA many people seem to think Donald speaks words of truth. Catastrophy.
  5. In case her dick has been cut off, what makes the scars on the upper legs?
  6. I promise to put it aside but what is a TDS ?
  7. Mr Steve, the simple truth behind President Donalds success is that he speaks the primitive language that seems to embrace half of the US voters. Who would have imagined a couple of years ago that a US President would call his opponents scum and would permanently distribute vulgarities via twitter. And, as you say, the really amazing thing is that his Republicans have fallen into kind of slavery adoring the master. I wonder where this will end.
  8. Dear Sir, Germany so far made about 3 billion € net profit on the Greece-desaster due to paid interest by the Greeks and low refinance cost due to AAA - grade. To explain how much in total has been paid into various Greek accounts takes an hour or more plus another hour how much has been paid back already and by whom and where. Biggest share paid into Greece comes from the European " Rescue-umbrella " where Germany acts as a 29 % warrantor. Most of what you read about the Greek-package shows FOX-news quality.
  9. I know I am not allowed to comment any of Nasiadai´s thoughts but as we are facing utter nonsense I may take the liberty to disrespect the rules for a minute. I do not know what N considers leading German newspapers being terribly green-left. Including tabloid BILD we are looking at 3 others Süddeutsche, Welt and Frankfurter. 3 of all are straight forward conservative US-friendly papers. Süddeutsche is kind of liberal (in the European meaning) and far from green-left. None of these did support Donald and would have been happy about anybody else winning the trophy including Hillary, that is certainly true. Like any other human being with some brains left. I read Süddeutsche and Frankfurter on regular basis, which is what I would recommend N to gain a wider picture of the world than his beloved ( right-wing) AFD-party would ever be able to offer. ( N outet himself as AFD-supporter earlier). None of the numerous TV and Radio-stations available here are "terribly" green-left-wing as N thinks. Who would that be ? One of the 2 public state-owned TV-systems ARD does probably tend to the left but the other ZDF speaks for the opposite. As we can see again, the Trump universe is unable to deal with free press unless it sucks the master´s dick like FOX and dares to question his moves.
  10. With pleasure I note that a leading Evangelist-magazine now calls for removing the great president Donald . Although I consider these guys principally being major nutcases I am delighted first cracks seem to be weakening the fortress . There is hope .
  11. I have read the 6 pages rant that President Donald sent to Pelosi. I am pleased to note that he really seems to be mentally hurt by the impeachment as it now appears to be sure that his dream to be remembered as the greatest US President ever shall not work any more. The man is unable to use his right to defend himself in a clean way but keeps on vomiting his usual rubbish with no end.
  12. The democrats spent a lot of time and energies on the impeachment-thing which most of donald´s supportes would neither understand nor offer any interest that might create an uproar. Taking Mr Cavanami´s permanently quoted clips it should be clear in what sort of disturbed world these people live in. Therefore, I note with great pleasure that Khun Bloomberg these days chose to show what sort of liar and illusionist President Donald in reality is. He published the monetary support that he received from the NRA ( 30 million) and against his false claim to have made America safer gunwise there are 21 students shot at every day and about 290 cases of major gunrelated attacks on schools since he became president. I would recommend to rip him apart by selecting one Trump - lie/false claim per day and hammer the truth into the public as if there came no tomorrow. In other words the Trump system to handle his own lies.
  13. The unefficiency of most facemasks could be classified within the same group as the BTS security officers or the ones who protect the Bangkok malls from being blown up. Entering for example Terminal 21 the other week I just walked round the scanner due to a queue and nobody stopped me.
  14. Gentlemen, with utmost please I may again assist the esteemed members of this fine board to save money on purchasing aforementioned air pollution filters. What you see on the road whether in Siam or China is mostly useless and makes you also inhale your own co2 again. The dangerous particles are the ones which enter your lungs, stay there for ever and could cause cancer or other unwanted reaction. The size of these particles is between 10 ans 100 micrometer which causes them to laugh about any of the mainly used masks. Point is that the mask has to close fully round the protected area and offer a very fine textile filtration structure. Result would be that breathing becomes a major job and therefore a valve in front of your Isaan nose is essential. Unit would be classified as FFP2 EN149. Trust BuBi, him know
  15. Gentlemen, thorough inspection of Soi 7 new bar area makes me think it will take another 2 weeks til completion. 4 or 5 places ready but no people inside yet. There are good news even from Soi11: Where they have demolished the previous Cheap Charlie building, ground is currently prepared for a number of small businesses. According to workers.
  16. Car loans Which is the next thing that implodes like the house loans before . The banks are now assembling them into structured papers which then shall be sold, what does that remind us of ? The Trump followers being unable to catch up with reality might be successful in making him President again, which would mean that within his next 5 years the financial system collapses and he would have to deal with it. I am not saying it collapses because of him but he does nothing to prevent it. Today I read the US soja farmers receive USD /year to adjust for PART of their losses due to trade disputes. Great.
  17. I consider Asian women to show a maximum level of beauty between 55 and 65 which explains my statement.
  18. Hereby I declare Lucky Bar preliminarily my after dinner headquarters. Intelligent layout privides open space in front of the establishment which would make me smoke my cigar there watching people and beautiful women heading for the Beergarden. I am very tired of noisy Soi 11. Unfortunately they closed the shortcut from 7 to 11 passing Raintree Massage . It is very unlikely that I ever inside any of the new bars but the project brings back life into the area.
  19. Trump´s disrespect for the military would for example be shown be pardoning and giving back his rank to an individual who murders civilians for his pleasure. Maybe in the Trump-culture this counts as a great event because they were no "whites " but brown or something . His move has been widely critizised by the military.
  20. Thank you very much Mr Radio for this encouraging report. To become successful the new area needs a healthy mixture of Bar Beers, Ladyboys, BJ-bars and so forth. Probably they all might agree to issue an all-you-can-boom-boom card which earns you miles on Thai or so. I shall personally inspect the site on Dec 6th immediately after my arrival. In case there is some space left I rent a small place where you can win cash by throwing eggs at a Trump statue. There is new hope for upper Sukh!
  21. Mr Steve, in the name of truth: are there any hard facts that support your view of Mrs Melania? I do basically sympathize with her because she has a hard job living with Trump and calling her an ex-whore needs to hear the full story.
  22. Looking at the upcoming reanimated British Empire the polls say that widely unwanted BoJo is about win with his conservatives, main reason being Mr Corbyn wanted even much less. What does that remind us of??
  23. Trump now found out that Giuliani´s activities towards the Ukraine had nothing to do with Trump. Giuliani has already said the opposite days before but claiming it was legal, normal and great for mankind as a whole. By further research I read that Mr Perry from the US cabinet did in the meantime confirm that Trump might show some weakness here and there but God in his grace tolerates people who are not perfect. Knocking at heaven´s door one day I will show the concierge a printout with this statement, it might help. To explain the commonalities with Donald I would elaborate on the occasional pussy-grabbing but all in best intention.
  24. I read the other day that a man whose name is Rick Perry found out that Trump has been chosen by God personally to be the President of the United States. I googled if Rick Perry probably broke out from a hospital for brainsick individuals but then discovered he is a member of the US cabinet. Gentlemen, the US is going down the drain if that continues. I brought the matter up during a dinner last night with some other elderly post war German US-sympathisers but none of them did want to hear about it. People are tired of what is going on and consider the situation as hopeless. The sad thing is that Trump might be forgotten already when the US have to pay the bills for this lunacy.
  25. There was a seafood restaurant on your left which is now in 7/1. I propose to move all previous places back in there which would hopefully mean that I receive mango with sticky rice free of charge after lunch as many times before. I liked the place as it was. We should by the way initiate a public request to revitalize Clinton Plaza, I would even accept to rename it Trump Plaza if you ask me.
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