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  1. Car loans Which is the next thing that implodes like the house loans before . The banks are now assembling them into structured papers which then shall be sold, what does that remind us of ? The Trump followers being unable to catch up with reality might be successful in making him President again, which would mean that within his next 5 years the financial system collapses and he would have to deal with it. I am not saying it collapses because of him but he does nothing to prevent it. Today I read the US soja farmers receive USD /year to adjust for PART of their losses due to trade disputes. Great.
  2. I consider Asian women to show a maximum level of beauty between 55 and 65 which explains my statement.
  3. Hereby I declare Lucky Bar preliminarily my after dinner headquarters. Intelligent layout privides open space in front of the establishment which would make me smoke my cigar there watching people and beautiful women heading for the Beergarden. I am very tired of noisy Soi 11. Unfortunately they closed the shortcut from 7 to 11 passing Raintree Massage . It is very unlikely that I ever inside any of the new bars but the project brings back life into the area.
  4. Trump´s disrespect for the military would for example be shown be pardoning and giving back his rank to an individual who murders civilians for his pleasure. Maybe in the Trump-culture this counts as a great event because they were no "whites " but brown or something . His move has been widely critizised by the military.
  5. Thank you very much Mr Radio for this encouraging report. To become successful the new area needs a healthy mixture of Bar Beers, Ladyboys, BJ-bars and so forth. Probably they all might agree to issue an all-you-can-boom-boom card which earns you miles on Thai or so. I shall personally inspect the site on Dec 6th immediately after my arrival. In case there is some space left I rent a small place where you can win cash by throwing eggs at a Trump statue. There is new hope for upper Sukh!
  6. Mr Steve, in the name of truth: are there any hard facts that support your view of Mrs Melania? I do basically sympathize with her because she has a hard job living with Trump and calling her an ex-whore needs to hear the full story.
  7. Looking at the upcoming reanimated British Empire the polls say that widely unwanted BoJo is about win with his conservatives, main reason being Mr Corbyn wanted even much less. What does that remind us of??
  8. Trump now found out that Giuliani´s activities towards the Ukraine had nothing to do with Trump. Giuliani has already said the opposite days before but claiming it was legal, normal and great for mankind as a whole. By further research I read that Mr Perry from the US cabinet did in the meantime confirm that Trump might show some weakness here and there but God in his grace tolerates people who are not perfect. Knocking at heaven´s door one day I will show the concierge a printout with this statement, it might help. To explain the commonalities with Donald I would elaborate on the occasional pussy-grabbing but all in best intention.
  9. I read the other day that a man whose name is Rick Perry found out that Trump has been chosen by God personally to be the President of the United States. I googled if Rick Perry probably broke out from a hospital for brainsick individuals but then discovered he is a member of the US cabinet. Gentlemen, the US is going down the drain if that continues. I brought the matter up during a dinner last night with some other elderly post war German US-sympathisers but none of them did want to hear about it. People are tired of what is going on and consider the situation as hopeless. The sad thing is that Trump might be forgotten already when the US have to pay the bills for this lunacy.
  10. There was a seafood restaurant on your left which is now in 7/1. I propose to move all previous places back in there which would hopefully mean that I receive mango with sticky rice free of charge after lunch as many times before. I liked the place as it was. We should by the way initiate a public request to revitalize Clinton Plaza, I would even accept to rename it Trump Plaza if you ask me.
  11. Referring to Mr munchmaster´s report on Oct 16th about status of Soi 7 I wish to draw the attention on Mr Sticks latest Sunday works which include a recent photo of aforementioned Soi 7 new building . I am kind of surprised to note the general layout looks exactly the same as the old one which they dismantled some time ago . Probably the preveious alley leading to Soi 5 might also be reestablished.
  12. Mr Flash, although it meant torturing my brains after a bottle of fine red from France I desperately tried to find out what you want to tell me in your post but I did not succeed. What I do understand from today´s incoming Thai-originated cables is that Pam needs money for the house . Fake news and a hoax I hope .
  13. What the Trump desaster shows is that a presidential system largely depends on the character of the person in charge. In Germany for example Merkel simply would not succeed installing her buddy at the constitutional court because this is up to a committee that includes people from all directions.
  14. Unfortunately, dear Sir, you speak the full truth. I am a famous USA supporter within my social group in Germany but currently keeping low profile.
  15. Cav next time I am in the Kingdom, probably in 2 weeks, I shall contact your local constabulary targeting on your immediate arrest. Reason: permanently insulting other people by asking them to waste their time by reading bottomless nonsense.
  16. " Hunter Biden "didn't know anything about the industry he was in, he didn't have any discernible duties, and he's getting paid $50,000 a month? And then he gets a billion five from China? " Copied from "Trump War Room" on Twitter. The billion five were to be collected by investors to be paid into an investment fund . Another brilliant example of the lies that the President of the United States has made his main tool ruling the country. Looking at Giuliani´s role I guess they must have studied Godfather by Mario Puzo to know how a consigliere works. Don Donald and his gang.
  17. Apart from lying witness Donald using his phantasy again I am still not aware of a crime that Biden jun or sen might have comitted. Of course they invited junior Biden to join the board to improve their ( Burisma) public standing and he was overpaid but where is the crime. I am sure Cav can offer an appropriate website. ( Friends-of-the-flat-earth or something.)
  18. As a matter of interest: which sort of crime could that be?
  19. Excellent statement. Members of the German troops having shot 2.000 jews daily have finally been pardoned.
  20. Useless arseholes, may Khun Buffalo rest in peace. He should have shot them.
  21. Nixon had to resign because the US public opinion went against him and he consequently lost support of his troops. The current campaign obviously is heading for the same result, an impeachment shall not happen. A statement of BuBi Analytics
  22. The Donald seems to have been taken to hospital. Best wishes of the whole Thai360 board lead by Commander Cavanami! I did already mention before that the President made a very poor impression on me when I watched the press conference with Erdogan from Turkey. He was partially absent and probably wished he was on his presidential sofa.
  23. Mr Flashermac, in the early days of this board we were reported on weekly basis about Thai women cutting her husband´s dick due to ´Hab other lady` There were no stories of this kind for a very long time. Would you agree we are observing a general decline in bad behaviour? Meaning Thai men discovering the values of being faithful?
  24. I did in fact read about the background of the election results but nonetheless Donald went there and could not turn the current into his direction. I do also know that the Trump approval rate in Louisina is still over 50 %. What I hope for is that the previously respectable Republicans might give up their Trump-slavery and return on the path of at least limited wisdom.
  25. The scale on my US wisdom-meter went up last night due to signs of hope from Louisiana.
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