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  1. Gentlemen, my endless efforts to find out why people could support a permanently lying moron like Trump made me even watch FOX news occasionally over the last few days. Preliminary result is that Radio Iran in comparison should be a reliable news supplier. Somebody watching this junk all day and thinking it is the truth might one day start adoring the Donald. Simple requirement only : a brain that died some time ago. FOX is absolute and utter rubbish from start to end. Talking about people suffering from dead brain: within my studies of the American soul I did further come across a clip where a bunch of (many) Evangelists were claiming that Trump is something like God or closely connected with God or will soon be God or whatever. The sad thing is that this was not a comedy but they really really were dead serious about it. What is happening in the USA? I now think he will be elected again.
  2. I watched the hearing yesterday, fascinating. The guy defending Trump used exactly the drivel that Mr flashermac uses. Shoot some hot air into the crowd and hope it works. The real funny thing was the press conference when the President declared Erdogan his best friend EVER and they had WONDERFUL talks and all is now FANTASTIC in the Middle EAST. Unfortunately the BEST FRIEND speaking afterwards did show his bad mood and didn´t want to know about friendship. He further corfirmed the Middle East is a total mess. Anyway I feared Donald would fall asleep any second but he didn´t. Also the problem of Turkey buying Russian air defense systems according to the Donald there are VERY VERY GOOD talks on the way and a lot of FANTASTIC people are working on it. Lots of laughter I am sure in Moscow. Didn´t the President of the United States want to destroy the Turkey economy last week or was it Germany? Or China? Oh dear.
  3. Gentlemen, I just happened to come across this fine piece at the fake news biased lying CNN website. Donald´s latest press meeting. Enjoy. 1. "I just told them I've got to come over and see the fake news. Let's go." I feel like this suggests Trump reads my recaps of his press conferences and speeches. Speaking of which: And away we go! 2. "I'm not concerned about anything." Same. 3. "I mean, for the most part, I never even heard of these people. I have no idea who they are." This is, of course, an outlandish statement. Trump "has never even heard" of the former US ambassador to Ukraine? Give me a break. 4. "They're some very fine people. You have some never-Trumpers. It seems that nobody has any firsthand knowledge. There is no firsthand knowledge." Ok, two things here. First, there is ZERO evidence that any of the people who testified in the House impeachment hearings are "Never Trumpers." Second, National Security Council Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman, whose testimony was released Friday, was on the July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. And he immediately reported the call as inappropriate to his superior. 5. "And all that matters is one thing: the transcript. And the transcript is perfect." (Narrator voice) It isn't. 6. "Well, they shouldn't be having public hearings. This is a hoax. This is just like the Russian witch hunt. This is just a continuation." Trump never elaborates on why he believes the House shouldn't have public hearings on impeachment. (Those hearings are slated to start next week.) But, if he truly believes they are a "hoax" and a "witch hunt" wouldn't he want that to be exposed by public hearings? 7. "I saw he said very nice things about me last night. But we'll have to see. I'll have to see." Trump, asked about Jeff Sessions' just-announced Senate bid, proves -- yet again -- that all he does is watch cable TV news. 8. "I had a very good call with the President of Ukraine. I assume that's what you're talking about. The call was perfect." I know I have been over this ground before but ... what, exactly, constitutes a "perfect" phone call? Is it about the contents of the call? The execution? The connection clarity? 9. And all you have to do is take a look at Biden and you will see tremendous corruption because what he did is quid pro quo times 10." There is zero evidence of any wrongdoing by Joe Biden vis a vis the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor. Biden, in his service as vice president, was the face of a broad coalition effort to have the prosecutor dismissed due to concerns about his unwillingness to investigate corruption. Those are the facts. 10. "Be quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet." Just the President of the United States telling a reporter to stop asking a question. Very normal stuff! Nothing to see here, folks! 11. "Alabama is a place where my approval numbers are very good. I think I won by 42 points." (Narrator voice) It was 28 points. 12. "We'll see what happens. I mean, we'll see what happens." This is Trump on whether there will be a China trade deal. Also, he says "we'll see what happens" when he has no idea what to say. 13. "Well, now, you've really shaped my behavior, because from the day I came in here, I've had problems with phony stuff, like a phony dossier that turned out to be false, like false investigations that I've beaten. So a lot of my behavior was shaped by the fake news and by the other side. That was a lot of my behavior." This is demonstrably false. Even a cursory look at Trump's life before politics shows the same pattern of behavior he's shown in office: Bullying, vindictive and always, always spinning things in his favor. 14. "I caught the swamp. I caught 'em all." (Stifles laughter) 15. "I caught all of this corruption that was going on, and nobody else could have done it." (Snorts) 16. "My charity was great. I gave a lot of money away." Former New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood said that her investigation of the Trump Foundation produced "a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more." So, yeah -- "great." 17. "New York is a corrupt state. It's a corrupt state, it's a shame." Wait, wait. Isn't Trump President of all 50 states? Including New York? 18. "I gave $19 million away. And what happened is, instead of saying, 'Thank you, great,' they hit me with a lawsuit and it was started by a man who had to get out because he beat up women." The man in question here is former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman resigned his post in May 2018 amid allegations by several women that he assaulted them. Worth noting here that Trump faced a slew of allegations of sexual harassment from more than a dozen women in the run-up to the 2016 election. 19. "I had a call. I'm sure it was fine. I mean, you know, I have to -- I make a lot of calls." Honestly, same. 20. "I'm very transparent. Nobody is more transparent than I am." Donald Trump was the first major party candidate in modern memory to refuse to release any of his past tax returns. He is also the first president post-Watergate to refuse to do so. So, yeah. 21. "And if I wasn't and if I didn't release it, it would have been a problem, because the fake whistleblower said something about the call, many things that were wrong." Nothing that has come out publicly disputes the original eight-page complaint by the whistleblower. In fact, everything we have learned since has bolstered the initial complaint. 22. "Let -- let me just tell you, I -- I hardly know the gentleman." Ha, ha, ha...oh wait, he isn't joking. Trump is talking here about Gordon Sondland. Yes, the same Sondland who donated $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee and was rewarded with an posting as the US ambassador to the European Union. Never heard of him! 23. "Everybody that's testified, even the ones that are Trump haters, they've all been fine. They don't have anything." So many ways to go with this but I'll head down this path: There is NO evidence that any of the people have testified are "Trump haters" or have feelings either way about the President. He is just making stuff up. 24. "And if I asked Bill Barr to have a press conference I think he'd do it, But I never asked him to have a press conference. Why should I?" Truly amazing stuff here. Trump didn't ask the attorney general to hold a press conference to clear him of any wrongdoing in the Ukraine matter -- as the Washington Post has reported he did. But, if he had asked, Barr would have done it. Sure! 25. "They lost an election and they lost it big." (narrator voice) Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million. 26. "And, interestingly, if you look at the polls that just came out, my polls are up." This is, again, simply false. 27. "And I'll tell you, the whistleblower, I call him the fake whistleblower. He gave a fake report of my phone call." I am going to record myself saying: "Nothing the whistleblower alleged has been proven incorrect or inaccurate in any way." And then just hit "PLAY" over and over and over again. 28. "My phone call was perfect. He made it sound bad. That's why I had to release." The transcript just doesn't say what Trump thinks it says. 29. "So the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. A disgrace. And the whistleblower, because of that, should be revealed." This is truly stunning stuff. The whistleblower followed procedures put in place for just this thing. And (hits PLAY) "Nothing the whistleblower alleged has been proven incorrect or inaccurate in any way." And yet Trump is saying the person is a "disgrace" and urging his or her identity be revealed. Chilling stuff. 30. "And his lawyer, who said the worst things possible two years ago, he should be sued. And maybe for treason. Maybe for treason." The whistleblower's lawyer should be charged with treason?!?! For what, exactly? Oh, Trump doesn't explain. 31. "(Schiff) made up a speech and he put my voice in it. He made up a speech, had nothing to do with what I said." Trump has latched onto this argument, which is so dumb and so easily proven false. Please read this about that. I beg you. 32. "They've gone out and they've gone out of their way to find the people that hate Donald Trump, President Trump, the most." No. Evidence. Any. Witnesses. Hate. Trump. 33. "We are winning so big. My polls are the highest they've ever been, I'm leading in all of the states, every swing state." (Head explodes) 34. "Nancy Pelosi should go back to her district, which is horrible. It's filthy. It's drug-infested. The stuff's being flown out to the ocean -- it's being wiped out to the ocean through their drainage systems." Reminder: Donald Trump is President of the people in Nancy Pelosi's district too! 35. "We're doing very well with African Americans." In a CNN national poll in September, 9% of African Americans approved of the job Trump was doing as compared to 86% who disapproved. 36. "I know Michael. He became just a nothing. He was really a nothing. He's not going to do well, but I think he's going to hurt Biden, actually. But he doesn't have the magic to do well." Michael Bloomberg: he just doesn't have the magic. 37. "Little Michael will fail. He'll spend a lot of money. He's got some really big issues. He's got some personal problems and he's got a lot of other problems." Modern day presidential. 38. "There is nobody I'd rather run against than Little Michael." Trump, for what it's worth, has said this same thing about Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and virtually the entirety of the Democratic field. 39. "Just so you know, we have the highest poll numbers. We have the most energy." Uh huh. 40. "I have to do what the lawyers say, to a certain extent; not always, but, you know, to a certain extent." Oh yeah. I get it -- to a certain extent. This feels like a good place to end.
  4. My heart, oh Steve, jumps with joy. Although it is early days to hope for the obvious.
  5. A man in a t-shirt printed GOD GUNS TRUMP appeared today on TV , I believe in Kentucky. He then explained why he adores Trump. Any further comment would be superflous.
  6. "He is a proven liar, leaker & freak who is really the one who should be impeached!" Trump tweeted. " Talking about himself in a moment of enlightenment , one would think. But not, Shiff is now his "proven liar".
  7. Sorry for the man but he is now gone and no suffering any more, death eliminates everything. On the other hand: it should be known anywhere in the meantime that getting involved with an Asian lady on the property-side might probably result in total loss of one or both. I cannot remember how many stories I have read about this happening. Whoever decides to enter this path must know what might be the outcome. May he rest in peace.
  8. Mr Cavanami, since you now seem to regard Russia TV as your source of choice I just want to make sure you know that RT is a Russian propaganda station against which even FOX is a light in the darkness. How is it possible to mentally survive in such a world of utter bullshit like your judicial watch, black patriot and now even RT. Breathe deeply and try to find some orientation; no need to start adoring Hillary, but I invite you to rejoin the community of reasonable members within the population. Or do you drink?
  9. I think Trump is an entirely honest person on the warpath against corruption. He did even install his privately paid lawyer Giuliani to fight the evil forces in Eastern Europe which he is so deeply worried about. Mr flash, the 20 years plus in the military of your friend seem to have been a burdon on his mental capability. Without bringing up the whole procedure again: what did the UNO find out about any Biden crimes? It probably needs 20 years plus in military to regard the smeary Trump activities into UNO convention, this is laughable.
  10. Latest circumstances of Trump´s report how the ISIS-chief died prove my point that Trump is mentally sick. Comments of serious US military people speak for themselves. I would really be interested how a Trump follower would defend his master after this probably lousiest spectacle, so far.
  11. The 8 families, got it? Used to be 9 but mum and myself quit.
  12. The future of this fine board shall be finally limited if it would become standard practice to just quote endlessly tiring links instead of our own mostly questionable thoughts. I am therefore asking the community to avoid just joining other peoples junk in favour of producing your own. I may for example put forward the works of Mr panadolsandwich which are mostly difficult to follow but intellectually precious, possibly. Nuff said.
  13. Mr Nasiadai, hereby you are officially installed as the leading board-philosopher; key area being Jomtien affairs.
  14. "White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham added, "I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President." Maybe she just passed a PR training course in Northern Corea. President Donald himself already confirmed he thinks he is a genius. This so called US government gradually changes from comedy into satire already having passed the mentally sick sector.
  15. "Watch out for them, they are human scum!” Trump comment about other Republicans he does not like. Maybe kidding again. " President Trump told supporters Thursday night that Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden “was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.” Kidding again. The US are on the way to a banana republic with this so called president
  16. But he said the wall would protect Colorado, what is wrong with the drawing?
  17. Today I watched a clip showing our beloved Donald yelling at a roaring crowd I think in Minneapolis. Instead of Hillary 2016 he has now decided to choose the Bidens as his favorite crooks to divert from his own rotten agenda which is his diabolic strategy. I wonder where this will end one day.
  18. May I respectfully introduce myself as honorable member of the most exclusive community worldwide which is the AORS ( Association of reborn sanukers). Meaning I virtually have been found dead under a table on August the 6th 2011, face dark blue and nothing working any more. A team rolled in, cut my throat open with a knife, a defibrillator started firing electric shocks and the miracle happened. After 1 week unconscious in intense care I was back on earth. Since then no trouble any more, currently enjoying my evening cigar. Conclusion: death coming this way doesn´t matter because you don´t feel anything.
  19. The President promised the latest version of the Mexican wall to run along Colorado yesterday. Over to you.
  20. His whole existence seems to be based on his own lies, he is the expert.
  21. "The President also claimed ISIS fighters who had escaped Kurdish jails after the Turkish attack have "been largely recaptured." He said the Kurds' military leader was "extremely thankful for what the United States has done" and has assured the US "that ISIS is under very, very strict lock and key." Assuming that the majority of the Trump followers neither have an idea where Turkey is nor what or where the Kurds may be nor what this is all about, it still has to be made clear that the above mentioned words of the President of the US should finally make the Washington DC ambulance send a crew to get Trump and put him where he belongs.
  22. Mr Cavanami, for a change I do fully agree with you. Apart from that most men wordwide sympathised with Bill anyway and a lot of housewifes learned what a blowjob is. Very stupid to lie about it. On the other hand, if President Donald would try to work out all his "mistakes " with the family they would soon ask him to shut up.
  23. I did never follow the Obama problem. What was wrong with him. Maybe FOX found out he was never born ?
  24. The problem with the electoral college is that an idiot like Trump could become and REMAIN President without permanent parliamentary control. And that a possible majority of votes is not represented anywhere. In particular the latest activities of President Donald show that he is mentally unhealthy but what could you do. A type like him would not survive even Westminster I believe.
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