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  1. Sir, I only understand the first line of your post, the answer is that speeding is uncredible fun. Regarding the safety of driving on the Autobahn we could start a battle in statistics that shall never end.
  2. Gentlemen, I wish to report about a decision that the German parliament has taken today and that I consider being full of wisdom: it has been decided that a general speed limit of 130 km/h on the Autobahn had no additional value and therefore had to be rejected. Velly goos.
  3. Finally I did not register although after reading some threads I think I would have been a blessing in increasing their average intelligence level to unknown hights.
  4. To verify the enormous quality of Cavanami´s news sources I did actually read one piece last week because I had nothing better to do. There I found a hyperventilating man calling himself a black patriot. This guy obviously had just come across some bad news about Hunter Biden being member of an investment board somewhere in China. He was yelling Traeson-Treason-Treason !!! based on some documents he claimed to have found. The truth would be that treason means " treason is specifically limited to levying war against the US, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort " Did Hunter declare war on the US? The documents show that ex cocaine junkie Biden jun had been invited to join the board of an investment fund. Like the Ucraine-case this is ethically more than questionable and without him being Biden jun nobody ever would have asked hin. But: where is the criminal hardware? No doubt the black patriot will soon investigate all Kushner business that might be based on his good connections into the White House. Lots of laughter within the auditorium.
  5. Mr Cavanami, would your quoted websites be printed on paper I consider using them as toilet paper being an insult to my arse.
  6. Official protest . I would guess you are talking about an alley that on your left hosts Honey Bee Massage where I found piece and comfort years ago after an emotional crisis with an elderly lady from Beergarden Soi 7. Point is that last week I was on investigative mission because I heard the previously famous condomking which is Guido from USA had moved into Soi22 with his burger outfit and 4 screens showing baseball day and night. Finally I found him deep in aforementioned Soi surrounded by nothing but boomboom massage places. Asking " had any bars in them ?" is therefore superfluous.
  7. I finally decided to register on thai visa. They want to know how much is 10 minus 7, any idea?
  8. Thinking deeply about a name for the new place I am currently proposing TRUMP PLAZA which will make it the greatest bar area ever. In history.
  9. Clinton Plaza has been the only nightlife/gogo-area which I ever visited repeatedly. My heart regularly breaks when I walk along like last Tuesday coming back from Top´s Market with a load of mangos.
  10. Fascinating news, but where would that be? I could only imagine this to be the space where previously a seafood restaurant has been located. Though there is nothing as per Monday this week that looks like being opened next month. The Stickman might know.
  11. Yes, main reasons for the decline are widespread criminality, Leader Khunsanuk unwilling to drink beer and Dollhouse No. 33 having married.
  12. Cav, if my dog would not be female I would call her Donald. Promise.
  13. Sir, I am back in Jerman as per today 06:23 AM. Although would be back again about Dec. 7th onwards. I shall inform the community accordingly.
  14. Donald´s phonecall with His Excellency from Ukraine obviously just stopped short of His Excellency offering Donald a blowjob I believe. Read that piece if you haven´t done it yet, what a joke. Talking about self respect I invite His Excellency and this guy Barr to come over and spend 2 days with my Dachshund to find out what pride and self respect means and how to never bow your head to any idiot. Better dead than slave. America what are you heading for.
  15. Asking what means gik Pam explained if for example married people meet for boomboom and no further commitment. Although I doubt that married Thai people would ever undertake any extramarital activities, what do you think?
  16. Gentlemen, up to date hard facts from BuBi the immigration whistleblower: The lovely Pam left the building in the early hours of this very Tuesday, arriving at the Wang Chattana (?) immigration, there being awarded queue number 276. Around 08:10 the queue appeared to be split between 30 days people and the rest . Which brought her forward to Number 61. She was done at 09:50. According to the lovely Pam a straight forward payment of 500 Thai Baht to one of the guards has enormous influence on the duration of the event. The 09:50 were standard process though.
  17. Gentlemen, this morning sitting on the terrace of my Hotel I noted staff from various Soi-hotels assembling on the road obviously heading for a thorough cleanup. A photographer appeared while they were sweeping the environment like silly, but the moment the guy packed his camera all participants immediately disappeared and the only one left was a guy with a hose which kept on spraying water. I had to interrupt my breakfast due to lack of control over my nervous system. It is this and many other events of similar quality which make me come back again and again. Friday I climbed on a Tuktuk and the pilot showed me his wife somewhere in Isaan on Line relaxing in a hammock. I had the honour to talk to her and madame confirmed I am more hansum than husband. These are great moments. BuBi
  18. In addition to Count Four : " President Donald Trump personally approved a US commando raid in Yemen that left one elite serviceman dead and may have killed an eight-year-old American girl, the US military has told the Guardian. " Quote stolen from a UK newspaper, the daughter of this Anwar Al-Awlaki it was. Anybody to impeach? Your Nazi-Healthcare and Glass-Steagall issues are politically based decisions which you might dislike but there we are. Count me a Glass-Steagall supporter.
  19. What would have been Obama´s impeachable act? Just asking unpolitically.
  20. You are suffering from a Hillary obsession. Breathe deeply and get over it, she is history.
  21. Having a pineapple smoothie, no sugar, yesterday at Viva Soi 8 I was watching a game on TV which I later could identify as rugby NZ against AUS. An event of epic dimension I guess. I wonder if any of the gentlemen involved have a lifespan longer than 30 years in total and show any bones not broken twice yet. Would it be legal to catch somebody by his dick and pull him outside the playground???
  22. Hopefully the US will get rid of this nutcase sooner or later. The same now applies to the UK. I watched the videos of Donald´s latest performances these days, this is incredible. Nothing but lies, bullshit and aggression.
  23. Great ! It sums it all up. Before quoting any previously or currently active Ukrainian official I strongly recommend to undertake a background check who it was/is and his role in a rotten mixture of policy , money and influence. In comparison to the Ukraine even the Trump gang is an example of honesty and truth. (Relatively only of course). Biden junior making 50.000 a month for virtually nothing is an ethical issue but nowhere criminal . Biden senior should have taken him by the ears , slap on the ass and sent him back to school. But he didn´t which is bad and a perfect pass for Donald to issue another tumultuous statement mashing up anything that crosses his mind 04:00 in the morning.
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