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  1. " Smokers especially will benefit from the knowledge of what they are doing to their bodies. " If that would be true there would be no smokers by now . All smokers know but they don't care .
  2. ghelseth , point seems to be that non smoking in bars etc is a good thing while people picking up the phone and ring the police complaining about bar owners not following the law are idiots . Could we agree on that ?
  3. Private 41 appears on battlefield , tecnical delay due to coitus interruptus on first approach .
  4. Man at Work , with great pleasure I may contribute to the counter-revolution by providing the First Batallion of the Royal East Prussian Tobacco Conscripts marching in : :bangit: Please note swordsmen 39 and 40 were late arrivals from Soi Cowboy . BuBi
  5. The Bamboo Bar is strictly non smoking . And probably the only place on earth where it makes sense because the girls working inside had an awful time breathing through kind of fog all night . Reason is that even people who never smoke cigars anywhere used to lit one from next door's cigar shop sooner or later . Apart from the place being too noisy I never went inside due to that reason .
  6. clubsiam , I share your opinion to attack these fraudsters whereever possible . To put some fuel on your fire I thought I take some shots of the shops where they send you and post them here , kind of investigative journalism . Therefore 4 weeks ago I unpacked my digital camera which I must have bought 2 years ago , read the first 2 pages of the 4000 pages instruction booklet and thought I would become a famous Bangkok warrior in no time . Result : I went to Erawan shrine in total 3 times , could even identify some of the fellows in your opening post but NOBODY DID SPEAK ONE WORD TO ME !!!! My last desperate visit was this very Sunday , I held a Bangkok map in front of me , camera round my neck and stood there waiting for fraud . Nothing happened although finally I recognised the guy on the second photo in your first post who leaned against the signpost where they explain Erawan shrine . I read the story 9 times up and down , spent an additional 15 minutes watching a Thai group dancing inside til I had enough . I could not ask the man if he knew where a gem shop was , could I ? Riding back home on the BTS the idea crossed my mind that they possibly all thougt I am an English-teacher and needed no diamonds or what do you think ? After all, what do English-teachers look like ? I only know this Stickman . BuBi
  7. The resident gem scammer Shangri La - Oriental area is definitely a policeman . He sends people into a Chinese shop Surawongse Road ; proven by the fact that the local TukTuks then charge 20 Baht only and refrain from recommending anything cheap . They cooperate . I am fairly sure that the Thais do not even have bad feelings about what they are doing , it is just something that is good for them and they don't want disturbance. Like the whole country is ticking . If as resident you worry about this on daily basis you might get stomach cancer , it is their country so WTF . I am strictly following wht the Thais want me to do : consume what you like , pay and go home ; see you soon . BuBi
  8. Anybody else thinking the TAT is corrupt ?
  9. " Really? You don't think the TAT is a corrupt entity? " ClubSiam , if you wish to indicate that TAT is corrupt please be so kind to come up with proof , otherwise please be so kind to withdraw any accusation . BuBi
  10. " TAT is full of corrupt people " Drogon , I am sure you would never say something like this without clean proof . Would you be so kind to share your knowledge with us ? BuBi
  11. [color:red]Thais are best in the world in pleasing others. It works very well.[/color] You got it Sir . And you should smile and pay the bill .
  12. Good post Clubsiam , and if somebody here thinks successful scamming is due the victim's greed I still do not see anything that makes the conman innocent . I promise for my next trip after Jan 12th I put my Minolta round my neck and you will see me walking slowly past Erawan Shrine with a Bangkok streetmap upside down til somebody comes along .I will follow his advice and take a photo of the shop he works for , my Christmas gift to the board . If I have a look at those types on your pictures I ask myself how anybody can follow an advice of such an arsehole , they already look like criminals . Apart from that problem : Siam has over the last 3 years got an image that is somewhere between a Latin American banana republic and a sex dump with nice beaches . The reality is still somewhat different but it might have an impact on their tourist entries already . Still I find it great out there and I would seriously miss the touts offering Nai Ladeee , happy hour . Looking at tourist hot spots there are conmen everywhere ; fraudulent taxidrivers in China , timeshare sellers in Portugal and so forth . But the nonstop " helpful person " -entertainment you receive in Siam should be world record as it virtually stops nowhere . I really think it's part of their mentality ; again : I still like it there . Nok is different by the way. BuBi
  13. Disclaimer : To avoid misinterpretation , I may add : I am 1) Fit 2) Slim 3) Winner of the 2005 European hard-on trophy 4) Poor but dishonest
  14. Esteemed community ! Speculating about becoming old in Thailand or elsewhere leads to unrealistic results if you are fit, in good mood and not yet old. I wonder how an aging westerner feels when the day comes and he needs permanent healthcare , might need a wheelchair , money running out and the Isaan family is kind of less enthusiastiac than at the time when the house was built. Whether in Siam or elsewhere : old people who need extra care are not popular any more ; you need to replace fitness by cash to buy whatever you need. As a theoretical speculation I would estimate to buy a reasonably enjoyable time once the crisis comes at least 2500 USD a month would have to be available. Or about 3 to 4000 Baht a day. If you do not want to end up in a possible misery. Still talking about simple lifestyle in general. Retiring at the beach in Pattaya would be about the very last thing on my agenda , but the problem stays the same anywhere. With the very big difference that in your beloved homecountry there is always somebody or somthing that deals with your problems in an acceptable way. BuBi , when wisdom matters
  15. Here is your refresher , a promise is a promise. Bbill
  16. They should better ban mobile phones from any restaurant. bb 18-month nonsmoking
  17. My Cow Jai it will probably not change anything because if you have a look at Singapore you see exactly how it works. Although I doubt that in the LOS it ever will. bb
  18. Ric, good to know you are still alive, thanks again for the Greenland-thread. cheers [ February 25, 2002: Message edited by: buffalo_bill ]
  19. pom_jao_choo ok, noted. Does anybody know if Ricscurr is still posting somewhere?
  20. Gentlemen, coming back on my offer several weeks ago I take the pleasure in re-posting of what I think is a milestone in the internet-history : The thread ? Man from Greenland? , originated by ?RICSCURR? on the old board. Thanks God I hardcopied it and now found the time to republish this masterpiece. There seems to have been some kind of flaming Ricscurr for repeated misspelling , it belongs to his post. ?RICSCURR ? on April 13th 2001 Nanaplaza / Delphi : Firstly apologies to T_Ngern for any spelling mistakes i make in this post , hope this time they can be overlooked in favour of the content of this thread. Hi All, I was vaguely following the post on ?The Worst Ambassadors?, which are the worst nationalities in LOS and so on. I have a solution to this , and am looking for for new recruits to my team. While on Pattaya I decided to avoid the bargirl prejudices on certain nationalities, eg ` Man from Germany, he broke my heart, I no like man Germany any more`, or ? Man Italy he boom boom too long, I no like man Italy? etc . I achieved this by declaring myself as the `Man from Greenland `. `Hello where you from ? ` `I am from Greenland` `Oh, Greenland man very goo... Greenland !! . Where Greenland, I no hear before ` Bingo. Now instead of reurgitating their own experiences with men of different nationalities they had experienced, I was instead asked where the hell Greenland was, and pretty soon I was drawing a map of Greenland for several bargirls showing them this new exciting country. By the time I had left, I had sold Greenland as a new home of exciting falangs who treat their women with the utmost respect and have good hearts. What I am looking for now is more sanukers who want to abandon their nationalities for a night or two, and adopt Greenland as their new country of origin. Together, let?s create a strong brand name, Greenland, as a place where nice men roam. A place that bargirls can hold close to their hearts as a nationality of good quality sanukers. I have already laid the groundwork in Cat?s a gogo and Classroom a gogo in Pattaya, , let?s have more honourary Greenlanders who behave themselves well, and pretty soon the brand name can be adopted by anyone , as a guarantee to a bargirl the the ? Man from Greenland, he good heart ?. RIC ?RICSCURR ? on April 13th 2001 , 20 minutes later and again under attack from T_Ngern : Excellent news . I know you were flamed for bringing up trivial spelling mistakes before , but it must have had the desired effect on me. Rather than rush through my post , I took my time, looked at the big words and made sure they looked ok, when a word looked to be incorrectly spelled and I didn?t know the correct spelling , I simply replaced it with a word that meant the same thing that I could spell . Can I count on you to be an honourary Greenlander for the night , I`m sure you would do a good job, but please when a bargirl writes something for you , don?t reprimand her for incorrect punctuation or grammar , simply give her a big smile , a big Greenland smile. A few awkward questions that a man from Greenland may have to face: Question : `Why no man Greenland come Thailand before ? ` Appropriate lie : `Only this year can man Greenland leave country , same same man Lao and Cambodia. ` Question : `Why you speak good English ? ` Apropriate lie : `Greenland very close to Amerigah , Canadah, Engerland etc .If she detects your accent, simply say you studied at university in the country you are actually from. Question ;: `What job you do Greenland ? ` Appropriate lie : `I am fisherman ` Question : `Why you no buy cola for me ? ` Appropriate lie : `There is not much fucking money to be made catching sodding fish now is there. ` WRONG !!!!! Man Greenland good heart,remember that . Buy the lady a drink.
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