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  1. Nasiadai, you will for ever have reserved a place deep in my heart for posting this link. What I found there is a floating market somewhere in Petchaburi. Which is one of these things I love Thailand for. I swear by my eyelight that next time I shall be able to hit the kingdom I take a trip with the most lovely Pam and my appointed taxidriver Tana to pay this place a visit. Thank you very much again. Maybe I even make it to Pattaya one day.
  2. Looking at the US from a distance I would say that so far sleepy Joe has done more for the US than his last two colleagues. I hope Cav heartily agrees. The amazing thing is that rotten Donald has completely taken over the previously honorable Republican Party.
  3. Once I find some I´ll show them some of Cavanamis´s links and I am sure they race back into shelter.
  4. With greatest pleasure I wish to inform the esteemed community about a vaccination that has taken place in the Federal Republic only yesterday. Material called Biontec has been injected into the body of member BuBi at 05:30 PM central European time. Second one scheduled for May the 20that the very same hour. Arm hurts but that is it. Velly goos. For once I enjoy to belong to the eldery people.
  5. Mr Cav, with greatest pain I may inform you that all your undoubtedly precious website-quotes do not open on my screen. This has been going on for weeks now and CNN became my only source for hot news from the US.
  6. To whom it concerns: I dearly wish Chancellor Biden would preside over the currently fucked German vaccination process, we are facing an unbelievable inability to handle a problem that is now 14 months on the road. The Amellica people should feel blessed to be honest.
  7. Any further comment is superfluous
  8. Cav, it is Eastertime, all of us are full of joy and optimism. Bless this fine forum by a brief statement that you have put together by yourself. In your own words. It could praise Trump or any of his crooked friends, you could explain us why Ted Cruz symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus for example. Or the NRA represents God on earth, materialised by Santa Donald. Go ahead.
  9. Neither did I, Matt. I swear.
  10. Mr Steve, not exactly a US - doomsday only but I join your previous prophecies concerning the world financial order collapsing sooner or later. Rather sooner I would think. Look at this : " The names of the key players are different, but the lessons similar. The spectacular implosion of hedge fund Archegos Capital Management, much like the GameStop saga earlier this year, serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by extreme leverage, secret derivatives and rock-bottom interest rates. " Nobody has ever heard about this hedgefund before but it already shatters parts of the industry. How many hidden champions of this kind are there under the surface? The fundmanagers give a fuck about desaster coming because long ago they should have given shelter to their millions and if the house collapses it is a problem of the creditors and shareholders. The current finacial system wordwide is absolutely sick.
  11. Whereever you look they say Pattaya is dead. From what can be judged from various March 21 - clips it is not.
  12. There seem to be myriads of misunderstandings regarding the term " Efficiency of a vaccine" . It is like follows: We have a group of X people 50 % get the vaccine, the other 50 % a placebo Of the vaccinated 6 will catch the virus Of the placebogroup 94 Which results in an efficiency of 94 % ( Biontech) Efficiency only considers the infected people and is not the percentage of the whole group. The more important aspect is that both protect you very safely from serious developments ending in the mortuary. Esteemed members of the board wishing to do their own maths may use this formula: Number of of infected in the vaccine-group divided by the number of infected in the not vaccinated 12 ./. 76 = 0,1578 minus 1 = 0,84 X 100 = 84 % efficiency
  13. Calling an adulterer a bad person would make an estimated 98 % of all married men bad. If not more. In case of Clinton I would not call an innocent blowjob an assault. Maybe on public morale.
  14. Khunsanuk´s yacht " Lady of Soi 4 " currently based at Klong Thoey docks for refuelling. Yellow crane in background loading 400.000 cans Pepsi Cola plus 5 cbm " Amsterdamertjes" . ( Dutch sweets )
  15. Cavanami should be delighted to hear that the Federal Republic over the organisation of the Covid-vaccination got totally lost in a jungle of bureaucracy. Last week the government found out that also doctors could vaccinate in their consulting rooms but instead of letting them go they have to wait for the paperwork to be finetuned first. I understand in the USA people get their shots in pharmacies, stadiums and even supermarkets. And in the name of truth it looks as if the Trump government would have done a reasonable job organising enough phials.
  16. A national pest. Walking through the alleys in BKK and looking for a massage I strictly avoid places where they are just dealing with their damned smartphones.
  17. Once this news appears on Facebook, Twitter etc nobody wants these any more and they jump on currently disliked AstraZeneca. Til somebody publishes AstraZeneca makes your fart uncontrollably in public and the one from Russia does it all. And so forth.
  18. Flash I thought you were dead, honestly. Pleased to note you are not as it looks. Basically a fruitful idea to reduce the quarantine but even if they decide for 2 days and people start rolling in I see no chance to control the process from Swampy til arrival in the room.
  19. Whereever you go, whereever you look, whatever you do: Meghan and Harry are already there. If Putin would declare Worldwar III starts today 18:15 nobody would notice.
  20. I am the Royal BuBi
  21. Priviledged couple moves from one place to another, that´s so far all that happened.
  22. Innocent black girl from USA meets man from UK and coincidentially finds out subject is a real Prince. Real Prince marries black innocent girl and finds out Royal Family no like black girl . Black girl strikes back and defends. UK press tries to profit from possible scandal(s) and invents suitable circumstances. Prince and girl quit, emigrate and finally publically call family a bunch of arseholes. So far as per today.
  23. Preliminary evaluation from what I read from my browser page 1: Megan says they are all racist arseholes They say Megan is bad BuBi says so what the fuck
  24. World waits for a made-for-TV bombshell, as Harry and Meghan sit down with Oprah ( CNN ) Maybe the world is waiting, I am not.
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