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  1. Great, thank you for this. Good to know there are folks other than Trump around.
  2. I am laughing my arse off, really.
  3. Republican Reichsparteitag is over. The Führer spoke, as usual nothing with political outlooks but propagande only. If they follow this path I believe a lot of people should be pushed off.
  4. The German woman usually appears to be a hard working individual.
  5. And the Führer spoke to the crowd: In his first public remarks since leaving the White House, he also dangerously lashed out at Supreme Court justices for failing to intervene to throw him the election he clearly lost to President Joe Biden. "They should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done to our country ... the Supreme Court didn't have the guts or the courage to do anything about it," Trump fumed in an authoritarian speech at the CPAC, in Orlando, Florida, referring to false fraud claims thrown out by multiple judges. Nothing new really but again it shows that the man has no idea about how a democracy works. I am glad Donald is back, I felt bored.
  6. Excellent. Characterless swine of galactical dimension Ted Cruz spoke, saviour of the working classes. I suggest he might be awarded the Ministry of racial cleanliness and rewhitening of the country. Not really white himself he could buy some cream from 7/11 to smear on face and arse. Later today Führer Donald comes. He will apologize for not having done anything for thousands of countrymen who died from the virus and later explain that certified murderer Prince Mohamed bin Salman has never been his friend and he hates him. Like Jeffrey.
  7. The Republican convention starts to remind me of the Nazi Reichsparteitag about 85 years ago. No political substance, just wild propaganda.
  8. "...and our local azzclown is too busy fixing the world while his country is burning down... "
  9. You speak the truth. This female Republican nutcase from Georgia for example did not make any secret from her QAnon-support and more absolutely sick theories. Their voters said she stands for the values of their country. Which in case of Georgia would probably mean cheap labour and slavery.
  10. Objection, your honor. Poverty does not make people honest. It still depends on the individual character. It just appears to be easier to regard members of the HiSo community as dishonest.
  11. Well, due to genetic predisposition he would lie, wouldn´t he? Thank you for enlightening me.
  12. Gentlemen, today til further notice they refused to give me a vaccination by saying I am too young. This is a refusal that I can accept and is in line with the lovely Pam´s evaluation " Bubi you like young man". I am not sure if this satisfies Cav´s request for a final doomsday report for Germany but it is a start.
  13. (CNN)Donald Trump Jr. was deposed as part of the Washington, DC, attorney general's lawsuit alleging the misuse of Trump inaugural funds, according to a new court filing, the latest investigation in which the former President's children have surfaced. What does this mean? Cannot find a definite translation of " deposed". Hopefully incarcerated or similar.
  14. As it is the best time of the day in all-of-Bangkok when they are setting up the stalls, the sun goes down and the city prepares for the night. How much I miss it all and where else would you find anything like this. Let the good times roll and the Sunday Stick come back, we dont´t live for ever .
  15. I try to explain slowly so that you have a chance to follow this time, further try to avoid unfounded misinterpretation of other peoples statements. 7.850.000.000 People total 328.000.000 People USA 2.500.000 Dead total 500.000 Dead USA Which means 4,17 % of the world population and 20 % of all deaths. Which is what I tried to say and nothing else. If you now wish to put the figures into relationship with the average temperature in Soi 4 or deaths / million in the USA you are welcome but have to realise that deaths/million is a different approach, has nothing to do with my numbers and leads to a different result which is about 0,15 %.
  16. I give Germany another two weeks and it will be gone. No money, public unrest, whole industry fucked, public health system in pieces, thinking about emigrating to the United States. Ted Cruz is the solution.
  17. I have another one for you : USA covers 4 % of the world-population but 19 % of all Covid-deaths. If we now look deeper into semantics we might dig too deep and Can cannot follow any more . Let us stop here .
  18. Because it is the USA thread .
  19. And other than with your disposed of liar-in-chief the police has been knocking at the door of this arsehole yesterday.
  20. Very true very true, just that Coss did not show any statistics but a number saying 500.000. Anything wrong with that? Roughly guessing I might interpret that with Trump administration showing any interest in dead Americans it could be less.
  21. Sorry to hurt Cav´s feelings again but : "Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor" Vaguely I remember to have speculated on this fine board that even Trump-assigned judges might feel responsibility towards the state of USA and decide in favour of the rule of law instead of simply showing loyalty . There is hope .
  22. Cav, as usual I agree with you. This ubiquitous transgender shit makes me sick really. I Germany they are now planning to let people decide about their sex at a certain age. Maybe I go there and declare myself a diesel operated female squirrel and insist on my human rights. The next thing on my hatelist ( Donald already deleted) is the goddamed Cancel Culture.
  23. Gentlemen, this is now important. Everybody in Europe knows that I am one of the few guys who after thinking deeply do indeed usually find the truth. I did a thorough research about the origin of the recent huge fire in California and here comes what I found: a space-based big Laser which has been financed by a family of Jewish bankers caused the blaze. There we are, did you know that? I fully stand to what I found out because the source is of sacrosanct quality: a woman whose name is Marjorie Taylor Greene, rising star of the republican Party and recently endorsed by Donald himself. I think that this woman in a joint effort with Ted Cruz, a man full of empathy for his freezing Texan fellow citizen will make America great again. One big great madhouse, probably.
  24. Mr Mekong, what is it that you wish to tell us by this? Wait with de-icing til they can use hand-woven helis which are driven by the juice of the avocado-fruit?
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