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  1. Bull shit. Looking ems happiness just means they went to suk. Thailand has a huge range. Your fantasy's are not included.
  2. Don't do a threesome with a cop and you should be ok.
  3. What a awful website! http://www.ais.co.th/serenade/en/contact-for-join-with-us.html Can't find a email This happened to someone else I know, just called They will reply but they close I think 9pm thai time. Not too sure on that. callcenter@ais.co.th
  4. Flash - your not very up to date Close up from the war room pic in the other thread, note Obi has a PS4 actually!
  5. Nice pics of the war room watching events unfold
  6. Or you can decide it's the best solution for you economically, Economic slavery doesn;t sound cool though, so let's make up a bunch of other stuff so we get NGO $'s Seriously, a bloke I know in PP a few years back was commissioned to do a study on trafficking into prostitution, i.e. forced. Instead of the 1 million commonly quoted he found 400, a rather smaller number.
  7. The one swimming is, I thought you;d like her, dam, do you like trolls instead?
  8. Flap Jack, well you take a young lad like Ramone or Jack, and you, well, anymore and that;d be gay! Who ever heard of a Flap Ramone anyway?
  9. I've just been speaking with Old Hippie, hard to see him, the steam in those rooms is thick, But he declared if I started a thread about the favorite food of gay lumberjacks, he'd return, So I have done that, Olllddd Hipppiiieeee Ollddd Hipppieeee, Speeeeeek to meeeeeeee Either you or Ramone will do, Ramone was very nice the way he offered to towel me down too.
  10. I had a mate who said he say them, FARK, they still sell magic pizza's in PP?
  11. She;s cute too, just did a tour of Cambodia - played at one of the old infamous bars that's reinvented itself.
  12. It was a slow week in the village
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