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  1. Bull shit. Looking ems happiness just means they went to suk. Thailand has a huge range. Your fantasy's are not included.
  2. Don't do a threesome with a cop and you should be ok.
  3. What a awful website! http://www.ais.co.th/serenade/en/contact-for-join-with-us.html Can't find a email This happened to someone else I know, just called They will reply but they close I think 9pm thai time. Not too sure on that. callcenter@ais.co.th
  4. Flash - your not very up to date Close up from the war room pic in the other thread, note Obi has a PS4 actually!
  5. Nice pics of the war room watching events unfold
  6. Or you can decide it's the best solution for you economically, Economic slavery doesn;t sound cool though, so let's make up a bunch of other stuff so we get NGO $'s Seriously, a bloke I know in PP a few years back was commissioned to do a study on trafficking into prostitution, i.e. forced. Instead of the 1 million commonly quoted he found 400, a rather smaller number.
  7. The one swimming is, I thought you;d like her, dam, do you like trolls instead?
  8. Flap Jack, well you take a young lad like Ramone or Jack, and you, well, anymore and that;d be gay! Who ever heard of a Flap Ramone anyway?
  9. I've just been speaking with Old Hippie, hard to see him, the steam in those rooms is thick, But he declared if I started a thread about the favorite food of gay lumberjacks, he'd return, So I have done that, Olllddd Hipppiiieeee Ollddd Hipppieeee, Speeeeeek to meeeeeeee Either you or Ramone will do, Ramone was very nice the way he offered to towel me down too.
  10. I had a mate who said he say them, FARK, they still sell magic pizza's in PP?
  11. She;s cute too, just did a tour of Cambodia - played at one of the old infamous bars that's reinvented itself.
  12. It was a slow week in the village
  13. <> Unlike the USA which sends them to a trip to Cuba, which USA citizens aren't allowed to go too The irony!
  14. Young Farang lives, well I guess he's Middleaged Farang by now it been that long! Welcome back, when we going out drinking again, I know a great bar wall to wall girls!
  15. If Notthenation closes we're really in trouble
  16. There aren't that many strangers really, I've even met BB, wasn't unpleasant, quite nice even, I think he bought me a beer But a fight corner is just silly, far too much work to modersate
  17. I DO like Sam's and the owner/manager whatever has said he;d give us a discount
  18. So with the polling over, it's no to a fight club and yes to politically themed sexy girls by bust in the news thread?
  19. Agreed, GREAT city to live in, however no idea why a tourist would ever visit it
  20. Wonder what he did for a living?
  21. Shit i forget. I was banned here for flaming myself. i did one of my usual name changes. And then jokingly flamed myself. A mod quite correctly banned me. I think funniest thing happened to me here banned for flaming myself..
  22. Years ago on ASFO two posters used to always fight with each other, sometimes others but mostly each other.Poster A and Poster B Then one day there's a fight, but under the same name of Poster A, a few hours later Poster B comes back and explains he and A live in the same house and share a PC The unanimous verdict of ASFO was that the guy was just arguing with himself,
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