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  1. Hi, Apologies for that - some forums seem ok with links but some don't; obviously it's your forum so it's your preference and I'm happy to respect that. If you would like to put the links in, I'm sure it would help readers, but if not, that's fine. Will remember for next time!
  2. And then this Maxim model had to quit after a dodgy video about her advertising an erectile dysfunction pill popped up (so to speak) http://www.pattaya24seven.com/blog/maxim-girl-axed-over-drug-vid/
  3. The biggest ebook guide to Pattaya is out now. 'The Ultimate Guide to Pattaya 2013' features reviews on dozens of the city's best beer bars, gogos and clubs, along with tips on the top restaurants and hotels in the resort. Its 20 chapters are packed with information that can help everyone from the seasoned expat to the complete newbie. If you want to know about where to play golf, get health care or just find the best breakfast in town, this 80,000-word ebook has the answers. Written by an experienced travel writer, this Pattaya ebook is a great way to discover all that the city has to offer.
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    Can't think why a Japanese girl would work in Pattaya when they could earn treble back in their homeland. In terms of non-Thais, there are a number of (pricey) Russian gogos along Walking Street, and one bar half way down that seems to attract African girls. The closest thing to Japanese I can think of is to head to Sriracha (40 min drive) where there are stacks of Japs and a good number of Thai girls who do their best to look Japanese.
  5. Soi Six Looks like the 'crackdown' has started already in some parts... everybody's favourite street, Soi Six, got raided last week Love the idea of letting street performers and face painters take over instead, though there are probably enough clowns here already.
  6. OK, so here’s a question for you: why is it that Thai society generally accepts ladyboys without much fuss, but Thai law offers them few rights or protection? Not being much of an expert on the subject, it just seems odd that while most people tolerate or accept them, when it comes to the law a ladyboy is always going to be a man. Could it be that ladyboys are seen as people to be pitied under Buddha teachings (in the sense that they must have been doing something wrong in a previous life), so they’re not deserving of protection or legal status? Is it still true that gays can’t join the army as they’re deemed to have a ‘mental illness?’ This story on transsexuals and Thai law sums things up pretty well. It just seems funny that in a country renowned for ladyboys, the country’s laws don’t recognise them at all.
  7. Burma is having elections pretty soon. Obviously everyone knows the result already, as nobody there has any choice but to re-elect the same old regime. The Burmese people live in complete poverty while their general live in mansions. And they’re rightly aggrieved. But what about over in Singapore, where the idea of democracy is just as fragile. I found a story here about human rights in Burma and problems in Singapore. Elections in Singapore are just as rigged as those in Burma, with opposition parties effectively gagged, at least according to this report on Singapore security. I understand why Singapore gets away with this, as it’s a political powerhouse in the region, but why is it that you never hear about the problems there? Is it because they’re just as good as keeping bad news from the foreign press as from domestic papers?
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