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  1. Trump lost fraudulently Helped you out. you half bake
  2. Propaganda butt monkey it is obvious that this all over your head. Go back to concentrating on Russian whites pissing the bed. Well.... It is obvious that is even over YOUR head.
  3. This is over the head of the propaganda butt monkey how can that be? Oh the propaganda butt monkey believes that a germophob would fly to Moscow and pay Russian whiores to piss on him. O k I get it.
  4. Steve you as the resident thai360 race beater, we know what you are saying. Steve you are saying "Niger get back on the plantation."
  5. Flash is this a reference to Wille Brown cock sucker?
  6. Hang in there Cav. It's obvious the Commie Globalist are in melt down. I guess they can not handle losing. They should save their powder the grand show is yet to come. Makes you wonder why Commie Globalist propaganda butt monkeys can never see a big picture.[well we know] If it was not for CS putting on socialist Jimmy Dore you would think all Commie Globalist were complete idiots. They bring nothing to the table but gas lighting. But the butcher, I mean fake surgeon, fake psychiatrist [what ever] brought up something of concern, with saliva drooling out his mouth he brings up assassination. The Commie Globalist have been using assassination and genocide since the Bolsheviks when they can not win any other way. Now they have a Bolshevik leading in the polls and they thing they can taste blood. Gotta go guys my wife made reservations at a resort for Valentines day.
  7. Bull Shit Call; You love Hillary, Billy, O.B. and all the rest of the globalist one world order crowd. It is quite clear that every post you make butts up to the globalist propaganda. Can you say propaganda butt monkey boys and girls.
  8. Here we go again the propaganda butt monkey is weighing in on a subject he knows nothing about. All this is well documented. Reasons this is happening. Rand is a constitutionalist. The left and the globalist one world order crowd does not want America to have a constitution, bill of rights or guns. With those they will not get their global one world government. Also Rand is on a key Senate sub committee. He has voted against key Soros, Rathchild initiatives meant to help them take over some third world countries. Those are some of the reasons he is being targeted by the left. But you are right he could change something he could be a butt monkey.
  9. is Cav, Seething Frog said this morning that Jockstrap is done. Although I heard some where else that JocKstrap is coming out with a book.
  10. t Butt mokeys are not capable of critical thinking.
  11. I'm guessing you didn't get the propaganda butt monkey memo.
  12. to have I ask beause I can go on and on about this picture. The Bush-Clinton crime family. And I agree with Coss. Trump should be sentenced to have 100 Russian whores piss on him for sending Melania into that den of satanist pedos.
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