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  1. Just did a quick circuit of NEP all levels. Have not been there in years. Not a bathtub or any foam in sight :-( I guess that bar may have changed. Dropped in to Baccarra, that used to be a favorite haunt. 9pm and wall to wall Japanese, not even a spare seat. Didn't stay. It was most off putting to see many (most) of the girls upstairs had boob jobs. Guess the Japs must like it. Quite honestly a slim girl with a great figure with two half footballs stuck on her chest that jut straight out .... just looks downright wierd! :-) Found solace and just what I was looking for at a couple of MPs.
  2. makings of a sitcom here me thinks
  3. Don't panic! I do have some morals.........
  4. Cairns has very little to offer. Just the stopping off point for the Barrier Reef.
  5. Haven't been to NEP in years. Mostly SC. But will certanly take up the hint......... thanks
  6. As an example of wierd people, doing wierd things, in a wierd setting, to a wierd person........ That's WIERD! Sorry I think I need to lie down........ I hope I can sleep tonight
  7. I will be having a trip to BKK soon. First one in quite a while. Why is it the older I get.......the younger my tastes in TGs get ! So the question is........where is the best place these days to find the younger working girls. And I mean legal! Hence 18-19. I often frequent Baccarra and find some of the Uni Students upstairs very appealing. Quite a few in the 20-22 age group. Is there anywhere else worth trying for the 'younger flesh'? Any tips appreciated.......... RF
  8. Yes, that's the problem with HPV. It never actually goes away. Though I have not yet had any recurrance of the symptoms. (the lumps) Although I seem to recall the Dr saying that if hit with a high dose of anti biotic within 3 days of exposure it cam stop the virus taking hold.....
  9. Hmmm. Might have to check it out. Have not been there for years...
  10. Hi, I know this is an old thread but the title grabbed my attention. Just MHO Whilst like many I love dining at the Y, I have only done it once with a P4P girl. Actually at a Soapie. We both loved it. Never seen a girl enjoy it so much. She practially pushed my head into her pussy! But only once. Why? Because I caught HPV as a result! Almost impossible to get rid of. Thank fully I went straight to my doctor and after calling me a dumb cunt, he filled me with enough Anti Biotic to protect me for life! When buying the anti biotic for the injection, the pharmacist asked why such a big dose? What is it for? Be warned, it doesn't just hapen to other people. It can happen to you too.........
  11. Rice-Fever


    An old thread I know, But often passed this place and wondered. Is it any good?
  12. OK, we know what a turn on the 'penguin' look is in BKK. The black and white uniforms of the students and the way they 'customise' them. But there are other fashion styles that tend to have the same effect. At least on me. A favorite is the Japanese Kogal look, derived from customising the Japanese High School uniform. It normally consists of the pleated plaid skirts (shortended) or the sailor suit uniforms. For those not aware of the look, here are some examples.......My link It should be noted that these girls are, as far as I am aware, very prominent porn stars/models as opposed to actual 'school girls'. I guess like many Asian women they look way younger than they are. Not looking for under 18s !!! So the question is...... Given that there are all manner of P4P pleasures to be had in BKK and the fact that many Japanese guys are catered for in BKK......it seems highly likely that there are some places that might specialise in or offer the Kogal of Japanese School Girl look! Any thoughts or suggestions? By the way, I had a trip to Tokyo last year. Fleeting visit with Mrs RF in tow. And Yes, the Kogal fashion was certainly in evidence! Very distracting. Not many places where girls actively take on a fashion look that makes them look like their younger school girl 'sisters'. Bit strange..........but no complaints!
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