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  1. gene1944

    Usa Thread

    I'm shocked that Donald's name is so small.
  2. gene1944

    Article From Today's Bkk Post

    Ready to be laid Work will start soon on the first half of 1,200 kilometres of double-track railway lines in the East and Northeast, the SRT says.
  3. About year 2000, I was offered an American Passport by a document vendor on Khao San Road for $1,000. No idea what price might be now.
  4. gene1944

    Food Land Bkk

    About 2 or 3 weeks ago, Stickman's column said Soi5 Foodland will open Dec 2011.
  5. gene1944

    Best rate? ATM or stack of cash

    ATM offers the best rate and you should use the Aeon bank machines to avoid the outrageous Thai bank 150 baht fee for each ATM cash withdrawal transaction.
  6. gene1944

    General Legal/Marital question

    In the US, the document to transfer your interest in real property to another person would be called a "quit claim" deed. In some states quit claim deed requires notarization and/or recording it with the local deed registration body to make it official.
  7. gene1944

    How's Your Area?

    I was in foodland on soi 5 about 3-4PM. It was jammed with people with 8-10 people standing in each of the 6-8 check stands. The aisles were so crowded, you could not move a cart thru them. People were buying everything and I would estimate 250+ people in the store. Noticed that the cashiers did not look happy, probably worried about getting home. Took la Dee restaurant was also jammed and no seats available.
  8. gene1944

    Town Hall Meeting 5-18-2010 at 2:00pm

    I tried to sign in at 4pm and was told they were over subscribed or something to that effect. Nothing on website about a transcript.
  9. gene1944


    Tonight, I overheard a middle eastern guy complain on Soi 5 that he wanted to exchange money but no exchange booths were opened. He was asking other middle eastern looking people to help out but he had not found any takers for the cash he had in his hand. I saw on the internet that all financial business were on holiday for the next two days so hope you can wait until Wednesday.
  10. gene1944

    Harold Stephens ill

    I know he said he had a place in Northern California but I don't remember the town name. It was definitely not a big city. Perhaps in the Humboldt county area? Sorry, it has been 12-13 years.
  11. gene1944

    Harold Stephens ill

    I don't know him well but met him one night at a book store in Palo Alto, CA where he showed slides and gave a narrative of his adventures. I had the opportunity to chat with him briefly. He seemed like the kind of guy who one could listen to all night long as he spoke of his adventures. What an amazing life! Sorry to hear he is ill.
  12. gene1944

    The BTS is shutdown.

    There were hundreds of soldiers near the Asok station this morning at 8am. They walked down Suk in small groups of 12-15. All were carrying rifles with magazines in place. When I walked thru the area about 9am, there were still dozens of armed soldiers lining Suk. every 10 feet or so down to Soi 15 (both sides of street) and up on the BTS walkway. Not sure where the other soldiers disappeared. There was also a large army truck broadcasting over a loudspeaker but don't know what they were saying. Some of the normal vendors were not in their usual positions along Asok this morning. ALso many soldiers near the Asok BTS station entrance on Suk but not on Asok. Suspect something is up or about to happen....
  13. gene1944

    Sad News - Robert of Downunder RIP

    Was he blond haired guy with a stocky build?
  14. gene1944

    Phoenix Country Club, Pattaya

    Spiceman, My comments were a jab at the frugality reputation of Scots. I am sure there are many generous ones.