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  1. fotojourn

    Aussie meat pies

    I have no idea what they are. Maybe they're forced out of the pie when they vacuum pack them. They didn't seem to have any taste though. Obscure brown, droplets
  2. fotojourn

    Aussie meat pies

    Totally agree. Even cooking with the absorbent paper and vent holes the casing was still a bit limp. I'd like to see how they went in a convection oven. I mentioned the change of color in the review and think they might be using a bit too much, or perhaps the wrong type, of grease in the shortcrust mix. Shortcrust pastry is usually 50% grease (butter, margarine, lard) to flour but a commercial mix might be different. Still, the inside is pretty good after the gazillionth plates of rice or soup
  3. fotojourn

    Aussie meat pies

    The steak and mushroom has beef pieces and a richer, darker gravy.
  4. fotojourn

    Aussie meat pies

    Exactly. But if you can find another review by someone else then your welcome to point to it. But seeing there isn't any... Now that people know about them they can do their own reviews here It's a cultural thing. If you're not Australian you won't appreciate the importance of a good meat pie review. The pies are a new line for BigC following its purchase of the Carrefour operations in Thailand. There's also a whole range of exotic meats from SPF going in - crocodile, frog, beef steak, bulk duck and wild boar. Expect to see different product lines but less choice at BigC as the full effect of the merger comes into affect -- according to my contacts.
  5. Up to 145,000 refugees living along the Thai-Burma border are now reported to be in fear of forced deportation following comments last week by the governor of Trat told media last week that the Thai government should consider asking them to return voluntarily. The comments have caused concern to the residents of nine refugee camps in Thailand, which have been home to the refugees for the past 30 years. Refugees have continued to move back and forth across the border since a fresh wave of fighting broke out in November last year. The border area remains heavily landmined, and civilians are often forced to porter for the Burmese army. There have also been rumours that the Burmese army has threatened to confiscate property belonging to the refugees unless they return this month. Saw Albert from the Thailand-based Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) said that the refugees could face problems obtaining food and accommodation if they are sent back soon, particularly those who fled years ago. Source: Democratic Voice of Burma
  6. haha. Not at all. Half of me thinks Google is very evil, despite what they say. But the fact is they control the internet search market and there's no getting away from that. They got caught a couple of months ago with the JC Penney link buying deal where Penny's went from #1 in search results to oblivion and then brought out their new "panda" algorithm and this +1 button will give them a lot of user feedback. Forget about the information being shared with other people you know who use ANY Google product, it's the information it's going to give to Google that is more important. Especially once it's available to put on every piece of content on a website. Even these posts in this forum will be able to be voted on. Now that's a serious lot of information they're going to be collecting and I have no doubt it's going to be part of the way pages are graded in Serps very quickly. It's particularly going to hurt people who use other "off-page" techniques to get their websites onto page one of Google search.
  7. I heard last week the proceedings are stalled because the attorneys for the car driver want the van driver to be held equally culpable because she was switching lanes.
  8. I physically saw this happening at Mataram Immigration in Indonesia and wrote about it a few years ago. In Lombok facial features are fairly similar and each morning before immigration opened to the public they'd bring people in and do about 10 or 20 sets of photos and complete all the paperwork including fingerprints and then the agents would collect the passports in the afternoon and distribute to their customers. Great money spinner for the local immigration office and the agents.
  9. Seeing a lot more reports though of foreign law enforcement agencies involved in local arrests - or even just involved in pointing people out like the British did in the in the original story. But instead of him being arrested and deported, his visa was canceled and he was deported (so back to country of citizenship). Stopped a squabble over countries mentioned trying to get him back to their jurisdiction for sentencing.
  10. Boeing have now said that the microcracks are occurring in the 737 classics at less than half their estimated flight cycle, hence the inspection order for those that have done 30,000 take-offs and landings. Nok's 737 are 19-years old and THAIs are 15 - the factory build "life" of a 737 classic is 20 years, though there are plenty flying that are older than that. As of this morning THAI is still "waiting on the FAA". Seriously, THAI know how many flight cycles their aircraft have done. They don't need to wait for anything. And none of the Thai newspapers have written anything about it that I'm aware of, yet Australian and UK newspapers ran stories referring to their respective carriers.
  11. bust, please read again. The [Walkley] awards (plural) are the highest awards in journalism in Australia and the Gold Walkley is the peak Walkley Award each year. How do you suggest citing references to external topics without links? Citing external sources is the accepted practice on forums to verify what is being posted. Posting the full source material is a breach of the third parties copyright, or generally too long to post. Funny, but you invite people to describe themselves and when they qualify what they do, where they work, it's advertising? Where is the line drawn?
  12. No it shouldn't be in the tech section. This is about business. If you own a website you're most likely using it for business purposes. As far as spam goes chuckwoww please post your website so we can see how well that does in search. I'll even post a free site appraisal here so every one can see what a website positioning genius you are. Where does your website stand in search for the keywords your customers use to find you? The +1 button will give Google huge amounts of information and will quickly affect search results. With the +1 button you can only +1 once for your Gmail account. Some people might try and game it, but no doubt Google will be able to filter those people using multiple Google accounts to do that by IP filtering. When Google first talked about page load speed lots of people ignored the talk. Now page load speed is one of the 200 or so different signals that Google uses for positioning websites in search results and it was only five months from when they first started talking about it as an issue, before it became a Serp ranking signal. Read the full story before making silly comments, and if you don't understand SEM and how websites are part of your business, not technology, refrain from commenting please.
  13. fotojourn

    Aussie meat pies

    Hi ozpharlap, There's a full review and more photos available by clicking the link. At BigC they are Bt80
  14. I'm an Australian national with more than 20 years' experience as a journalist, photographer, videographer and copy editor. I've spent extensive periods of time working in Africa and throughout Southeast Asia and previously held senior editorial staff positions with various Southeast Asia English language publications and international news agencies. As a photo-journalist I'vecovered major world events including the 1991 pillage riots in Zaire, the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the 1999 East Timor independence unrest, the 2004 Asian tsunami, and the 2009 Songkran riots in Bangkok. In 1995 I was a Walkley Award finalist, the highest awards in Australian journalism, for my coverage of the 1995 Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) Ebola outbreak. Visit my photo-journ's newsblog [sorry, but I do not allow free advertising like that - KS]
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