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  1. baa99

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    Feeling a little peckish?
  2. baa99

    Prizes for Nutters

    Ya gotta have a dream.
  3. baa99

    Login problems

    It could be your browser is too out of date. Don't think browsers that can run on XP have been updated in a long time.
  4. baa99

    TIT. Thank God!

    ... and then found my wallet, watch, and mobile missing.
  5. baa99

    4K porn

    Ultra HD BluRay The prevailing opinion is that HDR has a greater visual impact than the higher resolution.
  6. baa99

    Tablet bends 'like ancient scroll'

  7. baa99

    The Anything Goes Music Thread!

  8. baa99

    4K porn

    It was probably just upscaled to 4K from DVD! Most movies are shot to appear best at 24 fps. So set cinema mode on the TV. Check the bitrate of the video. True 4K video will probably be above 100Mbps.
  9. baa99

    4K porn

    Porn is always on the cutting edge of technology.
  10. baa99

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    That's better than British cars!