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  1. baa99

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    When did Asia Books close? I visited the store last Dec.
  2. baa99


  3. baa99

    The Big Picture

    http://www.thailandbilder.se/panorama/BaiyokeSkyTower/ Big, big panorama of Bangkok.
  4. baa99

    Coronation Question

    Is the Coronation period a public holiday in Thailand?
  5. There was a lawsuit over this selfie,
  6. baa99

    Return of the dildo

    There is a rise in 3D printing.
  7. baa99


    I saw you!
  8. baa99

    Unrest cycle risks repeat

    ... or the opening hours of the bras?
  9. Life is better for the generals!
  10. baa99

    How to make big tech do the right thing

    Google does not operate in China.
  11. Maybe take 100 baht of the farang price to visit national parks. That should more than cover the costs!