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  1. baa99

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    I expect the designated insurance companies will increase their rates for farang.
  2. baa99

    Thailand finally has a government!

    Not open to debate in the LoS.
  3. baa99

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    When did Asia Books close? I visited the store last Dec.
  4. baa99


  5. baa99

    The Big Picture

    http://www.thailandbilder.se/panorama/BaiyokeSkyTower/ Big, big panorama of Bangkok.
  6. baa99

    Coronation Question

    Is the Coronation period a public holiday in Thailand?
  7. There was a lawsuit over this selfie,
  8. baa99

    Return of the dildo

    There is a rise in 3D printing.
  9. baa99


    I saw you!
  10. baa99

    Unrest cycle risks repeat

    ... or the opening hours of the bras?
  11. Life is better for the generals!