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  1. baa99

    The Covid-19 thread

    Yes they do! That is what makes them useful. One can predict the next solar eclipse, how a car performs in a crash, the flight characteristics of an aircraft, the sensitivity of an antenna, the spin of the proton, the spectrum of black body radiation, etc.
  2. baa99

    The Covid-19 thread

    That shows a lack of scientific knowledge. Climate models are NOT polls. They are based on Physics and Chemistry, not a phone poll. A popularity poll will not change the conservation of matter and energy.
  3. baa99

    The New Yorker Cafe

    Fits pretty good!
  4. Australia has been deporting convicts to New Zealand! https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/sep/08/i-was-petrified-the-new-zealanders-deported-from-australia-despite-decades-working-there
  5. baa99

    The New Yorker Cafe

    http://www.moggmogg.com/ mogg is housed in an old red brick former jewish girls school on berlin’s august strasse, designed by alexander beers in 1927.
  6. baa99

    The Covid-19 thread

    https://www.cbs7.com/2020/07/08/west-texas-doctor-goes-viral-with-claim-of-covid-cure/ “I just want to caution everybody to be careful,” Dr. Larry Wilson, CMO at Midland Memorial Hospital, said. “If it’s being described as a silver bullet, if you’re hearing about things that are just so perfect that it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” In the aforementioned interview, Bartlett also claimed that other nations, like Taiwan, have been using a method similar to his, and that it’s the reason that country only has seven COVID related deaths among its 24 million people. “That’s seven people dying out of 442 total cases,” Wilson said. “Which is about a 1.5 percent mortality rate, which isn’t different from the mortality rate in Midland. So there hasn’t been a reduction in mortality [in Taiwan]. And the reduction in cases is related to social distancing, face coverings, and protecting oneself from exposure.”
  7. it is all about the pistachio nuts.
  8. baa99

    China Thread

    These should be worth a few million in China.
  9. When you control the water you control life.
  10. These travel bubbles are not tourist friendly.
  11. I have to stay with her. COVID-19 isolation rules.
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