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  1. baa99

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    That's better than British cars!
  2. baa99

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    I bought her a European car and she left me.
  3. baa99

    Germany Thread

    Cav is too busy fending off those aggressive Montenegrins!
  4. baa99

    Street Vendors To Get Kicked Off Khao San Road

    The one with the 7/11 shop!
  5. baa99

    Street Vendors To Get Kicked Off Khao San Road

    ... but it's true for all of them!
  6. baa99

    Rescued Thai Boys Speak To Press

  7. baa99


    Yep, Trump has his Russian supporters in the UK.
  8. baa99

    World Cup Highlights! It's On!

  9. baa99


    But Scotland wants to stay in the EU! Much of what you claim were from Scottish scientists and engineers.
  10. baa99


    The EU made a convenient scapegoat for Brits dissatisfaction. Plus some thought they were voting for 350 million pounds infusion to the NHS, which was a complete lie. Now the Brits lot will be a bit worst. The multinational companies that used the UK as a gateway to the EU will downsize in the UK and grow in a EU country. Plus they will still have to meet all EU standards to export into the EU, but now will have no say in those regulations! Like I said before the UK had a sweet deal with the rebate and opt-outs.
  11. It is quite common for the Chinese to be on a tour package, so they didn't select the boat.
  12. baa99

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Snatched (2017) When her boyfriend dumps her before their exotic vacation, a young woman persuades her ultra-cautious mother to travel with her to paradise, with unexpected results. Got a few chuckles on a transcon flight.
  13. baa99

    Wifi Iphone Gps?

    Well, how many burned down barns were there?