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  1. In Bangkok, are there any special events happening around Loy Krathong?
  2. Sprinkle hot chili pepper powder around your abode.
  3. Soi 7, that would make a nice little respite on my sojourn from Soi Nana to Soi Cowboy and back.
  4. Oh yes #33. I have a photo of her enjoying Songkran on Soi Cowboy. She thought of me as a brother.
  5. Why should a little rain stop rugby?
  6. Sites with https have secure channel. You can use a VPN to hide the sites you visit.
  7. Waze is available in Bangkok. Waze Map I doubt your phone is even capable of 1gbps. 10mbps should be sufficient.
  8. It can record your MAC and the sites you visited.
  9. I use Waze for navigating in the USA. Maybe it works in Bangkok.
  10. Flash, What data plan did you get and how is it working for you?
  11. You're right! It has risen 6.6cm since 1993. NOAA
  12. Maybe Canada can get younger players.
  13. Potholes can be of util.
  14. It comes from #23. She was a prime BG in her day.
  15. If you get a stagnant air mass, then the air pollution can build up to high levels. Crop burning is usually done during the dry season.
  16. Has anyone tried the 40B buffet by Lumpini Park? The buffet starts 3min into the video.
  17. https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/air-pollution/dangerous-air-quality-returns-to-bangkok-readings-up-to-233-today Unseasonal, poor air quality has descended on Bangkok and surrounding suburbs threatening people’s health. The problem, which filled the headlines at the end of last year, has returned to parts of the capital over the weekend. Readings up to 233 have been recorded this morning, well in excess of the 50 micrograms per cubic metre safety level. That means that the general air quality is now ‘very unhealthy’ (chart below).
  18. baa99

    5G available?

    ... and you can travel to S. Korea to get 5g!
  19. I thought most Chinese visited in tour groups and didn't spend much.
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