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  1. People bar hop. Rarely do they restaurant hop. :xmsgrin: Remember the Thong Lor cluster that was traced to  infectious people visiting several clubs?

    The real reason for the delay is the real vaccination rate is lower than the official figures and the Sinovac needs a (non-Chinese) booster. :_pumpkin:

  2. On 11/4/2021 at 4:16 AM, buffalo_bill said:

    All incoming tourists have to pass repeated tests, so they find everybody. What would happen if they test all over Thailand at the same rate? No idea.

    It won't find every infection. It can take up to 2 weeks from the day one is infected to testing  positive for Covid. A test 3 days before arrival and a test at the airport. So that is a 4 day span.

  3. 18 hours ago, Mekong said:

    You would have thought they would have tested it on the most popular browser, I suspect they are using EDGE ( Internet Explorer by a new name)


    Edge uses the Chrome backend, so if it works on Edge it should work on Chrome. I think it's just random errors on an overloaded and under tested system.

  4. 17 hours ago, Mekong said:

    Where did I say they should use LEPU ATK? All I said was ATK

    Did you know that all Thai State Hospitals have Stopped using Lepu test kits and now for home use only, try to keep up with current ongoings.

    As a point the LEPU trust kits are more than 50% accurate so I guess your coin flip does not apply either, 

    Lepu 45.5% sensitivity.

    Accuracy of novel antigen rapid diagnostics
    for SARS-CoV-2: A living systematic review and

    SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDTs) are increasingly being integrated in
    testing strategies around the world. Studies of the Ag-RDTs have shown variable perfor-
    mance. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we assessed the clinical accuracy
    (sensitivity and specificity) of commercially available Ag-RDTs.

  5. 23 hours ago, Mekong said:


    For an educated man such as yourself the “Flipping a Coin” analogy is way out.

    Coin Flipping is 50% where as ATK are 90% therefore 9 times more accurate.

    9 times, surely I mean 1,8?   …  No I mean 9 times. 50% is 1:1 whereas 90% is 9:1 hence 9 times more accurate.

    Anyway, Mathematica games out of the way, whilst I agree that Antigen Testing is Less reliable than Polymerase Chain Reaction I then question why Thai DOPH are using ATK and not PCR on the local population and the answer comes down to cost. PCR being more expensive than ATK https://medex.co.th/service/covid-test/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pcr_th_clicks&utm_term=pcr test bangkok&utm_content=book_pcr&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI896A1rjV8wIVsJlmAh1hHQTZEAAYAiAAEgLlVPD_BwE as an example.

    So the question I am raising is if ATK, it’s results in 15 minutes, is good enough for the local population, why force the more expensive PCR testing and the inherent “Few hours wait in a government approved hotel” for results on tourists. His reeks of yet more money grabbing from the tourists by the Thai government 

    Thailand bought the test kits from China. So your 90% doesn't apply. 

    The Chinese company chosen to purchase the kits from is certified by the Thai FDA, but on May 28 the US FDA issued a warning that test kits produced by Lepu Medical Technology have a high risk of incorrect results and have been pulled from the US market.


  6. 22 hours ago, Mekong said:

    And you do realize that the Travel Pass will be used to track your location.

    As for Random Testing (aka Swap Hubs) why are they using PCR (chain reaction) testing where results take time , i.e Time in Hotel awaiting results when they use ATK Rapid Test Kits (Antigen Test Kits) with near instant results for locals. So tourists will be charged extortionate rates for PCR test and Hotel Bills.

    How can they differentiate between Chinese and Singaporean tourists and Thais, without watching the Chinese eating that is, so xenophobic bias towards Farangs,  thus reinforcing Anuntins believe that Covid is caused by dirty Farangs.

    So many questions and so few answers.

    Rapid Test Kits they are using aren't accurate. Flipping a coin has the accuracy. :_pumpkin:

  7. On 10/15/2021 at 12:36 AM, Specialist said:

    Some of us decline the vaccination because we've already had the disease, are aware of the concept of "natural immunity", believe that it actually works, and see no reason to take two injections that, for us, apparently have no medical value.

    I had COVID-19 in March of 2020.  I have not been reinfected, despite the fact that about one out of eight Americans is now confirmed to have had COVID-19.  That's lots of opportunity for exposure since I had it the first time.

    I expect that I will eventually be compelled to get it, so that I can once again visit Bangkok and see friends I haven't seen in far too long.


    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson avoided questions about his vaccination status during a meeting with the media on Thursday.

    Jackson has tested positive for COVID twice, once in Nov. 2020 and once in July 2021. He would not reveal whether he would get vaccinated ahead of the upcoming football season.

    “I want to keep that between me and my family and the doctors. That’s all,” Jackson told reporters, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley.

  8. 11 hours ago, Flashermac said:

    They were arrested for a very simple reason. Making or appearing in pornography is illegal in Thailand. Have you forgotten about Nong Nat and the police going after her? The policed released her after a waning and a small fine. I expect that will happen here too.


    p.s. Everyone knows the police are watching all posts in Thailand, but apparently this couple thought they were special. Guess what, they ain't! 



    So how many Thai cyber cops have a subscription to Onlyfans paid for by the government? I am sure they are spending hours everyday scrutinizing the site. Probably working from home. :xmsgrin:


  9. 17 hours ago, Coss said:

    Thank you Bust - that is the correct response.

    Kong, before Google got going and they were still talking about their algorithms publicly, I was building internet stuff, and I said then, and I say again now, "Truth by popularity will end badly".

    MPIH - the jury is out on her mammaries, but the nether regions, are all natural, you can't fake a hippo posterior.

    Brazilian butt lift, :neener:


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