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  1. We have something in common. After all these years I still find it repulsive to report every 90 days as if I'm a criminal... Wife thinks I should get used to it, I've tried, I've tried hard but in the end I can't...
  2. Many, many years ago I remember you (FJ) entering the bar for the Nanaplaza get-together and you informed us that you had to catch your flight home later that night. Within an hour you left to hit the bars 'one-more-time' before flying out. Real trooper!
  3. Got a good (private) offer on our 5 yo Toyota Prius that was getting a bit tired so we went to Toyota to look for a replacement. This time a truck since the road to our house has been (and will be again) in a bad shape. There was a special discount (50.000 baht) for stock REVO's and we specified the salesman what we wanted. Basically a 2.8 auto, 4 door, 4wd. He promised to make a detailled calculation of the base price, discount & freebies. He called my wife three days later and invited us to the showroom for a test-drive & negotiation. Went there, drove the car and he then told us that our specified model was NOT in stock anymore and therefore couldn't give us the 50.000 baht discount. I left the showroom, the wife sawadeed here and there and followed me. Two days later got a telephone call from someone up the ladder asking us to come back because they wanted to keep us as Toyota customers and wanted to re-negotiate. The offer was 30.000 baht and I declined, then the offer was raised to 40.000 and I declined again. They couldn't go any higher. I said, ok, let's meet in between the promised 50.000 and your latest offer of 40.000. They asked us to wait a while and came back with an ok. Got the usual freebies like film, bed liner, mats, discounted accessories and the commission someone gets if he/she brings a customer to Toyota. All in all a nice deal and delivery is scheduled for next week.
  4. Toughed it out as well. Apart from one shot of morphine I haven't taken pain killers at all. Pain is an indication to slow down and I don't like to have that masked.
  5. I’m pretty sceptic about the quality of care at local hospitals in our area (Mukdahan), seen it first hand. In case of an emergency they put you on an IV and then three things can happen. You die; problem solved, you suddenly get beter; problem solved. But if you don’t die and you are not getting any better; they will send you to another hospital where three things can happen… A little over three weeks ago I developed a fairly big lump on my groin and because it appeared overnight, I visited the hospital (Mukdahan International Hospital). It was diagnosed as an inguinal hernia and because of of the possibility of strangulation of the intestines I needed surgery fast. Back on Thursday for an appointment with the surgeon, blood-work, x-rays of chest & spine and a very optimistic and funny surgeon who couldn’t wait to get it done. With my back against the wall I was admitted two weeks ago but boy was I scared. All my funny remarks about local hospitals worked against me and although I have been under the knife a couple of times before, I couldn’t relax and my mind was racing to find a reason to call it all off. There wasn’t… Got irritated when an IV was administered and then was asked to sit in a wheelchair in order to be wheeled to the X-ray department. Could have done this the other way around; me walking to the X-ray department and THEN the IV; talking to deaf mans ears came to mind, Wheeled to the room; a nice one (the most expensive one) because great for the wife to show off and I thought ‘this is probably the last room I’m ever going to see so it better be a luxury one’. Within no time I was picked up and brought to the theatre and a spinal was admitted by the surgeon himself . Images of being paralysed for the rest of my life entered my brain, the legs got numb and one thing was sure now; couldn’t run away from it anymore. Arms were strapped like Jezus on the cross, one for IV and one for blood pressure. Got really, really dizzy and told one of the male nurses about it. Got the classic reply ‘Alai Na?’. The surgeon picked that up and asked me in Tinglish if I wanted to have my wife besides me. This is Thailand and within a minute of so my wife’s face appeared next to my pillow. Felt the cut, no real pain but you know someone is somehow cutting into your tummy and immediately smelled the aroma of burned flesh. Wife asked me what that smell was and when I told her they were coagulating the cut she almost passed out. When she got her act together she started to be interested in the procedure and was looking ‘over the curtain’. She even filmed it with her iPhone. Thoughts of preparing a Koi dish probably entered her mind… Then I realised I could wiggle my toes… A little later I realised I could ‘feel’ my feet… 25 minutes down the line and it’s almost done, layers need stitching up and I start to feel that. Four layers are to be stitched up and the pain is increasing with the minute. I bite my teeth, i’m not going to complain because that will only complicate matters. The upper skin is stitched and the pain is almost too much. Almost done, almost done says my wife. And then it’s over and I’m wheeled back to my room and need to lay flat for 8 hours… It’s three in the afternoon and until eleven I’m not allowed to sit… ok, go with the flow. Normally the lower half of the body is supposed to be numb for 4 to 5 hours but within an hour I can lift both legs. The wound is very painful but a shot of morphine does wonders… At six my wife feeds me some slices of pizza and the nurses think that this is very funny, a falang on his back being fed pizza by his wife. Finally 11 o’clock and I’m out of bed seconds later, dizzy and wobbly legs but I’m up, need to get the circulation going. The next day I’m up and walking slowly thru the corridors of the hospital; I’m supposed to stay here for 5 days but I’m gonna show them that I’m fine and ready to go home. In reality, I’m not ready, it hurts like hell and every step is torture but I have a profound dislike for hospitals and there’s no better bed than my own, at home. Doctor visit at eleven and he is willing to let me go home the next day if the wound looks ok and the dressing is changed. Day three the the wound looks fine to the doc; dressing changed, where are my clothes? Gotta go home! Day four, five, six and seven I have great difficulty walking the stairs, getting in and out of bed and every thing I do makes me awful tired. Spend a serious amount of time in bed watching movies, movies & movies. The next week I’m relearning to sit, the area of the incision is very tender and the mesh is getting in the way, I feel it sitting somewhere near my groin. And, the skin is very tender as well, a whole area is kind of numb but also feels like it has been badly burned. Stitches removed on day eight and the surgeon seems happy. I’m in the third week now and it’s getting better by the day, energy levels are better, skin is still sensitive but feels also a little better. Getting there but slowly. Some small neurological side effects from the spinal; a numb (but sometimes tingling) area on top of my left foot and occasionally my left little finger and side of my left hand appears to be ‘sleeping’. We’ll see if that improves over time. All in all I’m very happy with the outcome and impressed by the job the surgeon did, it’s not all bad what happens here in Isaan Hospitals.
  6. The Velvet Underground - The Gift: 'but why not mail himself? It was absurdly simple. He would ship himself parcel post special delivery...'
  7. Oh yeah, I would certainly prefer that but I have to travel over 600km to get there so that is once-in-a-while... So at home I would like to have my fridge stocked with things I can't get so easy...
  8. OK, an update. I have contacted Pim of dutchfishbypim and asked if he knew how to get kroketten & frikandellen. To my surprise he had them in stock! Not imported but they are coming from Dutch Snacks Chiang Mai. He buys & resells their kroketten & frikandellen en Dutch Snacks sell his herring! So last Saturday my package arrived with (again) haring, kroketten & frikandellen. The frikandellen are pretty good, would give them an 8+, the kroketten are ok but (for me) nothing out of the ordinary. So if you urgently need a dutch-snack-fix, I would say 'contact him'. Regards, Nongsung
  9. Well, I could suggest that to him, who knows?
  10. Green Parrot, I'll try to remember that for when I'm in Bangkok. Here's the link: http://www.dutchfishbypim.nl
  11. Craving for some Dutch food I came across a friendly Dutch guy in Hua-Hin that imports haring from the Netherlands! Had him send a couple to me in Isaan (by night bus) and man, picked it up at the bus station (still frozen) and an hour later I was in (Dutch) heaven. White bread from Laos, herring sprinkled with some fine cut onions... wow. Don't know if anyone is interested and don't know if I can post the link. Regards, Nongsung
  12. Town Lodge Suk. Soi 18 (suites) or S15 hotel in Sukhumvit.
  13. Well, the boerenkool is the dry variant combined with puree, but from Maggi. both that & the Gelderse rookworst I ordered through the internet (heimweewinkel . nl). Nongsung
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