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  1. Thai Lovelinks, Thailand Friends, Date in Asia (once you get past the Fili girls) Craiglist are all good sites but you will need to work out who is a freelancers and who is a GTG. Expect to upset and offend a few.

    Or you could always splurge out on Kitty Kitty :hubbahubba:


    hmmmmm. hadn't thought of craigslist; could be good but then again, such a hassle to set up a meeting and then be disappointed. oh well, that's just how it is :-)

  2. not enough time now to write at length but i've always had a good time at 5 star in soi cowboy. sure, they don't have the best looking babes and their live band isn't the tightest but 1) i've never been ripped off there after going there for years 2) the girls don't bug you like a bunch of flies; if you say no thanks, they take the hint and leave you alone 3) the live band is made up of really nice guys; they'll take requests if they can and they'll let the drunk farang sing his lungs out on stage if you're into that.


    just my two cents =)

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