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  1. Awesome advice.. i'm on a filipino dating site now... Soooooo many beauties there.. going to head to Cebu soon..
  2. I went to the local filipino embassy yesterday for an open day, yes lots of beautiful filipina girls there and the people are really friendly.. but the food.. Its got nothing on LOS food.. fatty deep fried with not much taste.. i tried a few dishes too.. It must be like the Holland of Asia... eg. you have to be local to enjoy it.
  3. Im hearing you.. I was with my Aussie wife for 11 years. she was 18 blonde and Beautiful when i met her and shes still not too bad.. She had been abused by her father as a child and she ended up being quite a drinker and a smoker, and all the moodiness that goes with that.. She ended up leaving one day and then took up with some bogan. I was devestated at first, but i am loving the opportunity i have now. Yes in hindsight, i should have encouraged her to deal more with the demons of her past (Like with counselling).. some things are hard to fix.. I think I ended up being the target of the hatred she had fer her father.. Next time I will make sure I dont start with damaged goods. I think it put me off Aussie chicks for good. Kind of creeped out by the abuse that went on under the veil of the catholic church too... About the third question I ask a girl when i chat now is 'what is your dad like?' It's a critical one... its how she learns to love a man.. My problem is my mum used to talk too much so i 'switch off' and don't listen... also im fussy about stuff like not using metal utensils in a Teflon frypan... Is there a woman out there that doesnt do this? Fuck im rambling on... Cheers Gentlemen
  4. My theory on why Thai girls are so sexually free, they've never been given the Catholicism guilt trip. my mum went to a catholic convent school, they were told to spread Talcum powder on the water of the bath so they wouldnt look down and shame/sin.. I love this forum.. its Gold.. Great collective knowledge here.. Im chasing Filipino now (on web for now).. hopefully i find one thats not too Catholic. Anyone been to Cebu?
  5. Article I'm not sure if you would have come across this, its fairly big down here in Australia, particularly in our {matriachal}, PC capital. White ribbon day.. a pledge of non-violence against women.. The origins of it are a particularly nasty event in Canada. I've always been a bit uncomfortable with this white Ribbon day.. Not that im a wife beater.. I'm against most violence, but most of the violence i ever came accross was two blokes beating the shit out of each other in a pub. The article has some intersting comments in the feedback at the bottom of the article. my own thought is that it shouldn't just be about women.. it should be about all violence. anyway have a look at it. it an opinion piece in ABC online (Australia). http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/3695186.html Cheers all
  6. So much knowledge on this site.. Yes I have dated a Chinese girl and agree, not very easy going. What about Japanese? Cambodians ? Cheers again R
  7. Yes the Filipinos looks like good value, many speak good english too. on the downside some are a bit plump.. must be the spanish/American influence? Does anyone know the sucess of getting 'takeaway'? As in take a girl back home get married and so on... what works? Cheers.
  8. So im thinking of heading up to Asia again, but maybe somewhere different, im thinking Vietnam.. Any recommendations there? has this been discussed before? I had vietnam suggested to me by a Thai girl who said that Vietnamese girls are very beautiful.. from what ive seen in Australia, I'm inclined to agree with her.. I love Thai girls, but I find it hard to get used to the nose of the Thai lady, its broad, flat appearance.. does anyone else have this problem? Should i be looking elsewhere? Cheers
  9. el diablo

    Days 3-7

    Day 7.. My first chance to post again.. has been a big week. I’m off today, back to Australia. Days 2 was about trying to mentally push her away, being wary, paranoid, etc... Day 3 was stopping that fight, giving in and going with it, enjoying her beautifully loving way. I lapped up all her love sand attention, also enjoying other attention from girls over here, Thailand has been good for rebuilding my shattered ego (After breakup with wife). It took me a little while to get used to her body, after my ex who was all tits and ass (and gut ïŒ ) now when I see her walking through the room with her tiny bum, Its hard to imagine going back to a big ferang style ass. Actually I have learned that she is somewhat anorexic, she often goes to the loo after a meal, drinks prune concentrate. I learned from a trip to the hospital with her that she weighs ~38 kilos. We got HIV tests at the hospital.. 1800 baht, seemed like a good investment. At the end the doctor calls you in and opens your results from an envelope and informs you of your result.. was actually a bit scary, although I had checked the data, 1 in 100 Thai’s have HIV, just 1 in 10,000 Australians do, although it is mostly gays and IV drug users in Australia. We even got certificates to say we were free of HIV. After that some condom-free sex was nice ïŠ.. cant get used to those things.. We spend the days shopping, seeing a movie, going to the dentist, eating… my gut still trying to get used to Thai food. I may have picked up a tummy bug somewhere.. maybe the water.. Have a strong memory of walking past a beauty salon one day (my thai girl was not around) and there were about 15 beauties in these pink uniforms all standing in a row, singing a song with their hands praying. I think they must have been trainees, it might have been a national anthem they were singing. I stopped, looking at these stunning girls, the one on the end closest me looked at me, I smiled, she blushed and smiled back. That smile. That’s the most addictive thing about Thai girls. I did plan originally to take off on the weekend and go down to Samui and meet another girl down there. I didn’t end up doing that… I would have felt bad.. I’m annoyed I didn’t get to meet some other girls I had chatted to online.. my Thai girl was with me the whole time.. It was pretty intense… im actually kind of over sex for a bit i think.. Really enjoyed her love and kisses, being fussed over, choosing clothes for me.. … my girl has been so good to me. She wanted to got matching rings with our names on them yesterday.. she talked a bit about marriage and stuff.. which is a bit scary.. She cried last night.. I even got a bit teary.. I’m still a bit of a mess after breakup with wife. Overall its been an incredible week.. l;ots of time in bed, and an incredible short concentrated relationship from a lovely girl.. my only regret is that I didn’t get to meet more thai girls. Thanks for all your tips and advice too. R.
  10. el diablo

    Day 1

    cheers for all your sage advice.. She is on the phone a lot, actually even more of a worry, she has two phones... whats all that about..DOnt even want to think.. I dont think she is a disco bunny, she has two kids at home. This was playing a lot on my mind yesterday.. consequently, i'm less interested in sex, although still enjoying the whole thai gf experience.. i cant be two harsh on her texting and phoning though, as i have a whole bunch of girls i was chatting to in Thailand so double standards... She does talk about marriage and kids and stuff... but logistically, she knows that i cant leave Australia and she cant leave Thailand..
  11. el diablo

    Day 1

    Greetings fellow travelers My objective for getting away to thailand was to find happiness after my wife f%$ked off on me 4 months ago. Today I have a smile on my face. I flew in yesterday at 2am, didn’t sleep on the plane and it was about 3.30 when I got to hotel. I had a restless sleep, I woke up and knew I was meeting Thai gf for the first time at 9, so I went to go and have breakfast at 8:30 and then I saw her standing at the lifts, she had turned up early. She was the most beautiful, petite thai girl I have seen, beautiful face with fair skin and.. she is tiny (less than 150cm, maybe 45 kilos). We hugged, had breakfast, then she asked me if I wanted massage, despite her slight weight she managed to crack my back, then we had a morning of awesome sex, she is really sexual and seemingly insatiable. One thing she wasn’t keen on me going down on her. Is this a cultutral thing here? I was really looking forward to chowing down on some pussy. Did some shopping together at the mall together.. I got to see some other beautiful thai girls there. Seemed to get a bit of attention too.. finally, being a skinny white dude is paying off . I seem to be the only ferang around here (Thonburi). Came back to hotel, more sex (I only came once all day because I’m not used to wearing rubbers) had dinner down by the river, back home more sex and off to sleep with this beautiful bird of paradise in my arms. The language barrier is a bit hard. I’m wondering a bit how it will be in a few days, but I’m pretty happy right now. The plan B I have is a young (21) girl in Samui.. would be nice to break out of BKK for a bit.. seems like a long way to travel though.. hmmm Cheers R
  12. cheers. i hear you guys on matters of teeth too. WIll just get the implant done this time.. has anyone flown with emirates? they seem to be the cheapest at the moment.
  13. i think I have to trust this girl.... take a risk.... see what happens catch up sounds like fun too.. is it a lads only night? re: "Trust no one and try and trop you trousers with as many Darlings as possible" I prefer quality to quantity.. Will keep you guys informed Cheers again.. awesome forum R
  14. Some gold advice here, cheers.. it's annoying because you want to believe the facade.. I will say this, I am mainly after some lovely company, I'm not looking for a new wife just now, my heart is sealed up in a box at the moment, so i hope it wont get broken. I hear you guys, and assure you i'll run at the first ask for money.. she seems quite well off though, nice two-storey house. I was also going to get a missing tooth done while im there. could anyone recommend a dentist to get an implant/Crown (basically a screw into jawbone with a false tooth built on it). Cheers
  15. Hi there I Live in Autralia, am 42 and work in government. About 4 months ago my wife called me up at 5pm to tell me that she had moved out (after 11 years). Coincidentally a week later i had to be in Thailand for a wedding, I almost didn't go because i was a bit of a mess.. but did and.. and fell in love with the place.. I have since been on the TLL site and have a gf from there who lives in bkk. I was planning on going over to see her next week , and spend a week together. She is 30 and about a year out of a marriage breakup too, her ex still lives in the same house, as they have kids. she doesnt want to move out of thailand, and i cant move there.. it is all a bid hard in terms of seeing each other. Anyway, i'm wondering what to beware of in this situation? I was going to stay in a reasonable hotel, just planned to hang out with my thai gf, see some tourist stuff, eat, swim, get thai massage and relax for a week.. Cheers all Rich
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