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  1. OK - we have a very famous Aussie, Japanese prisoner of war Tom Uren, who not only worked the Burma Thai death railway for three years, also got sent to Japan where he was 60kms from Nagasaki, and saw the sky change colour from the bomb. Mr Uren was captured by the Japanese in Timor in 1942 and after nine months in Koepang, a stint in Java and then a brief period in Singapore he was sent north to build the railway. He bore witness to the brutality and disease that killed 2650 of the 13,000 Australians who worked in the project. He suffered from amoebic dysentery. After the railway was built he was shipped to Japan to work in a copper smelting plant. He suffered malnutrition, contracted the tropical disease beriberi and, in August 1945, witnessed the atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki, He had spent three years as a prisoner of the Japanese, forced to work on the Burma-Thai death railway before being shipped to Japan to labour in copper and lead smelters. He was in a camp at Omura, about 60 kilometres from Nagasaki, when the sky discoloured. â€As I got to understand nuclear war and the nuclear industry I realised the dropping of those bombs on Japan was a crime against humanity,†he says.
  2. Notable Scottish Muslims[edit] Ali Abassi, Gaelic television presenter. Viscount Reidhaven, eldest son of the Earl of Seafield. Mushtaq Ahmad, lord lieutenant of Lanarkshire.
  3. <<old @nanaplaza.com email> Your not that old KS - you should get a new email address
  4. <<Battalion commander Col. Teerapong Chutinan apologized to the woman and gave her some fruit.>> Please tell me it was a Banana
  5. huumlaar


    The 2014 version of the SR has the kick starter still, it's pretty easy kick from all I have read, can be hand started. Electric starter is for scooters.
  6. Alfamaz, that is the one big problem with Agoda, no free call number, or even a chat number! If you do a search, there is a office in Bangkok you can call, but it's not publicized,
  7. Problem may be for me, I go direct as I use it so often it works out far better than Frequent Flyer points. one week away on work gives me two nights hotel albeit a far cheaper hotel, but i need to go direct to get that, me clicking your link wouldn't be worth my while
  8. I like Agoda, use it for work and get free hotel nights for the family. There is sometimes a glitch, the default date twice has been set to one year in advance, both times Agoda took the blame and fixed it for me.
  9. Not cheap but not over the top either, similar menu to Basilico but far better
  10. huumlaar


    SR400 - new one finally coming legally to Thailand, the second hand market I hope crashes
  11. I seem to remember they used to be in Soi 49 area? They used to be better when they had the Lemon Sherbet
  12. I've seen Missy, you wouldn't want the nudes
  13. <<Miss Scotland was there and got her crown knocked off and the Lord Provost of Glasgow was there too. The whole thing was shocking and I am totally embarrassed about it. >> I agree, I wouldn't be caught dead with Miss Scotland ot the Lord Provost of Glasgow!
  14. Too young, remember him well
  15. Now you'll see a large number of people using the number "3" in a lone social media post, Quite funny, best way to make something inocuous "kewl" is to ban someone from using it
  16. middle men = rice mills = those who didn't get the money
  17. MIT's complete courses are available for free, you can't sit exams and get a degree, but you can study what they teach for free The $'s are in the piece of paper, not the knowledge gained.
  18. Really? OK - I go with Hawk, or racing pigeon.
  19. A young female teacher was way out of line wacking the boys including mine, so I met her before school, told her my son thought she was a great teacher, but that wacking any child in the class would not happen, She was a bit argumentative, so I suggested she think about how much larger she was than my son, then I suggested she think about how much larger I was than her. Silence as I had my not happy look on my face, "So how about you never touch a single child again, and we won't need to have a conversation like this again. And you won't discuss this with your class, if you do I am more than happy to discuss this with your headmaster, right now if you want. As we both know, a teacher was sacked last year for spanking kids after a parent complained." Then I thanked her for being a great teacher, told her I am glad my son respects her, and I hope we have an understanding. She was good after that, left the school 6 months later. I have no remorse, happy if he had been spanked for something wrong, which he is capable, but not arbitrarily, good teachers don't need too.
  20. Remember that the Thai army is based in a large part on conscripts, as opposed to many more professional, smaller armies elsewhere, These lads may have their hearts in one place, orders in another, which would make it hard,
  21. It's a pet owl or eagle? Only cars with buck teeth can park here?
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