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  1. michaleo

    Nong Khai Bars

    This girl cookes perfect Pad Si Iuu and Gai workes in the Nee Bar It's nice to be there
  2. michaleo

    Nong Khai Bars

    One bar is situated next to another There are nice and funny girls working One bar is called Funky Monkey Bar, the other is the Nee Bar
  3. michaleo

    Nong Khai Bars

    Soi Nittapat tries to find a position as a new hot spot in Nong Khai It is in the center of town. I found some nice little bars in there
  4. Seriously?What's that? Hi to all. I am going to read a bit through this forum and write here and there something. Do you allow pictures from photobucket?
  5. Hi there everybody, my name is michaleo, I am working in Switzerland, and I am often in the Isaan, I am 58 years old. My hobbies are photography, history and gastronomy, especcially hotels and bars Pleased to meet you!
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