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  1. Well, I can't see any reason to give yourself a day or two lee-way... Seeing as you can renew ANY yearly extension of stay 45 days early out at Chaengwattana. And before someone pipes in; NO!! You don't 'lose any days'. They just tack another year onto your current expiration date.
  2. This is only for people who live in Bangkok but it is quite a significant change.. Starting Sept 1st, Chaengwattana Immigrations will stop giving queue tickets out at 3:30 although they will still close at 4:30 (or when they take care of every queue ticket outstanding). They're doing this because some of those areas weren't finished serving customers until a full 3 HOURS after Immigrations really closed! A friend went for his ED visa extension a week or so ago, he got there at 2PM or so and got his extension stamped into his passport at 7:45PM!! Then he had to walk all the way to the mouth of Chaengwattana Soi 7 because the free shuttle stops and all the taxis leave that area in front of Immigrations when the government complex closes. Anyway, here's a pic I took of the announcement they have taped up all over the immigrations office (sorry it's blurry)
  3. StoneSoup; If you had to post this 1,893 word (7,884 characters w/out spaces or 9, 901 characters with spaces) how-to so a; dim- nit- half- (insert your favorite prefix for) "wit" could renew their 5 year thai driver's license, you're posing, err posting in the wrong place... Christ, we ain't sequencing the human genome.. It's a driver's license..! BTW: you only "usually" get a 1 year "temporary license" and after that you get a 5 year.. There's no, "couple of one-year renewals", that I've seen, unless you don't hold the right extension of stay to get a 5 year license.. Still, I guess it's good info..
  4. Congratulations cavanami!!! Don't forget to go back into the system and print your receipt of successful reporting. It looks almost exactly like the bar coded receipts you get when you do a report in person and has the next date you're due to report.
  5. Well, gawguy I've been called a LOT of thingz in my time, (especially when it comes to my take on "all-thingz-thai") but this is the first time I've been accused of giving an 'academic explanation', 555+. I'm just a dumb hillbilly from ohio and a cunning linguist I am NOT.. Your reluctance to use เจอ totally makes sense in the context of it's a by chance meeting, not anything you purposely set up or routinely do. thanx for the thanx
  6. It would be understood as are most things foreigners say with squirrelly constructs (because we get a LOT of latitude) but.. ไม่ได้ is 'not able to'.. To negate a verb you don't have to add ได้ to it, just put ไม่ in front. คุณ seems a little overly formal if it's someone you know, but that could just be me never ever addressing anyone as คุณ. Thaiz will use the word "face" like ไม่เห็นหน้ามานานà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§; (or หน้าเธอ if it's a gurl meaning "your face") Haven't seen (your) face in quite a while. Really the เธอ isn't needed; in one on one conversations NO ONE needs to use pronouns and both the speaker and the listener know they're first person statements. Just a curious question, why don't you wanna use เจอà¸à¸±à¸™? It's far more colloquial like; ว้าว! เราไม่เจอà¸à¸±à¸™à¸¡à¸²à¸™à¸²à¸™à¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§; as in Wow! We haven't met in quite a while..
  7. At least you managed to get thru the process, so that's a HUGE plus! I've tried it with 5 or 6 different people here in Bangkok who needed to do their 90 day reports, all within the time frame. Not a single one would go thru past the first page without the dreaded "screen o' death";
  8. cavanami; IF you indeed got all the way thru the process, you most definitely got a reference number.. Now you might not have received an email about it (read below as to why), but from this screen, you could have printed the proof that you had a report pending; Just above that bar code is your reference number and just below that is the "print this" icon.. PLEASE NOTE; The "window of opportunity" for people to use the 90 day online program is from 15 days down to 7 days BEFORE the actual due date of your 90 day report. You can't do it earlier OR later than that narrow 8 day window, period. It'll never be processed. Also, I talked to Immigrations yesterday about people applying and NOT getting confirmation emails of a pending report or that the report was processed. They said IF you don't use an email from either; yahoo, gmail or hotmail the system will NOT send confirmations. You need to go back to the website and check the status yourself, either by using the reference number or by using your passport number, DOB & nationality. One last thing.. If you submitted a report online and it wasn't approved before the due date, you must go back into the system and cancel it, AND of course you must go do your 90 day report in person.. That's all I got..
  9. tod-daniels


    The word สี is indeed color, however it also carries the following other meanings too; 1. color; colors; paint 1b. [is] colored; painted; [of] paint 2a. to rub against; to abrade 3. to mill or hull rice 3b. a rice mill 4. to bow a stringed instrument The word สีลม is usually defined as a wind powered rice mill because that's what they were originally used for here. However it's just called a windmill now. It's almost a literal translation of the word สี using the meaning "to rub against" and ลม "wind" or a machine which rubs against the wind. This is from the Royal Institute dictionary; เครื่องสำหรับหมุนบดข้าวเปลือà¸à¹ƒà¸«à¹‰à¹€à¸›à¸¥à¸·à¸­à¸à¹à¸•à¸à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸‚้าวà¸à¸¥à¹‰à¸­à¸‡. Googling the history of ถนนสีลม Silom Road shows; ถนนสีลมสร้างขึ้นในสมัยรัชà¸à¸²à¸¥à¸—ี่ 4 พร้อม ๆ à¸à¸±à¸šà¸–นนเจริà¸à¸à¸£à¸¸à¸‡ ถนนบำรุงเมือง à¹à¸¥à¸°à¸–นนเฟื่องนคร เดิมเรียà¸à¸Šà¸·à¹ˆà¸­à¸§à¹ˆà¸² "ถนนขวาง" เดิมเป็นคันดินที่เà¸à¸´à¸”จาà¸à¸à¸²à¸£à¸‚ุดคลองเพื่อเชื่อมคลองบางรัà¸à¸à¸±à¸šà¸„ลองถนนตรง คันดินจึงà¸à¸¥à¸²à¸¢à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸–นนที่เรียà¸à¸à¸±à¸™à¸§à¹ˆà¸²à¸–นนขวาง ชาวต่างประเทศได้นำเครื่อง สีลม ซึ่งใช้สำหรับà¸à¸²à¸£à¸§à¸´à¸”น้ำมาติดตั้งที่ถนนขวาง โดยที่บริเวณทั่วไปยังเป็นทุ่งนาโล่ง เครื่องสีลมวิดน้ำจึงดูเด่นà¹à¸¥à¸°à¸à¸¥à¸²à¸¢à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸Šà¸·à¹ˆà¸­à¹€à¸£à¸µà¸¢à¸à¸‚องถนนมาถึงปัจจุบัน It says that foreigners ชาวต่างประเทศ imported ได้นำ a wind powered water pump and installed it in the area that is now called Silom. The windmill water pump was the focal point and people started referring to the area as Silom, nowadays it's the name of the road. On the wiki page there's a pic of a wind mill sculpture on Silom (notice how it's over water because as I said originally it was a wind powered water pump)
  10. Okay, despite my reservations about the program and the process. it appears that people have been able to use it, get a confirmation of their application being accepted AND getting the confirmation of their 90 day report being processed! It also works in Chrome or Firefox with a plug in that emulates I/E.. Just an FYI; I have a list of "problematic" Immigrations offices around the country which seem to delight in making foreigners jump thru hoop after hoop to get stuff done, I called them today and EVERY ONE of them said, "CAN!!" when I asked about using the 90 day online program.. The main problem with people getting error messages to contact their local Immigrations office seems to be the data Immigrations has on a person isn't what the person typed into the fields on the screens.. Currently there is NO way for you to enter your information and then check what Immigrations has as far as your address etc.. Still, it does work and there are reports trickling in from thai related forums on the inter-web that people are successful.. Good Luck, it's a small step in the right direction.. IF you get it to work post here so we can follow the success (and/or failures) of the process!!
  11. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news... BUT So far not a single person has been able to do more than get the confirmation that their application was accepted for processing.. It's a three step dealy. Apply, get the application accepted, go back check the status where it'll say processing, and then lasty get the final confirmation that you've actually done a 90 day report online.. I've followed this since immigrations piloted it and I've yet to find anyone who's got thru.. Then again, since it only really came online officially on April 1st, and it can take up to 7 days, lets see if it works. I hope it does start to work and at least when I talked to Immigrations in Bangkok which run all the offices country wide they said it is supposed to be used by everyone and that all immigrations offices have to accept that fact. That's great news because some of those little fiefdom immigrations offices up country charge a "handling fee" to process a 90 day report which is FREE to do.. Another one because of their penchant for requesting funds when people mailed in the report stopped accepting 90 day reports by mail and makes everyone trudge to their office... Let's see what happens..
  12. No disrespect intended or implied. Most definitely not meant in a mean spirited way either. I flavor my posts with a high degree of cynicism and treat everyone with equal amounts of sarcasm, be it thai or foreigner.. In that regard, I'm an equal opportunity disparager .. This being the glorious "Land 'O Thaiz" I doubt immigrations is dialed into the PDF versions of their forms, although another forum has them posted which I imagine someone converted from the Word files. Heck thai immigration's newest invention 90 day reporting online was designed to work only in Internet Explorer! Still, glad you got sorted out.. Sorry for ruffling your feathers. . .
  13. Google is usually your friend (unless you're too stupid to know what to type); Why not use the head thai immigrations website and their forms? http://www.immigrati...p?page=download
  14. Just a quick observation; In the nearly 9 years of living here and studying thai for 6+ on my own, I have NEVER EVER heard a single "real life Thai" (as in Somchai the thai on the street) say ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัภto anyone else; be it another thai or a foreigner when they're introduced. In fact, the ONLY place I've heard this phrase was in a Thai language school while observing a class of theirs so I could write a review about the school. I am firmly of the mind that most Thai schools teach non-native speakers a version of thai that sounds "non-native", "artificial" and most definitely "foreign". It's almost as if these people are teaching us a version of Thai they wish they spoke, but in reality don't.. No wonder we sound foreign when we speak after the b/s crap we're spoon-fed in Thai language schools... I concur with JaiRai; learning the ใจ words (both with ใจ in front another word and with it following another word) is beneficial. Just like learning the ขี้ words; which BTW just so we're clear about this; when ขี้ is used in front of another word in regards to a personality trait, it does NOT carry its base meaning of "shit/feces". It carries this meaning when used in front of nouns like; ขี้ตา sleep in your eye, ขี้มูภboogers in your nose, ขี้ไà¸à¹ˆ chicken shit, ขี้เถ้า ashes ขี้ฟัน stuff stuck between your teeth, etc.. When ขี้ is used as a modifier in front of verbs/adjectives/adverbs it is a negative personality trait intensifier.. Here's Thai-language dot com's ขี้ page; scroll down to 2 and read the words: http://www.thai-language.com/id/133007 Oh and here's the ใจ words too; scroll down to 3 and read the prefix/suffix words: http://www.thai-language.com/id/131628 Good Luck, keep at it, I know if I can speak something which resembles Thai enough so that these people (the thais) understand me and answer back in Thai, that anyone who really wants to can do it too.. After all I'm just a dumb hillbilly from Ohio who happens to live here.
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