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  1. Well, I can't see any reason to give yourself a day or two lee-way... Seeing as you can renew ANY yearly extension of stay 45 days early out at Chaengwattana. And before someone pipes in; NO!! You don't 'lose any days'. They just tack another year onto your current expiration date.
  2. This is only for people who live in Bangkok but it is quite a significant change.. Starting Sept 1st, Chaengwattana Immigrations will stop giving queue tickets out at 3:30 although they will still close at 4:30 (or when they take care of every queue ticket outstanding). They're doing this because some of those areas weren't finished serving customers until a full 3 HOURS after Immigrations really closed! A friend went for his ED visa extension a week or so ago, he got there at 2PM or so and got his extension stamped into his passport at 7:45PM!! Then he had to walk all the way to the mouth of Chaengwattana Soi 7 because the free shuttle stops and all the taxis leave that area in front of Immigrations when the government complex closes. Anyway, here's a pic I took of the announcement they have taped up all over the immigrations office (sorry it's blurry)
  3. StoneSoup; If you had to post this 1,893 word (7,884 characters w/out spaces or 9, 901 characters with spaces) how-to so a; dim- nit- half- (insert your favorite prefix for) "wit" could renew their 5 year thai driver's license, you're posing, err posting in the wrong place... Christ, we ain't sequencing the human genome.. It's a driver's license..! BTW: you only "usually" get a 1 year "temporary license" and after that you get a 5 year.. There's no, "couple of one-year renewals", that I've seen, unless you don't hold the right extension of stay to get a 5 year license.. Still, I guess it's good info..
  4. Congratulations cavanami!!! Don't forget to go back into the system and print your receipt of successful reporting. It looks almost exactly like the bar coded receipts you get when you do a report in person and has the next date you're due to report.
  5. Well, gawguy I've been called a LOT of thingz in my time, (especially when it comes to my take on "all-thingz-thai") but this is the first time I've been accused of giving an 'academic explanation', 555+. I'm just a dumb hillbilly from ohio and a cunning linguist I am NOT.. Your reluctance to use เจอ totally makes sense in the context of it's a by chance meeting, not anything you purposely set up or routinely do. thanx for the thanx
  6. It would be understood as are most things foreigners say with squirrelly constructs (because we get a LOT of latitude) but.. ไม่ได้ is 'not able to'.. To negate a verb you don't have to add ได้ to it, just put ไม่ in front. คุณ seems a little overly formal if it's someone you know, but that could just be me never ever addressing anyone as คุณ. Thaiz will use the word "face" like ไม่เห็นหน้ามานานà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§; (or หน้าเธอ if it's a gurl meaning "your face") Haven't seen (your) face in quite a while. Really the เธอ isn't needed; in one on one conversations NO ONE needs to use pronouns and both the speaker and the listener know they're first person statements. Just a curious question, why don't you wanna use เจอà¸à¸±à¸™? It's far more colloquial like; ว้าว! เราไม่เจอà¸à¸±à¸™à¸¡à¸²à¸™à¸²à¸™à¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§; as in Wow! We haven't met in quite a while..
  7. At least you managed to get thru the process, so that's a HUGE plus! I've tried it with 5 or 6 different people here in Bangkok who needed to do their 90 day reports, all within the time frame. Not a single one would go thru past the first page without the dreaded "screen o' death";
  8. cavanami; IF you indeed got all the way thru the process, you most definitely got a reference number.. Now you might not have received an email about it (read below as to why), but from this screen, you could have printed the proof that you had a report pending; Just above that bar code is your reference number and just below that is the "print this" icon.. PLEASE NOTE; The "window of opportunity" for people to use the 90 day online program is from 15 days down to 7 days BEFORE the actual due date of your 90 day report. You can't do it earlier OR later than that narrow 8 day window, period. It'll never be processed. Also, I talked to Immigrations yesterday about people applying and NOT getting confirmation emails of a pending report or that the report was processed. They said IF you don't use an email from either; yahoo, gmail or hotmail the system will NOT send confirmations. You need to go back to the website and check the status yourself, either by using the reference number or by using your passport number, DOB & nationality. One last thing.. If you submitted a report online and it wasn't approved before the due date, you must go back into the system and cancel it, AND of course you must go do your 90 day report in person.. That's all I got..
  9. tod-daniels


    The word สี is indeed color, however it also carries the following other meanings too; 1. color; colors; paint 1b. [is] colored; painted; [of] paint 2a. to rub against; to abrade 3. to mill or hull rice 3b. a rice mill 4. to bow a stringed instrument The word สีลม is usually defined as a wind powered rice mill because that's what they were originally used for here. However it's just called a windmill now. It's almost a literal translation of the word สี using the meaning "to rub against" and ลม "wind" or a machine which rubs against the wind. This is from the Royal Institute dictionary; เครื่องสำหรับหมุนบดข้าวเปลือà¸à¹ƒà¸«à¹‰à¹€à¸›à¸¥à¸·à¸­à¸à¹à¸•à¸à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸‚้าวà¸à¸¥à¹‰à¸­à¸‡. Googling the history of ถนนสีลม Silom Road shows; ถนนสีลมสร้างขึ้นในสมัยรัชà¸à¸²à¸¥à¸—ี่ 4 พร้อม ๆ à¸à¸±à¸šà¸–นนเจริà¸à¸à¸£à¸¸à¸‡ ถนนบำรุงเมือง à¹à¸¥à¸°à¸–นนเฟื่องนคร เดิมเรียà¸à¸Šà¸·à¹ˆà¸­à¸§à¹ˆà¸² "ถนนขวาง" เดิมเป็นคันดินที่เà¸à¸´à¸”จาà¸à¸à¸²à¸£à¸‚ุดคลองเพื่อเชื่อมคลองบางรัà¸à¸à¸±à¸šà¸„ลองถนนตรง คันดินจึงà¸à¸¥à¸²à¸¢à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸–นนที่เรียà¸à¸à¸±à¸™à¸§à¹ˆà¸²à¸–นนขวาง ชาวต่างประเทศได้นำเครื่อง สีลม ซึ่งใช้สำหรับà¸à¸²à¸£à¸§à¸´à¸”น้ำมาติดตั้งที่ถนนขวาง โดยที่บริเวณทั่วไปยังเป็นทุ่งนาโล่ง เครื่องสีลมวิดน้ำจึงดูเด่นà¹à¸¥à¸°à¸à¸¥à¸²à¸¢à¹€à¸›à¹‡à¸™à¸Šà¸·à¹ˆà¸­à¹€à¸£à¸µà¸¢à¸à¸‚องถนนมาถึงปัจจุบัน It says that foreigners ชาวต่างประเทศ imported ได้นำ a wind powered water pump and installed it in the area that is now called Silom. The windmill water pump was the focal point and people started referring to the area as Silom, nowadays it's the name of the road. On the wiki page there's a pic of a wind mill sculpture on Silom (notice how it's over water because as I said originally it was a wind powered water pump)
  10. Okay, despite my reservations about the program and the process. it appears that people have been able to use it, get a confirmation of their application being accepted AND getting the confirmation of their 90 day report being processed! It also works in Chrome or Firefox with a plug in that emulates I/E.. Just an FYI; I have a list of "problematic" Immigrations offices around the country which seem to delight in making foreigners jump thru hoop after hoop to get stuff done, I called them today and EVERY ONE of them said, "CAN!!" when I asked about using the 90 day online program.. The main problem with people getting error messages to contact their local Immigrations office seems to be the data Immigrations has on a person isn't what the person typed into the fields on the screens.. Currently there is NO way for you to enter your information and then check what Immigrations has as far as your address etc.. Still, it does work and there are reports trickling in from thai related forums on the inter-web that people are successful.. Good Luck, it's a small step in the right direction.. IF you get it to work post here so we can follow the success (and/or failures) of the process!!
  11. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news... BUT So far not a single person has been able to do more than get the confirmation that their application was accepted for processing.. It's a three step dealy. Apply, get the application accepted, go back check the status where it'll say processing, and then lasty get the final confirmation that you've actually done a 90 day report online.. I've followed this since immigrations piloted it and I've yet to find anyone who's got thru.. Then again, since it only really came online officially on April 1st, and it can take up to 7 days, lets see if it works. I hope it does start to work and at least when I talked to Immigrations in Bangkok which run all the offices country wide they said it is supposed to be used by everyone and that all immigrations offices have to accept that fact. That's great news because some of those little fiefdom immigrations offices up country charge a "handling fee" to process a 90 day report which is FREE to do.. Another one because of their penchant for requesting funds when people mailed in the report stopped accepting 90 day reports by mail and makes everyone trudge to their office... Let's see what happens..
  12. No disrespect intended or implied. Most definitely not meant in a mean spirited way either. I flavor my posts with a high degree of cynicism and treat everyone with equal amounts of sarcasm, be it thai or foreigner.. In that regard, I'm an equal opportunity disparager .. This being the glorious "Land 'O Thaiz" I doubt immigrations is dialed into the PDF versions of their forms, although another forum has them posted which I imagine someone converted from the Word files. Heck thai immigration's newest invention 90 day reporting online was designed to work only in Internet Explorer! Still, glad you got sorted out.. Sorry for ruffling your feathers. . .
  13. Google is usually your friend (unless you're too stupid to know what to type); Why not use the head thai immigrations website and their forms? http://www.immigrati...p?page=download
  14. Just a quick observation; In the nearly 9 years of living here and studying thai for 6+ on my own, I have NEVER EVER heard a single "real life Thai" (as in Somchai the thai on the street) say ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัภto anyone else; be it another thai or a foreigner when they're introduced. In fact, the ONLY place I've heard this phrase was in a Thai language school while observing a class of theirs so I could write a review about the school. I am firmly of the mind that most Thai schools teach non-native speakers a version of thai that sounds "non-native", "artificial" and most definitely "foreign". It's almost as if these people are teaching us a version of Thai they wish they spoke, but in reality don't.. No wonder we sound foreign when we speak after the b/s crap we're spoon-fed in Thai language schools... I concur with JaiRai; learning the ใจ words (both with ใจ in front another word and with it following another word) is beneficial. Just like learning the ขี้ words; which BTW just so we're clear about this; when ขี้ is used in front of another word in regards to a personality trait, it does NOT carry its base meaning of "shit/feces". It carries this meaning when used in front of nouns like; ขี้ตา sleep in your eye, ขี้มูภboogers in your nose, ขี้ไà¸à¹ˆ chicken shit, ขี้เถ้า ashes ขี้ฟัน stuff stuck between your teeth, etc.. When ขี้ is used as a modifier in front of verbs/adjectives/adverbs it is a negative personality trait intensifier.. Here's Thai-language dot com's ขี้ page; scroll down to 2 and read the words: http://www.thai-language.com/id/133007 Oh and here's the ใจ words too; scroll down to 3 and read the prefix/suffix words: http://www.thai-language.com/id/131628 Good Luck, keep at it, I know if I can speak something which resembles Thai enough so that these people (the thais) understand me and answer back in Thai, that anyone who really wants to can do it too.. After all I'm just a dumb hillbilly from Ohio who happens to live here.
  15. Don't believe everything you read in "some papers". There're more than a few multilingual people in the world who learned as adults. You sound more like you're making an excuse why you don't learn rather than offering out any fact about adults not being able to learn. Well, as long as you got your priorities straight. For me the motivating factor to learn Thai was out of spite. It came to me that it's probable that one percent of the world's population is smarter than I am, but it is a statistic impossibility that all 70 million of those people were thais in thailand.. I knew if they could speak/understand read/write thai then so could I. You get out what you put in, and early on you put in a LOT more than you get out of the language. However, once you get a good functional base line in the language, you start acquiring vocab and structure at an exponentially faster rate.. Suddenly things start clicking and making sense. You're never too old to learn. . . People who say that, are just making excuses why they don't learn Thai.
  16. That incessant overuse of the polite ending particle for male speakers ครับ but nowadays said as คับ drives me right up the wall.. In almost all my day to day interactions with these people in their language I never ever ครับ/คับ. I don't seem to be the worse for wear nor does it appear that these people respect me any less or more because of the lack of using it either. I take that back, when I use the phrase; hello สวัสดีครับ which has now morphed in colloquial speech to just หวัดดีคับ, I do คับ, but that's about it. Oh that phrase "Mekong" mentions ครับผม as an "abridged version" of the standard ขอบคุณครับ. . Actually it's a higher register version (more polite). It came from the phrase ขอรับà¸à¸£à¸°à¸œà¸¡ which over time got "blurred" or "worn down" to just ครับผม. . Sorry, I can't represent "Karaoke Thai" on this keyboard because I don't know where the diacritics are. They're labeled on the keyboard at my office but I'm at home. . "Dexi" there aren't a LOT of sounds in Thai that we don't have in English (seeing as you only listed one!). Even though English has a-e-i-o-u-y as vowels we can make close to 20-27 different sounds by combining them. Thai has 32 different vowels (14 long and 18 short) although some have the same sound. It's not that much of a leap to learn 'em. Sounds a lot to me like another excuse not to learn Thai.. Granted how to represent thai sounds in "karaoke Thai" (thai written in English) is a total crap shoot because of different accents when speaking/reading English.
  17. I honestly don't believe anyone is "too old" to learn Thai. I don't think there's a study out there which shows older people have a diminished capacity for learning. As adults we most definitely "learn" things differently than children but that doesn't always equate to being "slower" at learning than younger people. We store and process information differently as adults. The biggest impediment to learning Thai I see with "older people" here (as in adults over 50) is their lack of motivation and dedication to learn, NOT in their inability to do it. I've heard the same totally bull-sh*t excuses time and again, "I'm not good with languages", "I'm tone deaf", my thai (in)significant other "she sa-peak engrish good", etc. You don't learn Thai because you don't have the motivation to, plain and simple. Learning this language takes time TONZ of it, it takes dedication and practice. I also takes the desire to really want to communicate with these people in their language (mostly due to their abysmal grasp of even rudimentary engrish skills). If any one of those components is missing, you're gonna fall short of the mark.. You're most likely NOT tone deaf as only 4% of the world's population is truly tone deaf. When you say you can't hear the tones in Thai, it's because; native English speakers use tones to impart emotional value to what's being said. In fact if you're a native English speaker you routinely use ALL FIVE of the tones the Thai language has every single day. In Thai they have ending particles which convey that emotive value in what's being said. That's because Thai you can't vary the tone of the word (or the vowel length) without it becoming another word entirely. You're just listening for the tones in Thai sentences for the wrong reasons.. You hafta re-train your ears to hear the difference in the tone of particular words. Believe me any foreigner who really wants to learn Thai most definitely can. I mean ther're about 67+ million Thais here who seem to read, write and speak Thai just fine. I'm pretty sure they ALL ain't smarter than you are. Then again, given some of the posers, err posters on forums about Thailand, maybe I'm wrong. . . FWIW: I've never ever heard the phrase ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัà¸à¸„ุณ (Pleased to meet you) spoken by a Thai in real life. I have heard it as a "spoon-fed" phrase taught to foreigners in Thai langauge schools, but not once in meeting thousands of Thais here have I heard it. I do use ยินดี in situations like the one outlined by "Mekong" with a Thai borrowing their lighter, and there's nothing "slangy" about the constructs they used. That's boiler plate Central Thai... BTW: There's nothing wrong with saying the word เซ็ง to mean bored, it's just a colloquial way of saying เบื่อ, it's not even "slang" although the phrase เซ็งเป็ด (bored duck) means are bored sh*tless with something goin' on.
  18. Well "waerth": Perhaps we wonder about it because we have jumped thru the proverbial hoops the country has in place so we can "legally" work here. If I had to guess, I'd bet dollars to durian he doesn't have a Thai company, doesn't employ the requisite number of Thais to garner a work permit and probably doesn't pay Thai income tax. I'm not sayin' he ain't paying the เทศà¸à¸´à¸ˆ and or the Police money to have the stand there, or that he ain't makin' a living. I'm sayin' I highly doubt he's 'legal' to work. His thai is pretty ruff-stuff. .. especially after that long in country and with a thai significant other too. Flashermac had an excellent observation about what's called "situational fluency". As long as your controlling and/or having input into the direction of the conversation, some people can come off seeming like they're on solid ground Thai language-wise. However, the instance a Thai gives an "off script" answer or one they're not preprogrammed to understand from the conversation; suddenly they're on thin ice over deep water and come off like a half wit. It's the same as the Thai vendors which line the Soi's in tourist areas. They all possess enough English to ply their trade, answer the questions about their wares, etc. Yet go off topic and they get that deer in the head-lites look.. That guy in the video sucks up and lavishes the praises on this place and these people so much I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be who control the area look the other way. Thais LOVE a foreigner who sucks up to them. Plus given the highly regimented class driven workings of Thai society he's looked down on by almost everyone (whether he makes money hand over fist or not).
  19. Yeah, you probably did read it somewhere else, but not with the "thai gurl" or is that "tiger" slant. Sorry I always confuse thai-gurlz with ti-gers, because you never want to turn your back on either! I remember reading a similar story ages ago. However, after the time I've spent here I thought I'd freshen it up a bit.. Here're two jokes I got from the Thai guys I sit Soi side and drink with (FWIW; they're close to my age); What does an baby buffalo and a Cambodian whore have in common? They're both fun to fuck if your friends don't find out... Why do Thai guys like white skinned Thai whores? Because they already have a dark one at home that they have to fuck. Now those jokes were related to me in Thai and that's the closest translation I can come up with, where they "play" in English, still for Thai jokes, they're pretty funny.
  20. Obviously the 'tells' I used when writing the story should have tipped you off to something not being quite right and the "A tale with a twist part" too); *the "male" in the story never spoke *the terms cat-abouting and slink, Unfortunately they seemed lost on the first person "bust" who responded to this story with heartfelt advice to the character in the story.. Just for clarity; it is the story of a Soi side tom cat which has taken up residence with a thai woman and written from its perspective. Once again, it is NOT about a human bean, err being. The last two paragraphs should have clued you in as well. Rarely do guys clean spots on their tails (at least I don't anyway), scratch imaginary itches behind their ears, or jump up onto the table to eat canned tuna out of a bowl. Sorry the complexities of the story were lost on you. It was just an idea I'd had and thought I'd pen it out. Still thanx for the well intended advice about there being so many decent thai girls out there. Sheesh after 8 years here I hadn't noticed...
  21. "A tale with a twist." I came home at about 7AM after storming out of the house last night on the Thai girl I live with. We're not "exclusive", but live in the same apartment. I never bring anyone over and she isn't supposed to either. However, when I'd come home yesterday evening, the bed was rumpled and I could smell sex in the air. I mean I lost it, just stormed out, without saying a thing. I stayed out the entire night cat-abouting. Honestly, I wasn't really looking for anything or anyone. I just wanted her to know how I felt. Comin' in I could hear the shower running. Checking the kitchen there was nothing to eat. Usually she had breakfast waiting for me no matter what time I managed to slink in. I went and lay down on the bed, wrinkling my nose at the musty smell of sex still lingering in the bedding. Christ, she couldn't even wash the bedding on the bed we sleep in together? Most mornings she was up for some "quality time" before she left for work so I still held out hope. Face it, even as mad as I still was that kinda time would be fine by me. She came out of the shower, wrapped in a short towel, giving not so much as a glance at me, just walked into the kitchen. Not the frickin' "silent treatment" again I thought to myself. I don't know how I'm getting the silent treatment when she was the one who had someone over during the day when I was out. I sat on the bed a few seconds, and then glumly followed her into the kitchen, hoping for some acknowledgement, anything, but nope; it was as if I wasn't even there. I even checked to see when I passed the mirror if I had my "cloaking device" activated and was invisible, but there I was glowering back at myself. She put her lunch into the plastic containers she takes to work, packed them into her little lunch bag, turned and again walked right past me back into the bedroom. I was furious, and just sat there in the kitchen a while stewing, until I stalked back into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed one more time. She was putting on her make up at the dressing table like she does every morning. She looked over at me thru the mirror and said, "Oh you finally came home did you?" I didn't even bother to reply, I thought to myself, "Of course I fucking came home, I live here!" She finished getting ready for work, in her nice neat office attire. I hafta give her credit; she was a looker, long shapely legs, waist length black hair, almond eyes. I think that’s why I stayed with her so long. She walked into the kitchen to pick up her carefully packed lunch, again without so much as a caress or a sly glance when she passed me. I followed her into the kitchen leaning against the door jamb. She finally looked at me and asked, "You hungry baby, you want something to eat?" I thought to myself, WTF, of course I'm hungry! I didn't answer, just cocked my head and rubbed my back against the jamb. She reached into the cupboard, got a can of tuna, popped the top, dumped it unceremoniously into a bowl and set it on the table. Then she came over to me, ran her hand down my back, put her face against mine and sniff kissed me saying, "Be a good boy when I'm gone." She left locking the door behind her. I sat there glowering for a minute, trying to be mad at something. Then I pretended to clean a spot on my tail which was already clean, and scratched an itch behind my ear that wasn't really there. Finally, I jumped up on the table and started eating the tuna. Thai women, they ain't for every tom cat in Thailand, but I think this one might be a keeper. Time will tell...
  22. Actually, unless I'm mistaken the term is "ขึ้นสวรรค์" (go up/ascend to heaven); http://www.thai-language.com/id/205016 Face it, if you hafta tell a thai whore you shot your wad already, either with ถึงà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§ or เสร็จà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§ ; she's a pretty inattentive whore. I wouldn't worry about handing out "verbal praise" all that much either. The money you pay her is thanx enough. Remember, it's just a job to her, or to put it another way, to her, you're just another knob to polish..
  23. I dunno that I'd call a thai an อีดอภ(if anyone else was in ear shot) as that's a little coarse even for as blunt as I speak Thai to these people. However I highly doubt you're gonna get your "lights punched out", addressing a whore with it. I mean it's better than à¸à¸°à¸«à¸£à¸µà¹ˆ (gaLreeL); which is really the word "curry" from Malaysian but is slang for whore in Thai. I jokingly refer to the sex tourists here as "curry tourists". Still, even ruling out อีดอภfor anything but at home use with the thai significant other, there are a LOT of derogatory slang terms in Thai you can use and get away with IF you know the person. If you know someone really well and you run into them on the Soi, or they call you on the phone it is fine to say ว่าไงอีสัตว์ (waaF ngaiM eeM satL).. It's sorta like "What's up animal?". Obviously it refers to the Thai you're talkin' to as an undefined animal (you know thais and their penchant for animal descriptive terms).. I routinely greet the Thai younger teachers from several Thai languae schools who I know very well as อีสัตว์'s and I am not the worse for wear. Nor do I feel they take offense to it, seeing as I've known them goin' on 5 years now. The younger Thais just draw out the word สัตว์ really long like saaaaaaatL. I'd try, ไอ้เสือน้อย (aiF seuuaR naawyH) which is "you little tiger" and a sort of address like we'd use "you little minx"! There's also อีà¸à¸² (eeM gaaM) which is a crow. Now it is my experience Thais don't particularly like being called crows all that much. The times I've used อีà¸à¸² on thai gurlz I know and usually I get the retort of สัตว์พูดยังงี้ทำไม (Animal, why are you speakin' like this?). Off topic but perhaps of marginal interest; Nowadays the original phrase "How's it going?" has went from เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง (bpenM yaangL raiM baangF), down to เป็นไงบ้าง (bpenM ngaiM baangF) and now it's just a long drawn out งายยย (ngaaaiM); yet it still carries the same meaning as the original four word sentence. You also use งายยย (ngaaaiM) instead of ว่าไง (waaF ngaiM) for "What's up. The Thais are famous for shortening things, and when they do it to English loan words it drives me up a wall. They took the English word "confirm" คอนเฟิร์ม and made it into เฟิร์ม (firmM) using the just second syllable. They'll use it when they're asking if something is confirmed, เฟิร์มมั้ย (firmM maiH) like you're gonna go meet up or something. If it's not they'll say; ยังไม่เฟิร์ม (yangM maiF firmM) haven't confirmed yet.. The worst one is them taking okay; โอเค (oohM kayM) and making it into just the first syllable "O", ususally said as โอมั้ย (oohM-maiH); is that okay? or โอà¸à¸§à¹ˆà¸² (oohM-gwaaL). Now the word à¸à¸§à¹ˆà¸² is used to make words like good ดี (deeM) into better ดีà¸à¸§à¹ˆà¸² (deeM-gwaaL), so โอà¸à¸§à¹ˆà¸² is okay-er, or possibly more okay... Not surprisingly, I've got a list somewhere on the p/c of derogatory terms of informal address. Alas, I couldn't find it when I was typing this. I'll search about for it and if I do find it I'll post it. Remember the register you speak to someone in Thai is thai'd errr, tied to the degree of intimacy you have with the person you're speaking to, so beware... Good Luck, sorry for the long post. At least I tried to put karaoke Thai in for the people who can't read Thai... Oh, one last thing. I made a post on a forum called Thai-language dot com about the worst Thai I've ever heard a foreigner spit out in the 8+ years I've been here. It's pretty good (if I do say so myself, and I do); http://www.thai-lang...on/basic/t13272
  24. Slightly off-topic; While most Thais are loathe to admit it (in fact, some deny it outright with so much conviction and vehemence that the mind wobbles); there're a TON of Khmer words in the Thai language as it is today. The reason is actually pretty simple. There're so many Khmer words in Thai because when these people (the people who would become thaiz) meandered down here after getting kicked out of the hills in the Yunnan area of China by the Chinese expansion; almost the entire country (which would later become Thailand) was under the rule of the Angkor Empire.Khmer was the language of the ruling class. A lot of the formal words in Thai have their roots firmly thai'd, err tied to the Khmer language. While I's sure few are interested, here're two articles which talk about it; http://womenlearntha...luence-in-thai/ http://sealang.net/s...an1986khmer.pdf Good Luck I try NOT to hang around thais which are "too educated", they always come off to me as having a "their shit doesn't stink" attitude, and that somehow because they managed to acquire a degree they're "better than everyone else". It's the same as the thais who go out of their way to tell me they're "thai-chinese", which I call "thai-nese-ians". I always ask them, "Really, how's that working out so far for you?"
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