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  1. Thank you. Not only is she beautiful, she lets me go to Thailand every couple of years. I am a lucky man. Hopefully torneyboy will put his two cents in soon.
  2. Again, in the old Nanaplaza forum I found what became my favorite Thai seafood restaurant (see photo below). In the middle of the outdoor restaurant is a 5 x 20 meter rectangle concrete tank with the tables arranged around it. The idea is that you pay by the hour to fish and when you are done fishing the kitchen will cook what you catch and serve it with rice. I think that what we were catching were some kind of crayfish (see the photo below). I can not remember the cost, but since it was a restaurant for the locals, it was dirt cheap even with several beers. I have lost my notes on where the restaurant was, but I think it was about 25 km south west of Bangkok. Let me tell you, this was my kind of fishing. Setting at a table with a cold beer that was constantly being topped off by a cute waitress. And periodically the waitress would take my fishing pole and re-bait it if the bait was missing. And to top it all off, when I caught something, all I had to do was hold up my pole and the waitress would come and take my crayfish off the hook and re-bait it again. What a life. Does anyone know if it is still there, and where it is located if it is? Also does anyone know if there is restaurant like that near Pattaya? I am happy to report that there was not any ugly incident between my wife and the waitress this time (See previous post) I wonder why this was. Maybe she mellowed out or that it was one thing to get mad and start pooring my beer and a total differnt thing to get mad and have to start baiting my hook A side note: Since the restaurant was a ways outside of Bangkok, and I was not exactly sure what street is was on (only the name of the town), I decided to take one of the mafia taxis from the front of the hotel instead of a metered taxi. I negotiated a set price to and from. When we got near to the restaurant, the taxi driver parked and told us to wait in the taxi. He went away for a few minutes and came back and told us the the restaurant was not there and he would take us to a different restaurant . I looked over and said that no, I can see it. He then said that it was closed, and again I looked over and said that I could see people. The driver said that he could take us to a better restaurant. I said no, I wanted to go to this one. My wife and I got out and went to the restaurant. During the meal, the driver set at a table away from us with a sad look on his face. I ended up buying him something eat. Halfway through our fishing experience, I realized the the driver could not get a bounty for us from the restaurant and that is why he wanted to take us somewhere else.
  3. I showed her your question and she said that she was resigned to me paying for top of the line company. She went on to say that since I am used to quality at home, she expects that I will want to pay for quality in Thailand.
  4. I appreciate very much the responses from everyone. In fact I am so happy with the response, I will post a question about my favorite Thai seafood restaurant in the next day or two. This is a great piece of information; I did not think about asking the name of this type of establishment. With this information, I can ask at my hotel in Pattaya where I can find one. Good idea. Regrettably (I sure some will not believe this, but it is true that I will miss her) my wife will not be joining me this trip. She told me when I find one, e-mail her with the price and she will decide if I should get one or not. My time in Bangkok will be limited this trip. But I will make an effort to go to the place on Nut. I wonder if the same waitress will be there and if she would recognize me. But if she is there, I sure that even with me being by myself, she will not come within 5 meters of me :<)
  5. In the old Nanaplaza forums, there was a recommendation for a Thai restaurant in Bangkok that was mainly patronized by locals. Very few tourists went there. It was on Sukhumvit road somewhere around the Ekkamai BTS or Phra Khanong BTS stops. My wife and I went there in 2002 and it lived up to its recommendation. It was a large open air restaurant with canvas shades overhead. On our first visit, there were around 100 people and I only saw one other farang with his Thai wife/girlfriend. The style of food was a cook your own buffet. When you were seated at a table, a charcoal stove (see picture below) would be brought to you. There were buffet tables with thin sliced meat and vegetables where you selected what you wish to eat. The meat would go on the dome to fry and the vegetables would go into the hot water around the dome. The fat from the meat and cooked vegetables would turn the water into a soup to have at the end of the meal. Delicious! Two years ago, I was back in Bangkok again and went looking for my favorite restaurant in Bangkok. It was not there. The best I could figure out, was that where it used to be, is now a high rise building. It was a sad day. I will be back in Thailand in two months, so my question is: Does anyone know if it just closed or was it moved? And if it moved, where is it now? Also, this trip I am going to spend much more time in Pattaya than Bangkok. Does anyone know of a similar type restaurant in Pattaya? Thinking back on this restaurant reminds me of the incident between my wife and the cute Thai waitress. But first I must explain that my wife is German and is nothing like the American women I grew up with. She is quite liberal in her attitude to sex. She enjoyed the sex shows at soi Cowboy very much and even enjoyed a couple of bar girls overnight with me. Also I need to explain that the service at the restaurant was very good. The waitress kept my large bottle of beer iced down. Every few minutes she would come over and top off my glass and talk for a minute or two. She said that she enjoyed practicing her English, which she did not get to do very often. Then out of the blue, as the waitress started over to our table to refill my beer again, my wife grabbed my beer bottle toped off my glass and then slammed the bottle down on the table. She then glared at the waitress until she turned around and went away. I looked at my wife and asked her what was the problem; I have been flirting whit bar girls the whole trip without it bothering you. My wife then said that bar girls were professionals and did not count, but the waitress was a REAL woman, and that obviously counted very much. The poor waitress did not come back to our table again. She made one of her coworkers take care of us.
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