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  1. hey fag, was just in the beat museum in SF, they have Bowkowski postersk apparently he is a god...not in a gay way of course...

  2. We all sort of learned Spanish by default. The Arabic thing is ok if offered as an elective. Always good to know a second or more language...Arabic is practical.
  3. Old Hippie


    maybe he likes to keep busy?
  4. Never had the Double Black...in fact haven't seen it here either...what is it? Price seems comparable to the regular Black. Ok Found It.
  5. "...Since when is any language other than English MANDATORY in US schools?..." Been to California lately? English is really just a suggested language here.
  6. I know there was a push to make KPV a UNESCO site. There was also some proposal to have the "disputed territory" made part of some international/UNESCO zone shared by both countries or something like that. Both sides spit on that proposal.
  7. Yeah, the guy was just basically an asshole, bordering on abusive...
  8. Old Hippie


    This might have been a Bud's or a local creamery, not the kind of "creameries" they have these days on the other side of the hill...
  9. We are behaving...like a bunch of little 8 year olds...but shit look what we are dealing with here...
  10. She should just ignore the summons, and let the cops come after the cat...
  11. Old Hippie


    I had a chemistry set when I was a kid. Did some experiments, never blew the house up, so I guess I am qualified as well? I remember we bought it at a private department store, anyone remember those? family run department stores...anyway, there was a small ice cream shop on the way, and my foster mom bought me some ice cream...good times to remember.
  12. Thanks, tell the gang I said hi. I remember when they were trying to make it as an Elton John Tribute band...I told them no, get angry, go metal! I jammed with them, then split to do my airline gig...more pay and better/more chicks...speaking of chicks, is Pam Anderson still calling you? If you talk to her, remind her to pick up my dry cleaning.
  13. Twix is a good one...I like Almond Joy...or a kit kat...Reeses are ok...well the concept, private candy companies make them better, with better chocolate. I had a friend visit from Belgium 2 summers ago, he brought me a box of the good stuff from the factory his Thai wife works at...really good stuff...ever have those old Vacum Packed foil wrapped "C-Ration chocolates? They were nasty, made good shoe polish...reminds me, I need to polish my work boots...
  14. "... Mekong, if there is a middle-aged man on this board who hasn't contemplated suicide, however 'fleetingly', he is a fortunate soul indeed..." Then I must be fortunate, because I never considered it, and I am officially middle aged. Life has not ever been easy, but it has been easier for me than it has been for others, always someone worse off. Too many good fun things in this life, and I'd never give the bastards the satisfaction of taking the easy way out. Above all else, I'd never give any woman the satisfaction of knowing she got to me...even if I did fuck it all up myself. My biggest problem is my car battery died today, and now I have to wake up early to go buy another one...I hate waking up early. Anyone know a good place to get a decent price on a battery? or a place that delivers? Thanks in advance...
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