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  1. hey fag, was just in the beat museum in SF, they have Bowkowski postersk apparently he is a god...not in a gay way of course...

  2. We all sort of learned Spanish by default. The Arabic thing is ok if offered as an elective. Always good to know a second or more language...Arabic is practical.
  3. "...Since when is any language other than English MANDATORY in US schools?..." Been to California lately? English is really just a suggested language here.
  4. She should just ignore the summons, and let the cops come after the cat...
  5. All true points, which is why we need national health care...but previously, a certain person made a statement that employers should provide health insurance to their workers...so well...
  6. I have not seen of these policies worth the paper they are printed on. One of the problems with these policies is they do not cover much and are for the most part expensive. Small businesses really get the screw in this area. So you admit you NEVER provided health care benifits to any of your workers at anytime? No more Rogueyamming, a simple yes or no...?
  7. SO am I correct in assuming that you NEVER provided insurance to your employees when you had them? and you currently have no medical coverage? FWIW, I am part owner of a small business in the bay area. We are eligible to purchase group health insurance through the local small business association as well as the local county chamber of commerce. You may want to look into that. I also have my regular insurance through my main employer.
  8. BKKT, God I hate myself for this...you own a small business? If so, do you currently provide medical and or dental insurance to your employees? if so, how many and what is the cost? how will the Obama plan effect your final costs? It seems to me, from previous posts of yours, that you may be one of those effected byt "Obama Care." Please try to make sense in your reply...
  9. I heard something today on the radio that "Obama care" was basically the same plan Dole or some repuke came up with years back...wonder if it was socialist then..?
  10. No I would not be surprised at all.
  11. You being completely wrong on Prop 13 being a good thing aside, I will agree with you and Trump on pretty much some of this...or most of it...rupukes and dums both totally pimped this country to the evil empires we were supposed to be dead set against...
  12. What's wrong with Prop13? It rapes the people. It allows one group to pay far less taxes, while forcing another group to pay 10 times more tax on an asset of the same value. Prop 13 was originally intended to keep family farmers/ranchers from losing homes to taxes. It was also supposed to keep old people from being taxed out of their homes. Sad part is, it got bastardized to where you can hand your kids a house and they pay the taxes you paid...and they hand it to their kids and so on and on...so eventually, the state loses revenue, forcing higher sales taxes and other taxes to make up the short fall. Again, I believe in flat taxes, I make $50K I pay the same as everyone else making $50K My house is worth $300K I pay the same property tax as anyone else with a house worth $300K. Only exception I maight make is for retired people, who would be exempt from paying property tax until they sell their existing home or die. Their heirs get the house and either pay the market tax rate or sell it if they can't. Prop 13 is all fucked up and it needs to be fixed or dumped...
  13. A palace compared to what I had...there were 17 of us living in a ditch in the middle of the road, and we were lucky to have it...
  14. No, AT the end of the day, we are in agreement, don't dick with the constitution. My "plan" is maybe the best of a bad situation. That is, the kid has every right to be here, but he cannot petition the parents to come here until he is 18. So either the kid stays here with family or friends (who are legally here) or the kid returns to native country and returns at 18 to claim his right. Same with the tourist visa babies. I agree with LK, punish the shit out of those who hire illegals. But I do believe we also need to do something to tighten up the borders to keep the drugs, criminal element and others illegally entering, out.
  15. Ok, so we want to take away the citizenship of illegal's "anchor babies..." O.k. Now what about women who come here on tourist's visas for the specific purpose of having their babies born here in the USA? Example, there is a birth center in San Francisco, forget the name and can't be bothered to look it up, which is pretty much in the business of taking in women on tourist's visas who are ready to give birth. The sole purpose of these women is to have their kids exercise their "birth right" and petition the family to immigrate to the USA, jumping the normal wait time. Technically, these women are in the country legally, but they are here to scam the system, what should be done with these women? To me, any kid born here is an American, but they should have to be 18 before they can exercise any rights to petition their family. If it is proven the family entered illegally, then those doing so should be barred from entering for a set period, which I believe is currently 10 years? HH you know? As much as I am against illegals, I get nervous when people want to dick with the Constitution...
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