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  1. There is still some public pay phones on the streets of Bangkok. If you are in Bangkok, just call from one of those.
  2. Good luck Jack. Have not had the pleasure(?) of meeting you, but wish you the best.
  3. Interesting article that was in the International Herald Tribune recently regarding the tracking of one of these factory ships and some of the people that are on board. Long article but very interesting. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/28/world/a-renegade-trawler-hunted-for-10000-miles-by-vigilantes.html?_r=0
  4. Most of the major hotel chains will have this type of mirror (Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, etc.). Dont kow if the mirror is worth the extra price for these hotels however.
  5. They have a bit. I agree. The pollution used to be quite, quite bad. The Love River is much better now - there is some outdoor seating and a new museum along the river by Wu Fu 4 road.
  6. Yes, Khun Nasiadai - I am original from Taiwan, Kaohsiung to be specific. This is an interesting website. I have learned alot. 5555 I was visiting a friend in Muenster, but did have a chance to see the main university. Very pretty, but the whole town was very pretty. I loved that it was very bicycle friendly. Made it easy to travel by bike - plus good exercise!! You mention the about the sun staying up so late. Yes, that was interesting. We would look up and not have had dinner yet because it was so light, but it was actually already around past 9 o'clock. I guess, eating like the
  7. 5555 This is true. AIrline are going to thinner seat cushions, smaller bathrooms, etc. All for the purpose of putting into the plane more seats.
  8. Beautiful pictures and it looks like a very nice place. I was in Muenster, Germany for a week in June. Very much liked it and hope to go back.
  9. He is in NZ, but is still running the column. I have always enjoyed the column. I agree that the font mix is not the best, but the content is good.
  10. Unfortunately, I am not sure. But, me being the early bird, they are always open when I go past.
  11. I have enjoyed the Stickman columns and always found them interesting. I know I am not his target demographic, but I think he does his job well. I am sure it is not easy putting out a column every week. A couple of times, I have had questions for him, and he has always been very quick and gracious in his replies. I hope he does stay or at least find some way to keep the column going, even if it is on a periodic basis.
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