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  1. About the same time frame I was in Kaoshiung for three years, mostly working at China Steel and another small rod and bar mill.


    Haven't been back since 1997, but when I was there, the pollution was beyond terrible! The tap water smelled of diesel oil!!

    The Love River ran thru the city and it was anything but lovely!!!


    Kaoshiung had a few pubs and farangs. The memories I have from Snow Pub... :hubbahubba:


    I hope that they now have cleaned up Kaoshiung.


    They have a bit. I agree. The pollution used to be quite, quite bad. The Love River is much better now - there is some outdoor seating and a new museum along the river by Wu Fu 4 road.

  2. Taiwan_girl writes:


    „Beautiful pictures and it looks like a very nice place. I was in Muenster, Germany for a week in June. Very much liked it and hope to go back.“


    Thanks for your kind words.

    Are you a Chinese girl from Taiwan? Oh my goodness! Khun Sanuk, who do we have here on this board?

    Who hangs out here? A Thai girl and now a Chinese lady from Taiwan.


    You have been in Münster in June? Wonderful! Long time daylight; only very short time it is dark. From 23 in the night to about 4 o'clock in the morning.

    Best time to stay in Deutschland.

    I think you have been at the university of Münster? Are you a student girl?

    Muenster has a big university with several tenthousends of students. It is a typical German university town.


    By the way: "beautiful pictures" writes Taiwan_girl.


    My pictures are no masterpieces.

    After my stroke I can operate the camera only quite unskilful, heavy-handed, with the untrained left hand.

    The right arm and hand are paralyzed.



    Yes, Khun Nasiadai - I am original from Taiwan, Kaohsiung to be specific. This is an interesting website. I have learned alot. 5555

    I was visiting a friend in Muenster, but did have a chance to see the main university. Very pretty, but the whole town was very pretty. I loved that it was very bicycle friendly. Made it easy to travel by bike - plus good exercise!!

    You mention the about the sun staying up so late. Yes, that was interesting. We would look up and not have had dinner yet because it was so light, but it was actually already around past 9 o'clock. I guess, eating like the high class people. :D

  3. Someone told me Stick has made the move to NZ? I thought he decided to stay? I rarely read his column as it's such a mess of a web site I can never find the link so don't bother.


    So is he in NZ or Bangkok?


    He is in NZ, but is still running the column. I have always enjoyed the column. I agree that the font mix is not the best, but the content is good.

  4. I have enjoyed the Stickman columns and always found them interesting. I know I am not his target demographic, but I think he does his job well. I am sure it is not easy putting out a column every week.


    A couple of times, I have had questions for him, and he has always been very quick and gracious in his replies.


    I hope he does stay or at least find some way to keep the column going, even if it is on a periodic basis.

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