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  1. pe7e

    G Spot Nana Plaza

    NOPE!!! I was right! AS was Buffalo Bill! Not really, it all depends what era you are referring to, myself and Mr Mekong were talking about the Nana Plaza of the late 90's early 2000's (arguably the best years) when G Spot was pretty much in the centre of the 2nd floor. The right hand corner back then was occupied by the Woodstock Bar, I'm surprised no one has pointed this out since it was the weekly meeting place of this very forum, (before it was changed from Nanaplaza.com to Thai360.com) Both Nana-Plaza and Soi Cowboy have changed beyond recognition over the last 30 years
  2. pe7e

    G Spot Nana Plaza

    'Are you sure about location if my memory serves me right (questionable) Rainbow was / is Back Right corner ' You're absolutely correct, Rainbow was in the back right-hand corner, G Spot was a 2/3 unit bar in the back centre of the 2nd floor try this web address to confirm http://www.bangkokeyes.com/gspot5008.jpg
  3. pe7e

    Thai Baht

    I bought several 1000 baht bank notes back with me from a trip to Thailand way back in 2008, I was intending to use them on a subsequent trip but forgot about them. I 'found' them the other day when clearing out my safe, the question is, are they still likely to be legal currency?
  4. pe7e

    Hugh Hoy Coming To Town!

    That's a blast from the past, not heard his name in a long time, glad you're still OK Hugh
  5. Many years ago I returned in the early hours to my room at the Nana to find a 'security' guard lying asleep across the corridor, while a rat the size of a cat finished off his supper.
  6. pe7e


    You seem to agree with my former young lady and myself, I think your transliteration is more accurate than mine, it will be interesting to see what others think, and if 'pa Thai yah' irritates others as much as it does me.
  7. pe7e


    On virtually every YouTube video I've seen relating to Pattaya the pronunciation used is 'pa-ta-ya' yet a Thai girl I spent a considerable time with insisted it was pa-ta-yarr, which one is correct ?
  8. pe7e

    Global RIP thread

    The carnage within the music industry continues with the death of George Michael at the tender age of just 53 being announced today 25/12/16. Absolutely shocking news, RIP George millions will miss you
  9. pe7e

    Global RIP thread

    Yes, very sad, a true legend of rock, 2016 Is proving to be a very bad year for the entertainment industry let's hope he's the last this year and princess Lela doesn't fall victim. to the carnage.
  10. pe7e

    Eye Glasses?

    I can't comment on Thai optometrists since I have no direct experience with them, but if you are considering purchasing 'designer frames' I can confirm by direct experience that there's a enormous profit mark up on them, (3X + is normal) so negotiation should yield favourable results.
  11. pe7e

    Which One?

    I concur, but fluid dynamics being what they are ie water doesn't flow particularly fast, it wouldn't be measured in yoctoseconds ys (10-24)
  12. pe7e

    Which One?

    Assuming the flow is as illustrated (very slow) tank 3 will fill first (just)
  13. If she really wants Scottish independence she should campaign to let the English also be allowed to vote in a second referendum, her desire would be fulfilled, they'd end up being chucked out.
  14. pe7e

    Anyone Else Remember Dolf Riks In Pattaya?

    I seem to remember eating at his restaurant on Beech Road back in the 90s. If my memory serves me correct, it always had lots of shrubbery growing outside the doors, but the interior shown in the video doesn't look familiar so maybe I'm confusing it with another place.
  15. pe7e

    Brexit And The British Expat

    UK votes to Leave the EU. What happens next I wonder? Certainly won't be boring. .