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  1. Ahhh the benefits of being with a pots op ladyboy who is richer than me!
  2. You mean they are going to, wait for it.............. carry on Fucking
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAlTOfl9F2w
  4. Hmmmm I wonder if I could get it to bite only my........... er will post that in another forum!
  5. You carry out said act, sight of young girl dancing in golden shower elicits an erection. Build time of said erection usually exceeds duration of bladder voiding time. For further stimulation rub your body all over wet young girl, alternatively take your turn in the golden shower from young girl. If you are feeling sociable then invite friends and family to join in. So when do we get onto scat? Not something that floats my boat but then some might think making love to a beautiful woman with a bigger hard on than you is odd?
  6. Just gone right off Thailand: Dangerous animals of Thailand It dosent even mention Tigers?
  7. I woke up one morning to a snak crawling up my girls leg, it was a unus oculus cubile snake.
  8. Oh my you just made me sick, what a thought!
  9. Didn't know what this was and dont like the thought of missing out so did a google Eden girls Thailand Hey each to their own
  10. Ha you just brought back memories of a 2 bagger and stumpy.
  11. Ahem, there is no such thing as amateur base jumpers..... There are professional base jumpers and then there are dead base jumpers.
  12. Mosquitoes hate vitamin B6 so I eat loads of marmite as it's full of the stuff and seems to keep the mossies away, had to share a room with a fellow serviceman and he wouldn't eat it. It was so hot I used to sleep naked on my bed and got maybe one bite, he slept covered in a sheet apart from his nose. He woke up every morning with a nose like a plate of beans from the hundreds of mossie bites! How I used to laugh.
  13. You do not know that, I could be a politician and do not want my drug taking or syphalis treatment going public! My medical history is secure if the medical industry does not know about it. If I catch crabs, or other treatable std I would rather go private and anonymous.
  14. Why? Or do you mean how many went down on her without knowing her history? I would still go down on her, I'm not a virus that can see DNA all I see and react to it the shape and deportment of her now.
  15. Her name was Caroline Cossey and she also did a series of adverts for Life Leathers, her and another girl had biker leathers body painted on and was a very popular series of posters in the late 70's early 80's. When it came out I never seen so many guys denying having those posters hahahahaha! Here she is with all the girls from the Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only"; And here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ShoZMy-j66Y
  16. Yeah and as she's a guy your wife wont object!
  17. Don't you mean you could have ordered someone to kill her?
  18. Why take him into custody, to rape his brain of all data. Escape, hard to escape off a sub that can stay submerged for 6 months and no chance of him being spotted alive, contacting the outside world, or blood sucking lawyer getting him his rights. When you're done, out the tube weighted down under the ice cap. It’s so radioactive there due to all the dumped Russian subs that nobody would risk looking for him.
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