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  1. Violence is like a smell in the air - in a man it is usually the overspill of something else - I feel strangely beyond it all now. I've treated so many. Brutality and booze are often counterparts. And please explain to me money - what is this *shit* anyway? The pornagraphic proliferation - well I know this may or may not be a mongering site - but is this our modern day infamy - our own 21st century sin? In some ways I wonder in what form it could truly take place here. I seem to linger on the brink of a singularity where moments take days, even years. Don't you fear the nuclear crisis? The world looks worse every day. The world has lost too many fights, it's fallen over, it's drunk and what is more it's suicidal. *Someone* needs to stick up for it. And that is not going to be me. I'm worn out - like a cheap shirt washed to often.


    I personally think we live in a shameful shadowland - all our thoughts are weakened and diluted out. Somehow we've managed to declass ourselves and we are not human anymore, just animal. We endure the shame of the suicide, the murderer, and most importantly the victim. Death seems like all we have in common.


    God knows I've got to live my life...



  2. The victim dies from heart failure. The constriction increases the blood pressure until the heart stops.

    Hmmmm I wonder if I could get it to bite only my........... er will post that in another forum!

  3. Mr. Shibuya ,


    I have been analysing your request most carefully and I am sure that most of the honourable boardmembers fully support your plans, though I may respectfully rise a tecnical aspect :


    I assume that your wishes principally belong to the arts of erotic entertainment which in most cases tend to lead into some sort of erection sooner or later . I know that the muscular system of the average penis tends to shut the bladder once said penis starts to develop an erection , thus protecting the semen against acids etc . I am therefore asking how the enthusiastic punter deals with this logic .


    Please clarify


    You carry out said act, sight of young girl dancing in golden shower elicits an erection. Build time of said erection usually exceeds duration of bladder voiding time. For further stimulation rub your body all over wet young girl, alternatively take your turn in the golden shower from young girl. If you are feeling sociable then invite friends and family to join in. So when do we get onto scat?


    Not something that floats my boat but then some might think making love to a beautiful woman with a bigger hard on than you is odd?

  4. So I've been told. It wasn't like that in the past. I remember Songkran as a respectful time, when Thais would wai you and ask to "rot nam" you. Then they would pour a bit of perfumed water over your extended hands. I actually got that from a couple in my neighbourhood last year. But times have obviously changed. Even my wife complains about Songkran, and she is from the North.



    Just love that VW Beetle at 2;04

  5. I've had nothing worse in Thailand than dengue fever (twice) and food poisoning a time or two. Things like that don't count, that's the usual everyone gets.


    Sounds like the Embassy guy may have had dengue. If he felt completely exhausted, I'd expect that was it. I had two colleagues sent to a hospital with it. I toughed it out by myself at home. (Stupid me.)


    In the Central Highlands we had a red headed Jewish guy who claimed to be a Zen Buddhist come down with something bizarre. Black spots were spreading all over his body. We thought it was some kind of jungle rot, but the docs had no idea what it was. They though it might be leprosy! They medivac'ed him to Walter Reed and I never heard what happened after that. Plenty of malaria in the highlands. My battalion (4 companies present) accounted for over 50% of the malaria cases in RVN for a period of 6 months. The commies got it too and were claiming the US was using germ warfare (against us?). I took my malaria pills and never got it. The colonel ordered weekly piss checks to make sure the GIs were taking the pills, but I was exempt from testing as an NCO. One dumb fuck wouldn't take his pills, since they gave you the craps. He first got malaria, then was hit with yellow fever. The should have court-martialled the moron. 

    Mosquitoes hate vitamin B6 so I eat loads of marmite as it's full of the stuff and seems to keep the mossies away, had to share a room with a fellow serviceman and he wouldn't eat it. It was so hot I used to sleep naked on my bed and got maybe one bite, he slept covered in a sheet apart from his nose. He woke up every morning with a nose like a plate of beans from the hundreds of mossie bites! How I used to laugh.

  6. But that is true of everything. If you demand perfection you must lead a pretty depressed life.


    On more serious note, your mine every body here's medical record is not going to be worth squat on the market. So who would care to even try to access it?


    You do not know that, I could be a politician and do not want my drug taking or syphalis treatment going public! My medical history is secure if the medical industry does not know about it. If I catch crabs, or other treatable std I would rather go private and anonymous.

  7. Looks like she had her wanger taken off.


    It would be interesting to know

    how many guys have went down on her.

    Why? Or do you mean how many went down on her without knowing her history? I would still go down on her, I'm not a virus that can see DNA all I see and react to it the shape and deportment of her now.

  8. The beauty contests started allowing pumped up boobs long ago. The same goes for nose jobs and other plastic surgery. It becomes a matter of how far you want to extend that tolerance.


    p.s. Wasn't there a Bond girl years ago who was a post-op?

    Her name was Caroline Cossey and she also did a series of adverts for Life Leathers, her and another girl had biker leathers body painted on and was a very popular series of posters in the late 70's early 80's.

    When it came out I never seen so many guys denying having those posters hahahahaha!

    Here she is with all the girls from the Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only";


    And here;




  9. why would they have prefered to take him into custody, where they are risking his escape rather than not killing him?

    Why take him into custody, to rape his brain of all data. Escape, hard to escape off a sub that can stay submerged for 6 months and no chance of him being spotted alive, contacting the outside world, or blood sucking lawyer getting him his rights. When you're done, out the tube weighted down under the ice cap. It’s so radioactive there due to all the dumped Russian subs that nobody would risk looking for him.

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