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  1. Yes I love it also, could never star in it though.
  2. She does say "cross my palm with silver and me love you long time, me horneytorney"
  3. I would be hugely dissapointed by anything less. On that note doing a ladyboy doggy style is good for your ego as you can do a reach around and convince yourself you've burst through!
  4. I pulled this fantastic looking girl in Bangkok, she walked like a girl, talked like a girl, felt like a girl, kissed like a girl when she offerd to drive me to her appartment for a night of love I was over the moon. My joy was short lived however, when we got to her place she reverse parked the car in one go and I thought I I and did one.
  5. So you pay a ladyboy bargirl 1500baht for her services which she performs, you then give ladyboy bar girl a further 400baht for drugs and let her out of your sight. By a miricle she comes back as she can't get any and gives you your 400baht back. In any other country would you have seen the ladyboy or prostitute return? So you then phone the Police because they can't get you your illegal drugs in Thailand. As far as I can see the ladyboys handed themselves with dhignity, the Iranians on the other hand, how can you be so stupid and have only one head? I would not like to be in their shoes when they phone the Muslim ruled Iranian embassy and try to explain using drugs and having sex with men. I saw a video of how Iranians treat homosexuals and it is not for the faint hearted I can tell you.
  6. Can he speak with his mouth full and type with one hand?
  7. Hmmmmm I am new here but I'm getting the distinct impression that sexual inuendo is seen in everything, is that right BangcockReveler?
  8. The Dark Side, becoming harder to resist!

  9. Well obviously you are not going to get 3000 PAX onto an A320 but the limiting factor that kicks in first is not the weight, in fact the Chinese along with Ryan Air are looking at buying Airbus A380's and putting bus like standing room only with a bench like high seat that you stand against and strap to for take off. Imagine how many passangers then? The EU wont allow it but the Chinese will. standing only airlines
  10. Look Gay or homosexual was pretty clear back in the day but now we have HRT plastic surgery and the rise in the heterosexual community of pegging. I saw a woman on TV who was a grandmother and her children were adopted. We all start out life as female and at some point in the womb our ovaries drop into sacks and our vagina falls inside out and heals up. That is why we have a scar that runs from our anus to the tip of our cock, which is why we have nipples. Now back to this 84 yr old grandmother, she found out in her 70's that genetically she was a man and her womb and ovaries failed to drop. Do we have to dig up her dead husband and tell him he is now gay? I am going to marry a beautiful ladyboy who has been on hormones since 14 had a sex change at 19 and is now 32. She is a qualified teacher and at 50 I am lucky to be with someone so beautiful. If she was born female I don't think I could hang on to her, it is her femininity that attracts me, the idea that we both come from the same planet unlike a man and a woman attracts me, we are both from Mars. She will play with my ass and prostrate milk me, something becoming popular with the heterosexual community. I don't like the idea of touching or sucking a cock but I would do it with an attractive ladyboy as a return of favours. Am I Gay, I don't really care; I lived in a heterosexual marriage for 23 years to keep my family happy as they where ashamed of my sexual preferences. I have wasted too long of my life trying not to offend others with what I am. Call it Gay if that helps you deal with it, but sexuality in the modern age is no longer black and white, there is a third sex and we are going to have to get used to the grey area as the next generations are less bound by what we call normal. The goalposts are moving and those that like to bander about the Gay word as an insult will be seen more and more for the dinosaurs they are, unable or willing to evolve with the rest of humanity. Male Female So if I opt for the female and ask her to peg me I'm not Gay, but if I bone the post op male then I'm Gay, have I got that right?
  11. Well the one in the lighter coloured dress would get long long time from me!
  12. OK I would like a ranking of how depraved I am, I find this video my fav to crack one off too and be warned it has violence in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twp0G1wUGtw&list=FLG86RSzg5rs2SxGri8b8O0w&index=2&feature=plpp_video
  13. Well don't be such a prick tease, spill the beans?
  14. Oh come on, I'm sure many board members have had a bit of French of a ladyboy!
  15. Been an aircraft engineer for 25 years now; 1/ Passangers PAX have been called "walk on freight" for years. 2/ what determines the number of PAX allowed on an aircraft is not the weight, that's secondary to how long it takes the PAX to get off the aircraft in an emergency. A lot of the airlines want to reduce the seat pitch to less than 32 inches and the seat designers are in a race to design quick exit seats so expect the long legged to be hit with a surcharge soon!
  16. Hi, well just thougt I would introduce myself. Met a Thai French teacher who is also a ladyboy. She wants to come to Europe or me to live with her in Thailand as an English teacher. She owns her own condo and has her own car and no debts, no sick buffalo so I thought I would check out here to see others experiences before I jump ship.
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