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  1. Yeah, for them Thaksin is more than just a political leader. They admire him like a half god who is infallible. I gave up talking to taxi drivers about politics. They are not only biased but also lack the education to really understand the bigger picture. Most are completely brainwashed by redshirt propaganda, not willing to listening to any other points of view. If Abhisit wants to leave Yingluck a bombshell, he should exploit the redshirts to lay siege to the German embassy until the jet will be released. Would be a nice hot potato for Yingluck to resolve.
  2. Yes this scenario is very likely. Typical Thai sloppiness as nobody ever thought that the registration of the jet could be of such importance. Thaksin claiming credit for solving the crisis? Great that's like setting the fire first and then claiming credit for having called the fire fighters. I hope the media won't forget who actually caused the mess by a single handed decision disrespecting existing contracts in 2004. But again this is Thailand (or should I say Thaksinland) and he will probably get away with it as he has done before.
  3. In one of the first articles about the impounding of the plane was a quote of the liquidator saying he had to prepare the whole mission extremely carefully. One part was clarifying the ownership of the plane and according to its registration papers he could identify it as Thai state property. Only later Thailand claimed the plane has been presented to the CP. However, it took a week to come up with documents. Looking at the court's decision these papers couldn't clear the ownership 100%. I still believe that the courts in Germany are really independent but of course also an independent court can err. However, this is pretty unlikely and therefore I believe the German view much more than the Thai. The lunatic threats from some Thai politicians actually discredit Thailand more than helping its cause.
  4. I don't think that a name painted on an aircraft has anything to do with its ownership. Only the airplane registration documents do matter here. As a student I made some money by having some advertisement (logo and name) of a local club printed on my car. However, I have still been the owner of the car.
  5. A link to the German view of things.... Does not look like the matter will be resolved anyhow soon. http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,776718,00.html It is in English.
  6. Does Thailand really believe that Germany will bow to these childish threats? Germany is part of Schengen and a key member of the European Union. Threatening Germany will always trigger an unified answer of the European Union. I guess Thailand is greatly overestimating its power in this case. Especially as Germany is acting only according to internationally accredited rules. I don't understand the remark about Thaksin entering Germany. Is it linked to a recent visit? If yes, it will be very interesting to see what will happen if Germany indeed arrests him and extradites him to Thailand after PT has assumed power. So far I never had the feeling that Thailand is seriously seeking Thaksin extradition. If they would have, we wouldn't have the political mess Thailand is currently into.
  7. Indeed, German law is based on the Roman law. Thai and German law are actually very similar, because Japan copied German law in the late 19 century and then Thailand copied the Japanese law. Thus, German and Thai law, both based on Roman law, are a way closer as e.g. German and American law.
  8. Well that's exactly my experience. Government contracts contain standard paragraphs which can't be changed amended except for a via very long and complex procedure that requires approval from various government agencies and ministers. I did IT projects and these standard clauses often don't cover the complex rules of intellectual property rights.
  9. Why above quote makes the case controversial? Like in many other cases Thaksin shot from the hip; clearly disregarding contractual commitments that cost the company millions of Euro. If a government decides to subsidize, fine but it can't be done at the cost of the investor. The Thai government should have paid the difference. So to me it is a one sided breach of contract by the Thai government, very clear and nothing controversial at all. I also agree with Gadfly that Thai courts can't be trusted, especially in cases Thai government against foreign investors/companies. Another frequent scam are contracts in Thai language. English is a much more precise language than Thai. English has often several words with only a gradual difference in their meaning, but Thai always uses one and the same word. The result is that if you let translate of contract written in Thai by 5 different law firms, you will get 5 (slightly) different translations. A nightmare for every project manager but it becomes particularly problematic in the case of legal disputes. I experienced various cases where Thais tried to take advantage of this fact that Thai is less precise than English; often using it as an excuse to explain unclear paragraphs in their contracts. As a lesson learned, we always insisted also on a signed English version of the contract; otherwise no deal.
  10. Nice try but I can't see German authorities buying into this crap. Next time if I have an accident with my car in Thailand, I will do a runner. If they find me I will just tell the police that it isn't my car because I gave it to my ex-Thai GF 2 years ago as a birthday present. Who cares about registration papers anyway.?! TIT at its best.
  11. Two arbitration courts ruled in the favor of the Walter Bau, so I just trust that their claim is valid. In several German articles it has been stated that the airplane registration papers clearly disclose the Thai government as being the owner of the airplane. Maybe Thailand should start to accept that different countries have different laws and the typical Thai way can't be applied everywhere.
  12. Michelle Obama using the Airforce 1 for private shopping sprees? If true I am really surprised. In Germany several careers of high ranking politicians have been destroyed because they only used their bonus miles accumulated during official flights for private trips. So many countries so many customs....
  13. Yeah, typical clash of two different/opposite world views. Incompatible, one side struggles to understand the thinking of the other. Let's assume the plane really still belongs to the Thai government.... The scandal here in Germany wouldn't be the actual seizure of the airplane but the fact that tax money is squandered for private pleasure trips using government property.
  14. Why did they let it come that far? There is only one answer....TIT. Typical behavior of Thai Government authorities. Last year I worked at the Airport Link Project and warned SRT about a particular paragraph in the contract with German Rail (DB). The SRT deputy governor smiled and said there has never been any SRT supplier making money and there will never be one. Well after 1 year of not getting paid, DB stopped all activities and closed its offices in Thailand. Today the trains are operated without expert support and IT systems. Go figure.
  15. For all I read about this incident, it is pretty obvious that the liquidator of Walter Bau got all necessary information and approvals before seizing the jet. Looks like pretty water proof. The Thai answer...at least what I can read from the local press...is a typical case of TIT. No admission of any fault (like not paying a debt for many years and disregarding several international arbitrary courts seems to absolutely Ok) but blaming the Germany for a big mistake and threatening that relationship between both countries will affected if Germany does not release the plane immediately, shows an incredible arrogance. After all this Germany not Thailand, so things will hopefully follow the rule of law and not the Thai way. Yes, the balance of power is shifting towards Asia but I can't see that China or Japan or any other significant Asian power will side with Thailand and risk to strain their relationship with Germany. I rather see that the European Union will respond with unified retaliation if Thailand really imposes some sanctions on Germany. Kasit is overestimating his powers and the importance of this case for the rest of the world. Outside Thailand nobody really cares. The quickest way out of this would be that Thailand finally pays up the long outstanding amount and I am sure the plane will be released immediately.
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