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  1. I had several hanging on me, one pulling my arm while dragging her down the street, another coming up grabbing my ass. But then, maybe I am better looking than you? 55555
  2. ...well, about the wine bar girl, seemed like a rookie to me. All the signs were there - nervous, shaking, and awkward when we went to bed. Gave wai bow on entry to wine bar and every interaction. Very little English, had written English cheat sheet in pocket. She stuck out as very different to me for BKK. I'm not calling her a virgin, just not one of the heavily used, hardened BGs who have had 10 kilometers of it. I saw hundreds of those and met many, and there was an obvious difference. But who cares either way, she was great and I had fun. Ava wine bar on Soi 11. About Phuket, everyone is in your face there especially the massage girls. BGs had that blank disinterested look. It just did not personally excite me. Maybe I learned that your average BG is not for me... Cheers
  3. This is a continuation so it helps to ready my Days 1-3 report. Day 4: Business meetings, no screwing around, needed recovery time. Day 5: After business meetings met with TG #4. Very pretty lady of 37 years, and very conservative. Had dinner, walked the mall, said good night. Stopped by very cool wine bar on way back to hotel - high class. Was in the night before and met the "hostess". We were talking and I asked her if the servers go with men. She said Yes. There was a very young, pretty, shy and proper girl with limited English. Apparently she just came from Isan 4 days ago and has not gone with anyone. Not a BG yet. Apparently she liked me so I took her for the night. She was so sweet, proper, loving and caring. 23 years old ("Girl 5"). We went at it all night but I could tell she was somewhat inexperienced. But she was wonderful and we were both into each other (no pun intended). Subsequently I've been getting calls and messages from her. She would make someone a great wife if they took her now. Day 6: Morning shag with Girl 5, business meeting then flew to Phuket. Days 6-10 Phuket. Went SCUBA diving, met normal TG #6 for dinner. I was not interested. Also, I found the BGs in Phuket disengaged and the massage parlors overly aggressive. Big turn-off for me, these women lacked the charm of what I had come to expect from Thai women. Did not take any. Days 10-12: Returned to BKK. TG #2 in was waiting for me. She obviously got real horny during the week thinking of my return because she really gave it to me for 2 days solid. Best sex ever!!! Wow, what got into her? The first time I bedded her (Day 1-2) she was shy and seemed somewhat inexperienced. We spent my remaining days together with my accepting her as a GF. Great gal - I will be back for more. This first trip to LOS was truly a great experience and held some surprises. Got to meet and experience several normal TGs and ended up at the end with a very compatible GF. Can't wait for the next trip back! Thanks to the many BMs here for the guidance and good input before my trip. It paid off.
  4. Thanks Gents. Yes I am very aware these girls are looking for something serious. I had first given them all the "no promises" lecture so expectations would not grow too quickly. Also, I take into account playing with their emotions very seriously, I did not come to Thailand to hurt or disrespect anyone, but in the end it was THEY who made the first move LOL. What I am learning is this: if you don't ask and don't talk about it then they are much more likely to want it. They also fall for a "perceived" nice guy and their jealously is a big motivating factor, but I guess that could be said for all ethnicities of women.
  5. Great but unexpected start to first LOS trip in BKK. Short version to follow: Background. I’m a 49 yr old recently divorced guy expanding business into Asia with part-time office in BKK. Set up meetings online with “good†or somewhat “normal†Thai girls girls in BKK, Phuket and Pattaya. Almost all TGs have university degrees and professional jobs. Backup plan was BGs depending on how things went. Days 1-6 in BKK, 3 days of it or business. I go to Phuket for days 6-10 then return to BKK for days10-12 (cancelled Pattaya). This is my first report for Days 1-3. 20 hr trip from America to BKK, arrived 1:30AM Friday 7/20 got to hotel 2:30 and no sleep. Met first girl unplanned for lunch and afternoon. Went shopping together, got cell phone, told her bye at 5:00pm because I had dinner planned with another. Girl 2 (35 yr old, single no kids) met at 7:30pm, she did not want dinner only coffee. I took this as a bad sign. She was a little shy and did not show much emotion towards me. We went to movie and half way through she reaches over and grab my hand. Surprised me, may not seem significant but it was. She went to my hotel that night and we spent the next 1.5 days enjoying time together. Wow she was tight! Girl 2 left for business today (day 3) at 5AM from hotel. Girl 3 (pretty 31 yr old single Mom) did want to meet me because I had already met someone and told her so. Then I get messages that she wants to meet me anyway as friends and I can bring GF. OK but GF gone. We have lunch and go to movie. 5 minutes into movie she wraps around my arm. I’m thinking, “Is this really happening?†She starts feeling me out through the movie, even play with my crouch and 3 hrs later we are going at it at hotel. She had an unexpected wild side and few inhibitions once she decided on me. Bellman same as 5AM and had big grin when she left this evening. I did not expect this to happen on a first meeting with these girls, they seemed so conservative. Now I have a problem...I need to cut one before returning from Phuket. Decided to cancel Pattaya leg of trip (hurting more feelings). I’m actually feeling bummed about it; there is no way to manage through it...
  6. I've noticed that in the age profiles. The 20 somethings look so beautiful, the 30s good/OK, but VERY FEW in their 40s seem to maintain it - rode hard and put away wet look. Is this diet, lifestyle or both contributing to an accelerated aging process? The Asians here in the states stay very young looking.
  7. I can tell you there is interest in me from BKK girls, not Isaan TGs, that are 28 and up. I am 49. That seems to be the natural barrier for the more educated TGs, and even then, I have a hard time believing they are sincere. The 30 and up TGs for me seem more sincere in their interest and I am up for them. They have enough life experience to know better. Most claim to have had a bad Thai BF and want a more mature man. That makes it a nearly 20 year gap. Looking younger and being more fit for your age helps, these girls do always remark about it. Of course, July will be my first trip to LOS and maybe I am living in a fantasy right now.
  8. This is good feedback, I guess there is nothing negative to expect from the TGs behavior with me in public. Most of you made a comments about dress. I was planning on bringing nice clothes but trying balance against the humid heat which will get me. I assume dress slacks, dress shoes and nice shirt for first date out is good, or is that over dressing (for day time)? Would jeans be better (might get hot)? This first date I want to impress because I really like her so far. For the BKK bars at night, ie Soi Cowboy for backup plan, I was thinking jeans, nice shirt, no cheap T-short or shorts...I would want to get a stunner. I will also make a tour of Phuket. The first date TG may or may not go depending on our chemistry. If solo, I assume more casual dress in Patong bars? Sorry for the stupid naive questions. I'm still not real clear on recommended dress...I don't want to look like a tourist per se.
  9. I don't know if this topic has been covered before, but I really want to know what your typical TG (not BG) thinks of being seen in public with a farang BF older than her by 15 years? I have a number of dates set-up and when I come and was wondering what to encounter. Are we simply being used, a resource for them? Will they be "hiding" me or is a farang BF a positive status thing in public? Sometimes the truth hurts. I am also curious what the Thai men think of it. Are they pissed off as they walk down the street and see us? It does not much matter to me, but I would at least like to know the dynamics going on which may help explain any unusual behavior. Lorenzo
  10. That sucks and I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I have heard similar stories. I guess what I am saying is this: I have been made aware these TGs have a reputation for charming farangs, getting in their head, and manipulating them with false love (or a different definition of it). My guard is up (I hope) and wallet locked. For me, at this time it is unrealistic for a relationship so I will play along, be respectful, and try to have plenty of fun. It ends when I leave Thailand but it will have a lasting effect on my head. I do need some advise. Assuming it gets a bit deep with one of them, what are good ways to "dump" a Thai girl if needed without losing a body part? And, how does one ever figure out their sincerity in such a short time?
  11. Are we not all selling a story though? I mean, why criticize a TG for being a possible gold digger or something when we are single minded pussy hounds? LOL As long as the gold does not get handed out, guess who got the best of the deal? It is tiring tough, all the Skyping and chat of small talk and silliness. I'm starting to appreciate why the BG option is attractive...
  12. Haha, well put..I hear you and will give it my best shot. The 41 yr is too controlling. The rest of the girls seem easier going, at least so far. I genuinely believe the ones I speak with are all looking for love leading to marriage. I'm not. They are very aware of our game. Then there are the obvious bar girls who might be worth a freebee. I plan to treat them all with great respect. The last thing I want is to create bad will for us farang. By the way, there seem to be some very hot, eager younger girls upcountry open to men my age. I assume they carry more baggage than BKK girls and might be more naive/problematic?
  13. More great advise, thanks. About your question, BG's are my backup plan. I would prefer to be with a more educated lady I connect with that is motivated and a bit "fresher", if I can get it. Maybe I lack some confidence to go after girls in their 20s though there is interest. BM's you were my inspiration today for me to tell the 40-something to back down a bit. I would rather sample the local cuisine even if losing the sure bet. I turn the big "50" this year and you get treated as old here in America, so it is almost unbelievable these young birds of paradise could be interested. It sure helps the damaged ego.
  14. This is my first trip to LOS so I'm in for an education for sure. I don't want to imply I know these TGs. I have had lots of chats and Skype time with them so far and read as much as I could on forums, but it never really prepares you. Thanks to all for the great comments, really helpful stuff. It almost all sounds too easy... Lorenzo
  15. So what's wrong with blow jobs at a drop of the hat? LOL Seriously, I hear you. Damn it is tough, these TGs know how to put it to you. It is the difficult decision between getting laid for sure (a lot) and botching it all up with little or no fun in the end. A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush or something like that...
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