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  1. I think the banks are getting behind Ripple: https://smartereum.com/18212/ripple-news-today-ripple-will-soon-become-the-number-one-cryptocurrency-choice-for-various-banks-brad-garlinghouse-xrp-news-today-news-wed-dec-12/
  2. Best of luck for the future, Sticks. I've been following your site since around 2000 when I was planning to move over to Thailand the following year. I appreciated that you always responded to my emails for advice back then and even a few in recent years. I've also had the pleasure of contributing a few things to your site. As well as writing, I see your real talents are with photography and I can see that this is something you really love to do. Maybe, if you can, you could publish a book containing some of your best ones of Thailand. I think your photographs caught many aspects of the night-life - as well as everyday life - which no one else has come close to doing. The night-life photos are especially unique in that respect. If such a book was published, I for one would definitely purchase it. :-) Anyway, good luck with whatever you plan for the future.
  3. It was a good competition last night and that was one brave judge who ate one of the cucumbers after it had already been used. The MC is always very entertaining and seems to relish his job.
  4. I'll be going. I really enjoyed the last one they had there about a year and a half ago. Some good 'dancing'. I must say, I do miss those old ones from many years ago when the Long Gun girls used to take part.
  5. When's the date of the next one?
  6. That was one wild evening. LOL After some careful analysis, I was hoping the Electric Blue Patpong girl would win, followed by the Electric Blue Pattaya girl. Being a judge looked fun. LOL
  7. Thanks for the advice. Looks like we'll have to aim to get there really early then. I'll bring a packed lunch. LOL
  8. Great! Thanks for that. I look forward to being there.
  9. Hi there, Does anyone know roughly what time the dance contest will start this Saturday in Dollshouse? I want to make sure I'm there nice and early. I went to two of the originals back in their heyday and they were a blast. The one at Dollshouse in Clinton Plaza was great and I ended up sitting with a nice group of very drunk girls who had come up from Pattaya to compete. The other was somewhere like Goldfinger or Pink Panther in Patpong. I can't remember exactly and that was good fun, too. I have two friends I want to take a long this time who weren't here then, so I hope they get to experience what it was like back then.
  10. I've just eaten in the Offshore bar and it was very nice. The bar itself has also reopened and that is upstairs. The decor is similar to the original Ship Inn and they will also soon have the Ship's menu. Right now they're still in the process of sorting out the kitchen, which will be upstairs. The fish and chips are cooked downstairs and that's available now. They seem to have done a good job remodelling the place and I'll definitely be back there soon.
  11. Just walked past and saw the Offshore Chippie has reopened. I didn't go in to eat, but it looks really nice and clean now, and what's especially good is it has the original menu and the prices haven't changed. Maybe I'll try a bite to eat in there tomorrow.
  12. According to the Bangkok Post, the shooting over night at Ratchadamnoen Avenue, which left one dead and seven injured, was also believed to be from an M16 rifle.
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