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  1. any truth in the rumour he retuned to Nigeria?
  2. Reg has been busted a few times for herion, hashish and cocaine trafficing. First time he got busted in australia for trafficing and jumped bail only to get caught in India for trafficing and escaped then he was given a death sentence in Sri lanka and got off on a prisoner exhange. he is currently facing court in australia again for trafficing in his 70's and trying to get permission for an overseas holiday. Either a hopeless idiot or a very lucky idiot.
  3. Old Stickman must have a bit of game. Reporting on nightlife "characters" would be like reporting on the gaming, racing, vice anywhere in the world with all the associated mosbsters, bike gangs, money launderers etc. A tightrope act as I bet a few people would not that be that thrilled about having a light shone in their direction no mater how obique. Not to mention all those angry bargirls who have had their sponsorship deals cancelled due to investigation outcomes. Horses heads and all that. Good luck for the future.
  4. hey red, just had beers with rusty in a dumpy knock shop this arvo, hope all going well with you, your name was mentioned in dispatches the other day. some funny old tales being retold like the time rusty got drugged and lost all his stuff, we all miss u velly big.
  5. I am in Samui at the moment and been raining afternoons or evenings for an hour or so (maybe 4 or 5 times a week) . Still nice in the daytime. Lamai reasonable quiet at night times with bars pretty empty.
  6. No matter how much you have spent, even it it included buying a fleet of motocycles for the family/friends/local som tum lady, if you still have some money in your pocket that you are reluctant to hand over then you are....a cheap charlie.
  7. 707

    Toilet Seat - W C

    i always thought they lifted the seat was so the wet seat would dry out after using the bum gun.
  8. 707


    I asked the pharmacist that i regularly go to a few months back and she looked at me with a blank look. I asked again about a month back and she said "yes have" and was charging 350B for a pack of 4 with the excuse that it was supposed to be supplied on prescription. The kamagra was 250B but i decided to try the Sidegra simply becasue there was "supposed" to some sort of quality control. In after some field testing I found no difference between the Sidegra and the generic Kamagra. Note: this was in Pattaya rather than BKK.
  9. Try contacting stickman. He always used to be mooching free stuff whether it be a free lunch or a bottle of Jack Daniels/wine or pairs of socks. I remember seeing him leave the nana restraunt one Saturday (albiet about 10 years ago) after a free lunch only to see him again coming out of the Ruamchitt a little while later with a bottle of something that had been brought over by another star struck fan. Good work if you can get it I guess.
  10. I remember watching a documentary about the Battle of Britain and they asked an elderly former Spitfire Pilot what he thought about the stresses of modern day life on young people today. The old guys smiled and answered "Stress?...Stress is having a Messerschmitt on your arse" I like to try and remember that quote when ever I feel under a bit of pressure
  11. After giving up the smokes, I am now about have a few months off the booze, If that goes well I might even kick it for good. Although not an easy task when surrounded by literally thousands of bars.
  12. Ah the old "The dog ate my homework" defence.
  13. Thanks Chaps, no not a spammer but sounds like you have a few auto-generated message probs going by one of the other threads. I don't get to BKK too much these days but living down the road. cheers
  14. Hi chaps, Just like my handle, I am obsolete, old tech, heavy, noise and air polluting but can still take off and land when allowed. Hoping to read some interesting stuff and maybe contribute a thing or too. Cheers 707
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