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  1. She's going through her Harry Potter phase.
  2. 60 baht, regular barber, every 3 weeks or so. Cool place.
  3. Sorry - colloquialism. It means putting a couple of 100 baht each in a beer glass and getting pissed ( ah shit..that's drunk - not angry). Nothing to do with The Cave (bye bye) or any BDSM activity. Well, I say no BDSM but then again...
  4. Jimmie, perhaps if we talk nicely to Top Cat...? It would be a fitting venue, we can have a whip-round and some recitals of MaoMark's works. I have most of them saved on CD.
  5. Jimmie - I refuse to believe this, but if it is indeed true then the London Contingent shall surely mark this sad event in our own inimitable way. I still have money for the beer ( I am not so sure if my penis still works though..)
  6. Just tagging on... Encase is my fave piece of software.
  7. Cheers. Here - don't forget to start thinking about Christmas. It's nearly upon us (!). BTW - good to see you in Gullivers the other week. Surprise, surprise eh? Now I've worked it our that you must have been just off the plane when I saw you. For a moment I guess you thought you'd arrived back in London by accident. Seems that Gullivers is the best place for meeting people these days. ------------------------------------------------------------ "My penis still works and I have money for the beer" (Priceless line from MaoMark copyright Fiery Jack)
  8. ib, Shit - I forgot to post about this the other week. It happened to me. I was on my way to Soi 7 and reckoned on crossing via the Nana BTS and there were 2 girls and 1 guy with clipboards outside Pacific Place. Having had a couple of Heinekens in the DieNasty beforehand I was feeling full of the joys of spring and the milk of human kindness (and one of the girls was crumpet) and so I filled out their 'tourism survey'. Next day - 10 in the freakin' morning and the phone rings. "Condratulations. you have won a prize" and then this woman went on burbling about a presentation and what time did I want picking up - 1.30, 2.30 or 3.30? She was still rabbitting on when I put the phone down. Guess they must be used to that 'cos they never phoned again. Should I be kicking myself? I mean - I did win something. Didn't I? To echo STH and others - all timeshare is bollocks. Total and utter fucking bollocks. There's a guy at my place of work right? He is as gullible as shit (For instance I told him that there is a 'Directors Cut' of the 'Railway Children' in which Jenny Agutter gives Mister Perks a blowjob in the cupboard she is hiding in on his birthday - and yeah - he believes it. Keeps asking for 'Railway Children Redux' down at Blockbuster). Anyway, this guy has got two timeshares. The muppet.
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