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  1. OK, what kind of online Business do you think they could start? My Brother in law and Sister in law live in Thailand and have very limited English. They struggle to find a decent job that pays more than $400 a month and work 6-7 days a week. Life is not easy for them. Yet both are smart and have college educations. I run a few businesses of my own in Australia some of which are online. I’m thinking that some kind of online business would be good for them, as I can help with training, materials and back office support. But what kind of business? The lack of English skills really has me stuck. Web site building, SEO, content writing…….all of these require English language skills if they are to reach a broad global market. The Thai online market might be a bit limited I think? So is there an online business (targeting a global or broad market) that they could do, that does not require English language skills? Any thoughts would be really appreciated. I guess the other option is to do an online business focused purely on the Thai market? But not being able to research that myself (I don’t read/write Thai), I’m not sure how mature the market is or what the competition might be like.
  2. Just interested in where you guys would buy a condo. I'm looking to buy something small, near a bts/mrt station. Within 200 meters. I have a budget of 5.5 million. Looking at Thong Lor currently. Are there other areas worth looking at? I'm looking for a reasonable building with 'decent' neighbors. I like a quiet life .... Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. I tossed out the AIS dongle and SIM and switched to a ZTE dongle and iMobile SIM. THe dongle is rated at 21.6 Mpbs ! Even the guy in the shop laughed, and said at best, with the wind in the right direction, I might get 10. But it works fine. 3 down and 1 up, which is fine.
  4. Sounds good. Is the AIS 3G a USB, or a phone? The best I have managed in the AIS USB is about 1 each way. On my iPhone, it works.........sometimes.
  5. I think maybe the pre paid are not that good........ Mixing business with pleasure............Hmmmm. Very tempting (and Yes Dumsoda, claiming it would be very satisfying), but sadly I have really 'full on' work to get done that can't really be done in a bar, and I also have Mrs Sid in tow :-(
  6. I'm beginning to thnk the same. Whilst I have been to Thailand many times over the years I have never actually lived here for any lengthy period, although it is somewhat of a semi retirement plan for us. I'm starting to have doubts just based on the Internet capabilities.......... Sounds petty I know, but my ability to work is 100% based on good Internet connections....
  7. Hi, Help......... I'm just in BKK for a few weeks working holiday. I really need a good internet connection for my notebook whilst here, and will be moving around between locations, so a USB dongle would be best. I have spent a very frustrating day so far getting SIMs for my iphone and ipad. (AIS) The internet speed is too slow to do anything other than check email. Bought a 5GB data plan for each that will be next to useless. So thenI tried a USB dongle for my notebook, Trying an AIS AirCard on 500MB data plan as a trial. that will last me about 2 days........ So my question is. What is the best USB dongle to get? For speed and reliabilty (this AIS one keeps crashing) And can I get one with a useful amount of data? 2-3 GB seems to be the most. I go through about 5-10GB a week, as I need to upload and download graphics files. Any advice appreciated. I guess I could fall back on using Hotel Wi Fi, but they always seem a bit expensive.
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