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  1. Neon Ninja

    Philippine Hotel Recommendations?

    Did you win? -=/NN (Sorry, I couldn't resist a good cock joke...)
  2. Neon Ninja

    Philippine Hotel Recommendations?

    Anyone have any recommendations for hotels in PI? I'll be staying 3 days in Manila and 3 days in Angeles City in August. Basically looking for the equivalent to the Nana Hotel (location-wise) in both places. Should be only steps away from good mongering locations. :hubba: Preferably something close to convenience stores and burgers as well! Any assistance will be highly appreciated! -=/NN
  3. Neon Ninja

    Nana Liquid (Disco). Any reports?

    ...ummm... some of us appreciate the charms of older ladies. That little cocktail bar between the elevator and the disco is MY hunting ground!! ...and they're not all in their 50's, some are in their 40's. A lot less BS you have to put up with these gals...Anyhow... -=/NN
  4. Neon Ninja

    The Nanaplaza.Com Delphi board

    Damn it all!! I can see wasting wasting hours of my life going through these ancient threads. :onfire: :onfire: ...Just kidding... it's absolutely brilliant! Can't wait too read my old posts from back when I was a n00b! Thanks for posting these!! -=/NN Dang... I should log in more often, just noticed its been up for 4 months..
  5. Neon Ninja

    Posters who disappeared

    I was surprised to see my name not on the list of the missing, as I don't think I posted in over a year. It's nice to know I am so loved by my fellow boardies.. -=/NN
  6. Neon Ninja

    Wearing a Surgical Mask When Flying

    Why limit it to non-asians? When I flew to Bangkok from Taipei a couple of weeks ago, the entire cabin crew of the EVA flight I was on was wearing surgical masks. I thought it was silly and felt somewhat insulted. :evil: Oddly enough the flight crew from USA to Taipei (also EVA air) did NOT wear surgical masks. -=/NN
  7. Neon Ninja

    Shopping for a netbook

    I have both an MSI Wind netbook (that I am currently typing on), as well as an older Asus Eee PC that I picked up over a year ago. The Asus EEE PC does not have a hard drive, and runs linux. Both things limit it's usablity as far as what I needed it to do. The MSI is nice, runs Windows XP, and has a hard drive. I've had no problems running MS Office (an older version, have not tried the latest), and can even run decent games. (I can run Grand Theft Auto Vice City with NO problems). However, with that said if I had to buy one today, I would look at the Acer Aspire One. They have a model with the same specs as my MSI Wind, but significantly cheaper. Acer Aspire netbooks are sold everywhere in Pantip, so I'm sure a Thai keyboard version is available somewhere. -=/NN
  8. Neon Ninja

    Looking for a new phone

    I was in Pantip the other day, and I saw a phone that might work for you! It's a version of the Apple "I Phone" that I have never seen in the US. Those folks at Apple mysteriously called this one an "I Pnone". It was available in either white or pink, and as I recall, it was about 10K baht. The girl selling them at Pantip told me "I sell for you cheap". So it looks like you have some bargaining room there! I am quite certain that you can't go wrong there! -=/NN
  9. Neon Ninja

    Smoking in Hotel Lobby

    So you here now or next Tuesday? Starting Monday next week I'll be in Pattaya. But thanks for the invite! -=/NN
  10. Neon Ninja

    Am I gonna get raped?

    Yes, that is exactly how they are working it. Even with the card, there is nothing from this hotel linking my room# to that card as it was paid in cash and they didn't ask. I'm more concerned that Boingo bills my credit card for it. Thanks for the info! -=/NN
  11. Neon Ninja

    Am I gonna get raped?

    Nothing to write home about really. I think it's JUST fast enough they can claim it to be "high speed". Of course I'm mainly comparing this to my wired connection back in the states, which is really apples and oranges I suppose. But it's fast enough to maintain a blog, read the news, check e-mails, etc. I was able to do Skype video to video with someone in the US, and it worked fine... better than expected actually.... a little choppy. However, I wouldn't want to try bittorrent or some such on it. -=/NN
  12. Neon Ninja

    Smoking in Hotel Lobby

    I'm here till Monday, than Patts for a week, then back here for a week. I'll try to go to one of the board get together things if there is one. (Of course I say this every time, and haven't yet) -=/NN
  13. Neon Ninja

    Smoking in Hotel Lobby

    I will check and report back. It is an outdoor bar, so it shouldn't be an issue. :content: -=/NN
  14. Neon Ninja

    Things have changed a bit...

    Well, here I am back in the Land of Smiles. Unlike you folks that live here or travel here frequently, I am unable to do so. So I've missed a few things like the new airport, the subway, etc. Last time I was in Thailand was 2006. Here are some observations I've made as an infrequent visitor.... 1) With the exception of walking 2 miles from the terminal to immigration, I generally like the new airport. 2) A 24x7 McDonald's next to the Nana hotel. Interesting... 3) It seems that bars are starting to expand out of Nana plaza and taking over some of the surrounding businesses. Was another beer bar next to Taj Mahal clothing necessary? 4) Walked all the way down to Sukhumvit pedestrian bridge to get to the Starbucks that I knew about this morning... Didn't know there was another closer one near Soi 3. 5) Was accosted by more than the usual number of taxi/tuk tuk touts promising "sexy massage" or some-such. 6) Best Thai phrase I've learned since last trip "Mai Ow" (Sorry if I spelled it wrong), works great for #5 above. 7) They split Annie's fishbowl in two! Well, I guess it weeds out the grandmothers. 8) What the hell are they building next to the Rah-Jah hotel? I can see this huge building under construction from my room.... 9) I see the hotel behind the Rah-Jah is finished. One of the nicest exteriors I've seen. Anyone stay there? 10) Where are all the tourists?! I've never seen the lobby of the Nana so dead before! They actually gave me a room on the 7th floor first go around! They usually start me on the 4th, and I have to beg off it! 11) Where are all the Tuk Tuks? I only saw three since I've been here! Well,that's all for now! I'm sure I'll think up some more later.... -=/NN
  15. Neon Ninja

    Am I gonna get raped?

    So I'm FINALLY back in town and staying at the fabulous Nana Hotel. The hotel sells Internet WiFi for 150bt per hour. So I was paying this for a while. When I was in the Newark airport, I had to install this BOINGO software to access the WiFi there. It kept coming up here in Bangkok, but I just ignored it, and assumed that it would not be able to connect to anything. So after I ran out of hotel time, I clicked the "Connect to Boingo" button...AND IT CONNECTED! So I did some research, and apparently it works like the way ATM networks work... and the provider the Nana hotel uses is part of that network!! Great! Now I'm supposedly going to get charged $10 (350bt) per day of use (24x7). What is the downside? Am I going to be charged that amount IN ADDITION to what the hotel charges? Am I ripping the hotel off? Did I find a loophole? Boingo has my credit card info. So if I leave the internet on 24x7 is it going to try to charge me for both? That would be almost 4000bt a day!! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! -=/NN