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  1. Did you win? -=/NN (Sorry, I couldn't resist a good cock joke...)
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for hotels in PI? I'll be staying 3 days in Manila and 3 days in Angeles City in August. Basically looking for the equivalent to the Nana Hotel (location-wise) in both places. Should be only steps away from good mongering locations. :hubba: Preferably something close to convenience stores and burgers as well! Any assistance will be highly appreciated! -=/NN
  3. ...ummm... some of us appreciate the charms of older ladies. That little cocktail bar between the elevator and the disco is MY hunting ground!! ...and they're not all in their 50's, some are in their 40's. A lot less BS you have to put up with these gals...Anyhow... -=/NN
  4. Damn it all!! I can see wasting wasting hours of my life going through these ancient threads. :onfire: :onfire: ...Just kidding... it's absolutely brilliant! Can't wait too read my old posts from back when I was a n00b! Thanks for posting these!! -=/NN Dang... I should log in more often, just noticed its been up for 4 months..
  5. I was surprised to see my name not on the list of the missing, as I don't think I posted in over a year. It's nice to know I am so loved by my fellow boardies.. -=/NN
  6. Can anyone confirm the reports that while some banks are charging this new fee and asking your permission; other banks are not asking at all (giving you the impression that there is no fee) but are STILL charging the 150bt anyway without your permission. Several people in one of the Bangok Post's message threads on the topic are reporting this. Better check your bank statments! -=/NN
  7. The Penthouse is just 'OK'. Sort of a bizzare place to stay, odd bumpy textures on all the walls, insane room lighting, and no shortage of "Halls" caugh drops in the rooms. They seem to have problems with noise, bugs, and from what I've heard from others over the years, a somewhat less than honest staff. (I personally have not had a problem with the latter.) I've stayed in 2000,2002,and 2004. Stopped going when I heard that they were starting to impose joiner fees for girls that don't come out of Cats a go go. -=/NN
  8. I think it has to do with the name change. I'm not saying the name change was good or bad, just that it seems to have widened the focus. Back when I first got here in the old Delphi Nanaplaza.com days, I think it was by far the best (and perhaps the only) Thailand nightlife message board around. Even Stickman's guide back then was one just LONG page of awesomeness. If it wasn't for this board, it is unlikely that I would have "pulled the trigger", and taken that first trip to LOS back in 2000. It seems with the name change, all the people who posted great stuff in the nightlife areas either mysteriously left or got hitched and don't post the same level of quality posts. ...and before you ask "Well, why don't YOU post more?", keep in mind some of us are still tourists who can only afford to show up for 3 weeks every TWO or THREE YEARS! I have not even seen the "new" airport or subway yet! At any rate, I still consider this board my first stop to catch up on any Thailand information. Sad to say, but for more detailed information on nightlife in Thailand, I occasionally go to other sources. I'm not sure what the solution is, or even if one exists or is necessary. Heck, I'm not even sure what I'm trying to say. Not really a complaint, just some observations, so please don't take any of this the wrong way.... ....errr, what was this thread about again? -=/NN
  9. Yea, last week I tried to go to Thailand, a guy approached me at the airport in Seoul and told me that "Thailand closed for a special holiday this week on exotic Korean gemstones." Well, I wasn't sure why LOS would be closed for a holiday on Korean gemstones. But this guy obviously was official as he showed me an ID card that said "IMPORTTAANT AIRPOte OFICER"... so I'm sure he knew what he was talking about. -=/NN
  10. Bullcrap, last time I was there (well after the smoking law), I recall having about a 50% success rate of being able to light up in any restaurant I wished. Alcohol and Whores are next. The same EXACT arguments about supposedly "hurting others" also apply. -=/NN
  11. As a smoker, my initial reaction to this "debate" was one of anger, but then I considered it a bit more... Wasn't there another no-smoking law on the books a few years back? I suspect this one will be exactly as effective as the last. :grin: Reason being: other than the two militant assclowns on this thread, nobody gives a shit! It is likely that Thai authorities are going to care even less. All this law will do is provide another source of bribes to "look the other way". Quit trying to take away our freedoms! If you think that this will stop with cigarettes, you are sadly mistaken. Someone just as militant as you is looking to stop the sale of alcohol, end prostitution, and a whole litany of other activities that YOU may consider fun. How exciting will Nana Plaza be in a few years with no booze and no girls? Hey, look on the bright side, at least the air inside will be clean! -=/NN
  12. In reply to: However, she was kind of friendly, and when it came to the end of the hair cut, she started to brush all the cut hair off me. As she brushed all the fallen hair that was around my groin, she started to play with my privates - I looked at her and she said, with my balls in her hand, "Ao Mai??". Clearly I was so shocked at being offered sanuk in the airport, I was no longer thinking properly - I said no, paid my 200 Baht and left. I went back down the esculators, stood there and thought "Shit! what on earth have I just done - refusing Sanuk in an airport?!" Oh my GOD! ! What have you done?!?! Many times I had the "Sanuk in the Airport" fantasy! You're given an offer, and you THROW IT AWAY! Crap, I'm gonna go cry now.... -=/NN
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