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  1. Did you win? -=/NN (Sorry, I couldn't resist a good cock joke...)
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for hotels in PI? I'll be staying 3 days in Manila and 3 days in Angeles City in August. Basically looking for the equivalent to the Nana Hotel (location-wise) in both places. Should be only steps away from good mongering locations. :hubba: Preferably something close to convenience stores and burgers as well! Any assistance will be highly appreciated! -=/NN
  3. The Penthouse is just 'OK'. Sort of a bizzare place to stay, odd bumpy textures on all the walls, insane room lighting, and no shortage of "Halls" caugh drops in the rooms. They seem to have problems with noise, bugs, and from what I've heard from others over the years, a somewhat less than honest staff. (I personally have not had a problem with the latter.) I've stayed in 2000,2002,and 2004. Stopped going when I heard that they were starting to impose joiner fees for girls that don't come out of Cats a go go. -=/NN
  4. Yea, last week I tried to go to Thailand, a guy approached me at the airport in Seoul and told me that "Thailand closed for a special holiday this week on exotic Korean gemstones." Well, I wasn't sure why LOS would be closed for a holiday on Korean gemstones. But this guy obviously was official as he showed me an ID card that said "IMPORTTAANT AIRPOte OFICER"... so I'm sure he knew what he was talking about. -=/NN
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