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  1. Happy new year everyone from a cold and rainy Stockholm!
  2. I will arrive on Jan. 16 and stay for two months. I'll be in Pattaya most of the time but will do a trip or two to Bangkok.
  3. I too am also very disappointed that the women aren't completly naked. I still wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year,
  4. T minus 29 days. I havent been in Thailand for a week.
  5. I have just read the article in NYtimes and the references to abortions and divorces leads me to believe that it was written by some religious nutter or possibly a feminazi blowing out hot air.
  6. Why would some people want to have their private parts pierced? Somtimes it's better not to try to understand everything.
  7. So am I. My grandmother always said that moldy bread is good for the health because it contains penicillin(which it most likely doesn't). She forgot to mention that it also may contain mycotoxins that are very detrimental to the health. Some of them are canerogenic. Today we also know that the unnecessary intake of antibiotics is potentially dangerous.
  8. Didn't recognize his name but when I looked him up in IMDB I found that I have seen many of his movies. He was in the TV serie "Bonanza" which was one of my childhood favourites.
  9. Although the Swedish price given is close to average I seldom pay more than 30-40 SEK (2.7 -3.6 GBP). I live in Stockholm where cheap bear is easier to find than out in the country. On the other hand foreigners who come here would most likely not find the local bars I frequent. There are also posh bars that are much more expensive. E.g. good luck getting a beer for 60 SEK at Arlanda airport.
  10. I didn't defend everything they did which should be clear from my ending statement. Many of the members of Nanpong were also members of Nanaplaza so there was no clear distinction between the boards. Several members did go after people on all Thai related boards, among others me, so I was just pointing out that Nanapong wern't all that innocent that you are trying make them.
  11. I'm not so sure that they started it. There were people on the Nanapong board, with an holier than thou attitude, that tried to tell other bords what they could have for content. One Thai related board was shut down several times and it was a reasonable assumption that Nanapong was behind the closure more often than not. Also thinly veiled death threats were issued on the board. It's not unreasonable to conclude that the aforementioned people were just fighting back and it may in some cases have affected the innocent.
  12. I fail to see how the existence of Canada is in any way linked to the US. Furthermore nobody mentions Russia. Without a very significant part of Germany's armed forces locked up at the eastern front any invasion of nothern Europe would most likely have failed. WWII was to a large extent won with American production capacaty but the majority of the soldiers in Europe weren't from the US.
  13. They should have, after all bugs are very nutritious.
  14. We aren't in 1944 anymore. My how time flies.
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