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  1. This board has always been the shining star of lawful behaviour and morale compass within a world of for example drunk punters in Soi7/1.


    I am therefore badly disappointed about the support of the promotion of public drinking by almost naked women.


    Merry Christmas and may destiny lead you onto a path of immaculate behaviour now and in future. ( I won´t follow anyway )

    I too am also very disappointed that the women aren't completly naked. I still wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year,

  2. I'm dubious about the last one


    So am I. My grandmother always said that moldy bread is good for the health because it contains penicillin(which it most likely doesn't). She forgot to mention that it also may contain mycotoxins that are very detrimental to the health. Some of them are canerogenic. Today we also know that the unnecessary intake of antibiotics is potentially dangerous.

  3. Although the Swedish price given is close to average I seldom pay more than 30-40 SEK (2.7 -3.6 GBP). I live in Stockholm where cheap bear is easier to find than out in the country. On the other hand foreigners who come here would most likely not find the local bars I frequent. There are also posh bars that are much more expensive. E.g. good luck getting a beer for 60 SEK at Arlanda airport.

  4. I didn't defend everything they did which should be clear from my ending statement. Many of the members of Nanpong were also members of Nanaplaza so there was no clear distinction between the boards.

    Several members did go after people on all Thai related boards, among others me, so I was just pointing out that Nanapong wern't all that innocent that you are trying make them.

  5. Then there were the loonies from another message board who decided it would be fun to get some of us thrown out of Thailand!


    I'm not so sure that they started it. There were people on the Nanapong board, with an holier than thou attitude, that tried to tell other bords what they could have for content. One Thai related board was shut down several times and it was a reasonable assumption that Nanapong was behind the closure more often than not. Also thinly veiled death threats were issued on the board. It's not unreasonable to conclude that the aforementioned people were just fighting back and it may in some cases have affected the innocent.

  6. LOL it is thanks to the US that today you can express your weird opinions on a webboard....... and without the US, there would be no Poles or Canucks to liberate you.

    Think about that first each time you bash a whole country.



    I fail to see how the existence of Canada is in any way linked to the US. Furthermore nobody mentions Russia. Without a very significant part of Germany's armed forces locked up at the eastern front any invasion of nothern Europe would most likely have failed.

    WWII was to a large extent won with American production capacaty but the majority of the soldiers in Europe weren't from the US.

  7. You could argue. that not all the members of the USA. are as deluded as the members of the Catholic Church.

    You could also argue that the president of the USA was elected by 50+ % percent of the voters. The pope got his position by being elected by a small group of cardinals. Cardinals who got their position in the first place by not questoning the basic doctrins of the catholic church. This does not say anything about which group is most deluded.

  8. For what it's worth, I don't think Assange is a rapist, but I dislike him never the less, as had been noted before, in the rush to be crucified first, he's always at the front of the pack.

    In Sweden like in most countries, people are regarded as innocent until declared guilty in a court a of law. That said I would maintain that that the treatment of Julian Assange by the Swedish legal system was appaling. He was not accused of raping a lady, he was accused of fucking a lady without a condom. It would have been have been real easy for the Swedish government to guaranti that he wouldn't be extradited to the USA but they didn't. I have no proof but the whole affair reeks of American influence on the Swedish legal system.

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