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  1. One of the worst acts of terrorism was the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy MvVeigh and Terry Nichols. Both were Us citizens. Why doesn't Trump ban Us citizens to enter the country. This should substantially bring down the probabillity of domestic terrorism. :neener:

  2. One poster I'm curious about was a Swiss bloke, I think his board name was Mentors. He was a great hockey fan. He disapeared from the board just before hockey WC in Switzerland where his team was doing very well. Old hippies personal attacks on people who didn't hsare his opinions I don't miss at all.

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  3. vikings were essentially normans and so were the last people to invade britain!.....

    It was the other way around. The Normans were descendants of Danish and Norwegian vikings. They were given land in Normandie to rule under the french king so they would stop attacking Paris. All vikings came from the Scandinavian countries. Swedish vikings are maybe less well known in the west as they mainly went east over the Baltic sea. They reached as far as Miklagård which was thier name for Konstantinopel.

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  4. israel has the right to exist. a tiny minute jewish homeland surrounded by hunreds of thousdands of square miles of arab countrys....i dont see any remotely significant land grabs.

    do you know why the football team in the us is called the minnesota vikings?

    I have never disputed Israel's right to exist. I haven't even disputed their right to occupy land for security reasons. What I do dispute is their right to move in their own population in occupied territories. This is a very clear viaolation of international declarations that mos nations have signed or otherwise adhere to. Letting Israeli civilian courts rule and using Israeli currency are other violations.

    The jewish squatters on occupied land are war criminals and should be treated as such.

    I don't know why the team is called vikings. Perhaps bacuse Minnesota had the largest influx of Swedish and other Scandinavian immigrants.

  5. who is actually interested in a swedes pov on israel and WW2 events that lead up to it since you chose to hug trees and watch europe burn and loan nazis money?

    Sweden stayed out of WW2 for the simple reason that we weren't attacked in difference to Denmark and Norway. You ofcourse didn't mention the despicable act of shipping ball bearings to England without which not many Hurricanes or Spitfires would have gotten of the ground. To answer your question, the jewish terrorists who murdered Folke Bernadotte were probably mildly interested. The same Folke Bernadotte that saved a significant number of jews from KZ lager in Germany. Another one to be interested might be Bejamin Netanyahu who went of in a tanget when Sweden officially declared that Plaestinians should have rights to.


    I believe that your comment syas mor about you then the actual issue.

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  6. The jews have always been in Israel since 3000 years, educate yourself.

    The state of Israel was founded in 1948. Before that you have to go back to a mythical kingdom described in religeous documents such as The Old Testament, a notoriously unreliable document. Between theese states/kingdoms there was no Israel, especially not between the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem in the year of 70 and 1948. Your post suggests that jews have lived for the significant part of 2000 years in a state that didn't exist. I take it that math was never you best subject in school. I put it to you that i'm not the one of us in most dire need of education.


    The jews from Europe all had a state before WWII, did they not.

    Which state would this be. I have never heard of it.


    The jews from the Arab world were all kicked out in 1948, 700,000 of them, I suppose you mean them ?

    They weren't all kicked out,only a significant part of them. There are still Arab countries with small jewish populations. Btw where in my post did you fin any reference to them.


    Zionism and the return started in the 19th century, not after WWII

    I already knew this. Where in my post did you find any reference to Zionism. Was this just a mandatory part of your proisrael drivel.

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  7. Vesna Vulovic, a Yougoslavian air stewardess. She was thrown out of an exploding DC9 at 10000 meters altitude in 1972. The plane was on route from Stockholm to Belgrad when it exploded midair. She fell 10 000 metres without a parashute and survived with a number of broken bones. She i credited as the survivor of the worlds highest fall from an aircraft. Dying at the age of 66 might be to early but one could also say that she had lived 44 years on overtime.

  8. Greg Lake King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer aged 69 died of Cancer



    Together with Mahavishnu orchestra ELP was my favourite band in the early 70's. I have their "Pictures at an exhibition" concert on DVD and it is still one of my favourites. Tonight I will probably pour myself a wiskey and listen to it again or mayby "Brain Salad Surgery"

    As a side note, he was only one year older than me. Much to early to go.

  9. Indeed. In my life have never seen a shred of evidence to support a direct correlation between intelligence and the public perception of success or mass popularity.


    I'm currently reading a book that adresses this issue. The title is: "The Stupidity paradox" with the subtitle: "The Power and Pifalls of Functional Stupidity at Work". The book explains how and why intelligent people sometimes make appallingly stupid mistakes.

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